Dream meaning of sidecar

To see or ride in a sidecar in your dream indicates that you desire independence and control of your own destiny, but something or someone is holding you back.

Physical Physical
You’re focusing on your daily life and life direction or on your body and personality. Mechanical problems indicate blocks in your body or forward movement. Being stuck or backing up means you feel this way about your progress. The condition of the vehicle gives an idea of your health condition.
Emotional Emotional
Driving indicates you’re in control. Riding in the passenger seat or back seat means you are deferring to another’s influence or are feeling out of control.
Spiritual Spiritual
How you drive shows your ability to navigate through life, your ambition, confidence, and ability to make decisions. Your car gives clues to your identity. A stolen car is a loss of identity. Being hit by a car means you are in conflict with another person or way of doing things.
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