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Dreaming of spirits is not a common dream, and it can easily turn into a nightmare. Man by nature is afraid of the unknown, but he is curious in these strange episodes for his behavior. If you dreamt of spirits you must be anxious to know their meaning, but far from scaring you or predicting unnatural behavior, the meaning of these dreams has been widely studied.

The first predictions about dreams with spirits date back to antiquity. The pharaohs had constant dreams of strangers and many interpreted them as spirits visiting them and delivering messages. Later, it was the kings who would write some accounts of messages delivered by otherworldly beings.

However, far from these predictions, we find the true meaning of dreaming of spirits. Of course, it is still a dream of fear and anxiety, especially those where we feel attacked or frightened by their presence. But, this is part of an internal change that we must make to overcome fears and be in peace.

It is important to separate spontaneous and recurrent dreams. If you dreamt of spirits after watching a horror movie or something similar, it will be normal to have this type of dream. On the other hand, when it becomes a recurring dream you should consider even the possibility that dead relatives are communicating with us.

What does it mean to dream of spirits?

What does it mean to dream of spirits?

The meaning of dreaming of spirits is broad and it is necessary to divide this dream into moments or situations that occur frequently. In some cases, if you dreamed of spirits you should change your behavior, in others run away.

However, the common factor when you dream of spirits is a change, either to positive or negative. In other situations, it warns us about enemies coming, so, it is a positive dream to be prepared. But, it can warn us about the illness of a loved one. Here are the different meanings of dreaming about spirits.

Dreaming of evil spirits

To dream of evil spirits is the most frequent dream for people. It predicts the arrival of a negative stage, bad luck and a run of conflicting situations. It is the frequent fear that everything starts to go wrong and situations become conflictive for people.

Evil spirits involve all the negative sensations that surround us on a daily basis. These sensations involve stress, sadness, loneliness and lack of affection. Thus, dreaming of evil spirits brings these feelings together and expresses them as a dream where they are mean to you and you feel fear.

If you dream of evil spirits frequently, you should prepare yourself psychologically to face these feelings, if you succeed, you should not suffer the consequences. Remember to use common sense to improve your life and stop worrying about simple things, as well as to make an adequate effort in what you do.

Dreams with attacking spirits

To dream of spirits attacking quickly becomes a nightmare. It is a rare dream, but with the most mixed feelings at the time of having it. Some dreamers even claim to wake up crying or frightened after having this dream.

If you dreamed of spirits attacking, betrayals and attacks from other people are coming, even your own friends and family. It is time to analyze to whom you are telling your secrets and making comments. In addition, you should rethink the business and activities you do with your partners, seeking to analyze each situation to look for possible dangers.

When you dream of spirits attacking, try to identify if you recognize the voice or the figure of the spirit, since in some cases you will represent your enemies as evil figures. If during the dream, they manage to attack you and you feel beaten, then betrayal will come very soon. While if you manage to escape, then the betrayal is just in the process of forming and you are in time to stop it.

To dream of spirits that move things

To dream of spirits moving things has a positive meaning. You are going through an unproductive stage for you and you want things to move a little faster or in a better way. That is, you are constantly looking for ways to generate more of what you are passionate about, whether it is money, feelings, or accomplishing a goal.

If you dreamed of spirits moving things, it is interpreted as the dreamer’s need for things to move forward. But, you need the help of other people for your projects to happen or be realized. In some cases, the dreamer believes to be alone and that things will not go well if the project is done alone, in these cases, dreams with spirits represent the need to seek company.

Dreams with spirits moving things are not frequent, but they portend a good time to ask for help, start a project or receive good advice. In general, it is your body asking for a little more from its environment to achieve its goals.

Dreams with spirits that frighten you

It is a dream that has several interpretations. To dream of spirits that frighten you means fear and daily anguish. You are going through a time in your life that is not according to your intentions, making you a reckless person of any event, which makes you wrong when making good decisions.

If you dreamed of spirits that frighten you, analyze your surroundings, find the problems that are forming and analyze the current ones with common sense. Since this fear becomes a defense tool and you will look for support to overcome it.

Dreaming of invisible spirits

To dream of invisible spirits portends a positive change, but as a result of a negative experience. You will encounter people who want to cause you harm or simply do not want you to progress economically and socially. Then, you will discover that you possess strengths that have always been in you but you do not develop them for fear of the outcome.

If you dreamed of invisible spirits, it foretells a time of new offers and promotions, but you will be unfocused to take them. Therefore, this dream with spirits means to wake up, take the opportunities and start a new path.

