Dream meaning of Rumpelstiltskin

To see Rumpelstiltskin in your dream refers to a repressed or negative aspect of subconscious that is holding you back. You need to acknowledge and confront it.

Alternatively, dreaming of Rumpelstiltskin signifies the hefty price you have to pay in exchange for what you desire.

To dream of a leprechaun means that pleasant news will come as soon as possible and that significant events will knock on your door. However, it can also mean that you are having negative attitudes. Reflect on your actions.

To dream of seeing or talking to leprechauns is always a sign of good news and important and beneficial events in your life.

To dream of leprechauns can be good or bad, and that’s because there is good and bad in this species, at least that’s what the endless myths about them tell us. Legend has it that leprechauns are mystical beings that are part of European mythology. Some of these legends tell us that they are responsible for sheltering and watching over pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, and that if you are caught stealing the desired pot of gold, you will have to return the gold in exchange for your freedom, or who knows what might happen to you!

Still in relation to gold, other stories tell us that these beings produce substances similar to this metal, but as a lie, and that they end up disappearing shortly afterwards. These beings do this as a joke and as a way to deceive men, precisely because they are extremely greedy. It is to this gold that we give the famous name of fool’s gold.

To dream that you see a leprechaun

To dream that you see a leprechaun means that you may soon have problems with something or someone that you imagine is being a great pleasure in your life. It is likely that you have gotten something in a way that you should not have, and this makes you think it is an advantage.

But this will still do you a lot of harm, since from that moment on this something or someone is only an instant pleasure, and soon the joy will be gone. Get rid of the problem as soon as possible, or the consequences to come will not be pleasant at all. Heed the call of your dream as soon as possible.

To dream that you are conversing with a leprechaun

To dream that you are talking to a leprechaun calls your attention to an extraordinary moment that has come for you to define and invest your capital in something that you previously feared. Study, update yourself before taking the first steps in business, and take advantage of this phase of great luck.

In a very short time, your investments in your professional life will have great results. Always be aware of the people around you, they can mean the hand that helps you and lifts you to the next level, as well as the hand that pushes you down the gorge. Envy exists, take care that the revelation of your dream is entirely positive.

To dream that you are a leprechaun

To dream that you are a leprechaun shows that you are having inappropriate and sometimes even crazy attitudes. Stop, think and reflect on situations before you take any action, whether in your professional or personal life.

It is always important that you seek advice from those who have more knowledge and experience than you do. Trust them and their words, they really want to help you. At this time, unthinking attitudes in business could mean a big crisis and lead you to poverty. Always be careful!

To dream of an evil leprechaun

To dream of an evil leprechaun is always a warning sign. It could be that someone Machiavellian is trying to get in your way or pull the rug out from under you to get in your way in life’s journey. Keep your eyes and ears open for any and all suspicious movements around you, at the slightest sign of strangeness, retreat for your own good.

To dream of a good leprechaun

Good news, to dream of a good leprechaun indicates that important and beneficial events in your life are coming. This new phase may be bringing new people into your life as well, is your heart open to receive them? It is necessary that we are living in good harmony for the good to come and settle in our lives, after all happiness needs to feel welcome.

To dream of a leprechaun pointing the way

To dream of leprechaun pointing you a way indicates that someone close to you may be in need of your help such as friends, co-worker or family members. Whoever it is, it is important that this person knows that they can count on you and on your support. You have the way to get them out of the storm, extend your hand and help those who need it so much. Who knows, maybe in the future the roles will be reversed and you will need a helping hand too? It costs nothing to help.

To dream of a leprechaun offering you riches

To dream of a leprechaun offering you riches often serves as a guide for your soul. In this type of dream, it suggests that you be more carefree and less involved in small, unimportant matters. The riches he refers to in this dream are not the material riches, but the simple, everyday riches, such as a hug, a smile, a good word spoken with love.

The story

Rumpelstiltskin is the eponymous character and main antagonist of an original German fairy tale. This tale was collected by the Brothers Grimm in 1812, and revised in later editions.

A poor miller, in order to impress the King and to get him to marry his daughter, lies and tells him that she is able to spin straw and turn it into gold. The King summons the girl, locks her in a tower with straw and a spinning wheel, and demands that she turn the straw into gold by morning for three nights, or be executed. The girl had already given up all hope, when a dwarf (in some versions a goblin) appears in the room and turns all the straw into gold in exchange for her necklace; the next night she asks him for her ring. On the third night, when she had nothing to give him, the leprechaun performs his function in exchange for the first child the girl had.

The King is so impressed that he decides to marry her, but when the couple’s first child is born, the dwarf returns to claim his payment.

The Queen, who had forgotten about him, is frightened and offers him all her wealth if he will let her keep the child. The dwarf refuses, but finally agrees to give up his demand, but creates another: that the Queen should be able to guess his name in three days. On the first day, she fails, but before the second night, her messenger hears the elf jumping around a fire and singing. And in the song he says his name, Rumpelstilsequim. When the dwarf went to the Queen on the third day, she reveals his name and he loses his business, and blind with rage he splits in two.

The heroine of the tale is a beautiful but poor young woman. And as a heroine we know that she will rescue and save something.

In the tale her mother is absent, which makes us assume that she may have died. Also, there was no queen. With this we can assume that her mission is to rescue the feminine that is devalued. Her father, by lying and saying that she turns straw into gold, gives her a value that even if not recognized exists in her.

The act of spinning and weaving is essentially feminine. It is a work that exercises patience and helps the feminine nature to get rid of its masculine side. Gold is something of great value and incorruptible, and in African myths it is linked to the goddess of love Oxum, the most feminine of the Orixás. We can conclude, then, that she is spinning and weaving her value as a woman and rescuing the feminine in the collective consciousness.

But in doing so she will have to deal with a mocking figure, a dwarf or elf. The dwarf symbolizes small character impulses, funny or vulgar. Many stories say that they do the work for us, which is the case here. However, he asks three times for something of value in return, showing that she must also give something of herself in this effort to rescue the feminine and that she must learn to negotiate rather than compete as is typical of the masculine

The issue of the three trials is common in fairy tales. When he finishes spinning for the third time, the king decides to marry the girl, but she forgets the dwarf, that is, she forgets this playful impulse, however, which can be very creative. And forgetting an impulse makes it come back with more force.

And it comes back wanting her baby, indicating that she needs to rescue her maternal impulses. For the feminine, love is more valuable than gold, and as proof she needs to know the name of the dwarf. This means that she needs to name her conflict.

In psychotherapy, when we give a name to the conflict we achieve more awareness. It is an insight that tells us, “Now I know what I have!” Which makes assimilation easier.

By naming Rumpelstiltskin, she brings it to consciousness and it ceases to be a destructive force and becomes a creative force, which will help her negotiate with the demands of the external and internal world, without losing her femininity.

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