Dream meaning of shapes

To see various shapes in your dreams suggests that things in your life may literally be taking shape. You have a clearer understanding of things. Consult the specific shapes for additional meaning.

Dreaming of floating three-dimensional shapes means that you need to keep in mind that things are not one-sided. Consider issues or problems from a different perspective.


The most comprehensive and valid definition of the significance of form is that which appears in the legendary Tabula Smaragdina: ‘What is above is like what is below’, which Goethe confirmed and bettered by adding: ‘What is within’—the idea—’is also without’—form.

Oval shapes are related to things biomorphic; cubes with the artificial and the constructional; simple shapes with what is straightforward; and complex shapes with what is complicated. The same applies to rhythms, structures and compositions.
There are other general principles too, such as that which equates symmetry with equilibrium and with the static; asymmetry with dynamism; absolute regularity and, likewise, absolute irregularity with chaos, in so far as they are both expressions of the undifferentiated: differentiation is brought about by ritual, that is, by the organization of regularized irregularity.

Forms which, within a given system or group, are different one from the other may be ordered in a series or in a scale (or within orders of analogies and correspondences).
So, the trapezium, the rectangle, the square, the circle represent a series which progresses from irregularity to regularity, a series which could equally well apply to moral evolution.

Another law to be taken into account is that forms explain objects, and objects forms; that is to say, the symbolic meaning of a being or figure is usually confirmed and emphasized by the significance of its shape, the converse also being true.
Gothic spires are related to the pyramid, therefore the pyramid is related to Gothic spires. In India, geometric forms have the following cosmic implications: The sphere is associated with the ether or heaven; the crescent with air; the pyramid, fire; the cube, earth.

Another factor of importance is number-symbolism: for example, two towers, over and above the inherent symbolism of towers, of prisms and cylinders, embrace a meaning which springs from their duality. For this reason, most religious edifices shun the number two (since it implies conflict) and turn to the number three (implying resolution, quite apart from the fact that it is the image of the Trinity), and the two bell-towers of the façade are completed by the cimborrio above the transept. The circle and the square stand for limitlessness and limitation respectively.

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