Dream meaning of safe

Safes represent a safe place, where valuables are kept, making it inaccessible to anyone, except those who have your password. And this security, which is in the safe, can represent stability, continuity, after all, what you don’t want people to know, or find out, is locked and kept. What is valuable does not necessarily have to do with material goods, but can be people, feelings, situations, and secrets.

The shape of the safe and its condition say a lot about the revelation of the dream, and there are several interpretations that must be considered. It can be full or empty, big or small, in your house or in a bank, and you can open, close or even break into a safe! Each one will have a different meaning, check it out.

To dream of a safe in different ways

The way the safe is differs in its meanings, and there is an interpretation for each situation. If it is large, it indicates issues concerning you. If it is empty, it may indicate situations of loss or that you need to pay attention to something specific. Each form will indicate a revelation, as shown below.

To Dream of a Big Safe

When you dream of a large chest, you may be going through a personal evolution, a breakthrough, which concerns the way you see yourself and the things around you. With this change, it is time to let go of the past and focus on the present and your future, so that the changes you are making will bear fruit.

There is also a relationship with your professional life, where your work is important and there is a pride in it. Your dedication has always been and will always be great, because work identifies you in life.

Another point is about your fears and insecurities, which can generate issues to be faced, either with yourself or with people close to you.

To Dream of a Safe Full

To dream of a full safe indicates that there will be gains in your life, whether material or emotional. A full safe shows that these gains will bring you balance and security, so that you can continue on your path. And the message of the dream indicates more about what you value in life than what you will gain, since the safe indicates what you hold most precious and want to protect.

Be prepared to receive and value what you are given, including new friendships or relationships, as the dream indicates that you will be held in esteem and want to guard and protect it!

To dream of an empty safe

The empty safe in your dream indicates that you should be aware of the situation that lies ahead. Financial losses, personal losses, mainly related to your beliefs. Be careful with your spending, and do not plan to acquire goods of greater value, because this could generate a lack of money in your finances.

Caution should be the guiding principle of your life in the times to come, whether in material, sentimental, or family matters. Double your care and attention, and think long and hard before making decisions that could affect your life, to avoid major problems. The more caution you exercise, the fewer problems you will have!

To dream of an open safe

An open safe in your dream means that someone has accessed your secrets and the things you hold most dear. The security that was there, has been broken! It may indicate that you will have problems ahead of you, because the discovery of what was kept could lead to conflicts.

It also means that there is an emotional insecurity, feeling “empty” when it comes to a relationship, be it a family one, an affective one, or one of friendship, which can generate self-esteem and confidence problems. Taking care of this will cause some people to move away, because, you reestablishing yourself, can generate discomfort in others. Your emotions should not cover up your reason!

To dream of an open safe

To dream of a closed safe

To dream of a closed safe is a warning to be careful with your material and sentimental possessions. If the safe is closed, it indicates that there will be no losses, but if there is carelessness, you will lose. On the other hand, be more careful about your personal vulnerability, paying attention to the behavior of others, so that you don’t get upset or create unnecessary conflicts.

Your reality may be distorted, and there should be a critique and possible adjustment, so that your life gets back to being in accordance with the reality that surrounds you, and not something that is imagined and is not.

To Dream of a Broken Safe

A safe being broken into in a dream indicates that someone, or some people, are doing you some harm. It usually indicates that these people are in a professional or business relationship, seeking to harm you. Observation regarding events and what is going on around you are essential to protect yourself.

Taking care of yourself and not worrying too much about others is necessary for you to remain in harmony and healthy. Let go of the learnings so that you can continue to grow! Detachment, as bad as it may seem, is necessary in some situations.

To dream of a safe being transported

When the dreamer sees a safe being transported, it means that his plans are being put into practice, but in order for him to reap the fruits, he will have to work hard! Safes are heavy, and it takes work to remove them, but they carry with them what is most important. There could be more pressure at work, and you will have to take a stand with the people there in order to get benefits.

It also means changes in your life, in what you hold most important. You could change jobs or businesses. The same condition applies to hard work for positive results!

To dream that you are interacting with a safe

Interaction in dreams usually indicates that some act is going to be done, or that changes are coming. It is important to signify the act so that you can understand what the message was, and, if necessary, prepare for the future! Below are some situations for better understanding.

To dream that you see a safe

There is a lot stored inside you, and when you see a safe in a dream, you see everything it holds. Whether it is desires, plans, or traumas, which need to be put out. Verbalizing and seeking to understand yourself is the way to lightness and harmony.