Dreams with evil spirits

Did you dream of evil spirits? It predicts that uncomfortable situations are coming in your personal life involving your economy and health. Generally, these spirits are people who wish to attack you and are constantly looking for ways to do so. Frequently, they take advantage of the dreamer’s mistakes to emphasize them, to make an example of them or to show only what is bad about you.

To dream of evil spirits portends trouble, but you can turn this dream into a positive one. In the following days remain calm, do not raise false testimonies, concentrate on doing your job, always seek dialogue and avoid absurd problems. In this way, a dream with evil spirits becomes positive and predictive.

Dreaming of children’s spirits

It is one of the most frightening experiences for dreamers. To dream of children’s spirits portends uneasiness and embarrassing situations. Generally, these dreams represent our most hidden fears when we see children’s ghosts. If you felt fear and worry during the dream, it foretells that the time will come to give accounts or reports and you are not prepared to do so.

If you dreamed of children’s spirits and you were calm, it predicts overconfidence in the face of problems, so you should take some time for self-analysis and not rely on others to solve your problems.

Dreams with good spirits

Dreaming of good spirits predicts health and harmony in your family. It is a time to share with your partner or your parents, bringing them a dialogue and the company they need. Dreamers will identify good ghosts because they will not cause fear and you will be curious. This curiosity is what indicates that you are very close to achieving harmony and happiness beyond your current situation, therefore, the arrival of new and good news is coming.

If you dreamed of good spirits dressed in white, it augurs the arrival of successes and promotions in your life. That is, you will change city, job, job or job position, you will make a trip and may even predict the arrival of a new member to your family, although not directly your child.

Dreaming of spirits in a house

Perhaps dreaming of spirits in a house is a general dream. When we do not identify whether we are afraid, anxious or happy to see ghosts in a house, it predicts that your family will come to moments of uncertainty where they will have to make an important decision. From this path you take, positive or negative situations will arise, therefore, it is recommended that you analyze correctly the pros and cons of your actions.

Dreams with ghosts or spirits

When you dream of ghosts or spirits you are looking for an explanation for this experience. If during the dream with ghosts or spirits were talking to you, it means that you stay away from your family and all the ethical values they represent, that is, you need to get closer to them to improve your own life. To dream of the ghost or spirit of a relative, you are simply remembering them and its meaning lies in the need to find a little more love and companionship from our loved ones.

If you dreamed invoking ghosts or spirits it means that you find yourself lacking approval and need company. That is, you are constantly asking for the union of your family, especially your siblings, the approval of your boss or positive results in your educational qualifications. It is a time to put in a little effort and wait for good results.

Dreaming of seeing spirits

To dream of seeing spirits foretells loneliness and lack of companionship. However, it means that you will seek to remedy this situation by expanding your social circles or looking for ways to integrate into new activities. If you dreamt of seeing spirits, you are dissatisfied with your current social relationships and you do not know who to trust or talk to in order to solve your problems.

Thus, the dream with spirits represents the dreamer’s need to solve and repair, but not to continue in this circle of unhappiness. Sometimes, this dream with spirits manifests itself when you have constantly watched horror or suspense movies, therefore, it is not recommended to take this prediction as true.

Dreams with spirit presences

To dream of spirit presences will have a meaning according to your feelings at the time of this experience. If you were frightened and looking to escape, although it seems negative, you will be looking to get out of all your current problems, loneliness and relief from your illnesses.

If you were calm and dreamed of the presence of spirits, it is generally associated with the need to seek new goals to achieve. That is, you are going through a stage where nothing generates emotions and you are looking for new challenges to awaken your life. Therefore, you are constantly looking for new paths to take, but you want to make this journey accompanied by other people to make it more enjoyable.

Dreaming of unknown spirits

Did you dream of unknown spirits? This dream means that you must accept your life, your reality and the way things are happening. That is, you are hiding behind a mask of unrealities showing everyone that you are not in a bad moment, when you are really going through a moment of uncertainty and anxiety.

To dream of unknown spirits augurs that it is the exact moment to accept your surroundings and start living the reality. That is, you must accept who you are at present, so that other people begin to value you as a person and see a potential for growth in you. In addition, dreaming of unknown spirits foretells the arrival of important moments, but it will be up to you to take them or let them slip away.

The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams

Physical Physical
This may be a literal visitation from another being or someone who has died. Look for the purpose behind the appearance.
Emotional Emotional
You are not occupying yourself fully, or you feel disconnected from your life. You’re focused on unresolved memories and repressed feelings, or aspects of yourself that you fear. You are afraid of dying.
Spiritual Spiritual
You’re focusing on desires that haven’t successfully manifested, or part of yourself that has remained in the background, unexpressed. A message from a ghost is from your own higher self or a spiritual guide.
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