Don’t get stuck, open yourself up so that you can satisfy your desires, whether they are good ones. It is not bad to seek personal satisfaction, especially when this indicates relief from pressure within yourself.

The dream represents something you want to talk about, to share, and you have doubts about whether it is wise. You think that it would be better to keep the matter private, or that you do not know if you trust the one you want to tell.

To Dream that You Are Opening a Safe

A dream in which you are opening a safe indicates professional issues, especially in the environment in which you work. Talking, gossip and secrets may be causing harm to you or someone else. Also, secrets from one’s own work should be kept restricted, among few people, and if revealed, they can generate damages and losses.

Another meaning is that you will take a trip, which you are planning or want to take, but have not taken yet. And that life is open to your plans, especially when it comes to taking care of your physical and emotional health. It is a time of expansion, learning new things and getting to know other places!

To dream that you are closing a safe

To close a safe in your dream reveals that your planning is ready to yield results, for when you close the safe, you are sure of what you want and what you have done. A deal may be signed, a purchase, a sale, or any situation that generates personal and financial results in your life.

On the other hand, the closing indicates that there is some difficult situation coming up, and that you have to protect yourself as much as possible to get through it. The symbolism of the lock indicates that you must preserve everything you have, so that there are no problems, material or emotional.

To dream that you are trying to open a safe

To dream that you try to open a safe means that you are trying to access something that is protected. It could be something that does not belong to you, some family matter, and even wanting someone to fall in love with you, having the intention to have a relationship with that person.

The way you are trying to open it means that the way you have chosen to gain access is not the most appropriate, and there is a natural resistance that must be broken through, by whatever means! Be careful, it is not always worth forcing situations, they can generate future problems.

To dream that you are trying to open a safe

To Dream that You Cannot Open a Safe

Your curiosity, about some fact or person, is so great that your dream reveals that you are unable to discover what you want to know. Discovering something requires patience and perseverance, and until you have them, the chest cannot be opened. And if you don’t find out what you want, respecting their decision not to show you is the best way, otherwise it can lead to conflict.

It also indicates that you are not being able to overcome some desire or situation where you put yourself above others, to get what you want. Attention, all actions have a return, and the dream reveals that there is a forced attempt, which will not generate good results.

To dream that you crack a safe

To dream that you break into a safe concerns your affective life, and you should be careful in the relationships that you initiate. There are chances that your feelings will not be reciprocated, generating frustration and sadness.

Therefore, before accepting deeper and longer lasting relationships, analyze and see the partner’s real intentions, avoiding superficial situations and just having fun. If you fall in love, there will not be the necessary correspondence, frustrating your expectations.

Appearances cannot influence your decisions, because they do not indicate who people really are. Dig deeper and make a decision about what you really want with the other person. Lots of talking and sincerity help to avoid suffering.

To dream that you take something out of a safe

A dream that you take something out of a safe reveals a warning to be more careful with arguments and talk, as they can harm you. Staying away from gossip is wise so that you do not find yourself in the middle of trouble especially in the professional environment.

Taking something out of the safe indicates that you are getting rid of something that is relevant to you. It can be a family relationship, an emotional relationship, or a friend relationship, as well as some material possession that will be sold or donated. Finally, it represents the opening of your feelings, which may be reciprocated with news or meetings.

To dream that you keep something in a safe

To dream that you keep something in a safe, indicates that you are keeping things from others, either feelings or information, and you don’t want to share them. It is a moment of recollection and self-criticism, trying to get to know yourself, keeping away, for the time being, from the people close to you. You understand that this moment is necessary for you to reconcile and be able to give the best of yourself, especially in affective, family, and friendship relationships!

It also represents that plans that have been made will be put into practice and will generate results, in a short period of time, and there must be the will to carry out what has been planned. Without the effort, they cannot be realized.

To dream that you are trapped in a vault

When the dreamer is trapped in a vault, his confidence in himself or in others is shaken, because some situations that have happened have not been resolved to his satisfaction. For this reason, mistrust of your own or other people’s actions is present, generating this image of being locked inside a vault.

Reflecting on what has happened can help you understand where the real problem lies, so that your self-image, or the image of others, can change and you can trust again. Trust shakes are part of life, and the most sensible way to regain what has been lost, is self-criticism or analysis of past problems, so that they don’t happen again!

To dream that you are buying a safe

To buy a safe in a dream indicates that your actions may generate bad consequences, because you are insecure about them, so you want to “buy a safe”, to protect yourself from what may come ahead. Perhaps you should go back to the beginning and do everything again, so that you don’t generate that feeling that you need security.

She also reveals that she is not open for others to get to know her inner self, because she is afraid that her weaknesses and weaknesses will be revealed, generating some kind of vulnerability.

Finally, it reveals that you are feeling unprotected in relation to your material possessions, afraid of theft or loss.

Other meanings of to dream of a safe

There are some important meanings that can reveal other points regarding dreaming of safes, making the dream messages broader, and observing the events around you. It is worth taking a look, trying to foresee something that is to come.

To dream of a bank vault

When a bank vault appears in a dream, there are many things to do, either professionally or personally, demonstrating a spirit of adventure, which wants to get out there and see all that it can. Creativity and new concepts can arise and help to increase your life.

It also indicates that you may be feeling insecure or think that you will be harmed by someone’s attitude. Therefore you need to pay more attention to others and their attitudes, so that there are no unpleasant surprises. If this happens, you will become more distrustful of others and will try to stay away.

To Dream of a Coin Safe

To dream of a safe of coins indicates that you are very worried about life, and you are not being who you are, because this worry consumes you, and you are not transparent or verbalizing what you feel. You need to relax so that you can recover mentally and physically, making these worries take up less space.

On the other hand, there are changes going on, and the path you follow will be the one you choose, regardless of the situations or people that are involved in this process. You need to seek fun and relaxation, to be able to maintain your energy. It is a good time for investments, obtaining positive results!

To dream of a safe-deposit box

To dream of a safe deposit box secret reveals that you are confused about some particular problem, and you do not see how you can solve it. You can produce more and excel in the present, gaining recognition before your peers.

It indicates some work or project that has been started, but not finished, and is pending. And if there is an emotional relationship, big and important decisions will probably have to be made soon. Social events may arise and you will stand out, with your natural light and sensitivity. The main gain is your ability to relate to others, which will be strengthened!

To dream of a safe key

The key to a safe in a dream represents the possibility of opening, indicating that new things are about to arrive, whether in the professional, affective, or family field. Opportunities will arise which you can work on to achieve your best, and the most fruitful results. To dream of a key is already a good omen, meaning ascension, victory!

It also reveals that there were past conflicts that generated emotional traumas that were not overcome, and you are protecting yourself so that it doesn’t happen again. There is a doubt between what is right to do, often putting off what needs to be done. You may discover a secret, soon!

To dream of people trapped in a vault

In the same way that you are trapped in a vault, a dream of people trapped in a vault signifies shaken trust and credibility, but in people of your daily life, and there must be a re-signification of your relationships. Your insecurity can generate conflicts with them, which can harm you, especially if the person is from your work.

To dream of a safe indicates that you are concerned about someone close to you, either emotionally or in terms of health, and that you need to pay more attention so that you are not overly occupied with issues that are not yours, and that can disturb your routine and your life.

To dream of a safe indicates a moment of security?

Safes indicate a safe place, however, the interpretation of the dream must take into account all the details. If the safe is empty, it indicates that problems may arise, as well as financial issues to be resolved. On the other hand, being inside a safe indicates insecurity, which must be dealt with.

So, not always dreams about safes can be interpreted as moments of security, but they may indicate that you have to pay attention to a specific situation, or that you are going through a phase of being more withdrawn, moving away from people. But there are dreams that indicate security, such as those in which financially your life is under control, or that your secrets are protected, and you act to keep them.


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3 Definitions
  1. To dream of a safe in which to store valuables may indicate that the dreamer is hiding a sense of self worth and self value. To dream of being in a safe place may also indicate that the dreamer feels safe within themselves.

  2. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 11, 2022 at 5:51 pm

    This dream is one of peculiar contrast in meaning, as a full safe (or strongbox) portends a series of unexpected worries; however, regardless of any present obstacles, an empty safe featured in your dream predicts ultimate great success.

  3. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 15, 2022 at 1:34 pm

    A safe is an impenetrable structure designed to keep that which you value safe and free from theft. As a symbol, it represents the desire to protect something you treasure and heighten your sense of defensiveness. You lock anything in a safe that you feel others might want to steal from you, and this can be anything on the symbolic level from love to your opinions and ideas. What are you afraid others will take from you if you are not extremely guarded?

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