Dream meaning of rhinoceros

Animals in general, appear in our dream manifestations to alert us of events in the future. All of them, without exception, have a semiotic connotation that is even used in some series and movies. However, dreaming of rhinoceros is not as common as dreams with other types of animals. For that reason, dreaming of rhinoceros predicts the beginning of a positive period in life.

Rhinos usually symbolize journeys and transitions. These are usually pleasant times. You may be about to accept some important change in your life. This would be a new, happy, enjoyable and fulfilling stage. The things you leave behind should not be seen as the past, but as a form of learning that has come to an end.

To dream of rhinoceros then, is a symbol of a new path to follow.

Whether in the professional, love or economic field, it all depends on the context and the various alternatives seen in the dream.

However, on a general level, this dream indicates positive changes and good vibes in everything we want to undertake in the near future.

What does it mean to dream of rhinoceros?

If you have dreamed of rhinoceros it is a favorable sign. This peculiar animal in dreams commonly translates into energies of success and good fortune.

The dream could indicate the beginning of a positive, prosperous, happy and fulfilling period. This state applies not only to the dreamer, but also to your close surroundings: such as family or friends. Together, you will embark on a rewarding project, activity or business.

The rhinoceros for ancient cultures had an energy associated with the sun. This is because it is the third largest mammal on the planet. For that reason, in the dream world they symbolize positive aspects related to power and greatness.

So, dreaming of rhinoceros is related to our hopes and aspirations for a better life.

Dreaming of baby rhinoceros

If you dream of baby rhino it could symbolize a stressful, but rewarding endeavor. You may be about to start a large and ambitious project, which will bring great wealth and status. To achieve such a goal, you must take some questionable actions and make some risky decisions. However, this could be the cause of some disappointments and distress.

Baby rhinos in dreams are associated with the need to control, dominate and manipulate those around you. This tendency is a result of your personal character. These dreamers seek and enjoy being involved in challenging, difficult but not necessarily dangerous endeavors.

Through these activities, you can exercise your need for power in a socially acceptable manner.

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White rhinoceros dreams

This dream vision has two contradictory symbols, that of the rhinoceros and that of the color white in it. The first symbol which is the animal, suggests that you want to overcome personal doubts and make a decision. It is likely that you have felt that a lack of confidence is holding you back from reaching your full potential.

On the other hand, the color white means that there is something in your path that is holding you back. Perhaps until this situation is resolved, you will not be able to see the progress you desire.

White rhino dreams then, are a call to trust in our capabilities and abilities. You must cultivate self-esteem and the courage we have as people, for that courage will give us the strength to achieve what we desire. We have the strength and courage of the rhinoceros, but the innocence of the white color prevents us from seeing clearly the possible obstacles.

Dreaming of black rhinoceros

Dreams with black rhinoceros represent your ambitions and the lifestyle you wish to lead. Perhaps you are already on your way to getting what you want.

However, the black color of the rhino represents a rival or anything you consider a threat or obstacle to achieving your dreams or obtaining the lifestyle you desire. Something could go wrong and sabotage a great opportunity for your career to be unsuccessful.

To dream of black rhino then refers to a period of transition or transformation. Something like a plan B. You may have to reevaluate your life goals and plans because the ones you started with may be impractical at this time. This dream, denotes that you still need the support of your family to follow a path.

Dreams with hornless rhino

If you have dreamed of rhinoceros without horn it is a warning of heated tempers, turbulent emotions and trouble. Things are getting out of hand another close friend or family member.

Perhaps they have different views and their beliefs are in conflict. If they don’t come to an agreement, bigger problems can arise that could drag other people down as well.

In addition, white rhinos symbolize problems and excess obligations that are causing a significant amount of stress. You need someone who can help you drain some of your worries to keep you rational and emotions under control. Otherwise, there could be impending trouble that will severely damage your personal relationships.

To dream of a wounded rhinoceros

Having a dream vision of a wounded rhinoceros alludes to difficult times in your home. The wound means that this period of difficulty will cause a lot of emotional tension between family members, probably resulting in major confrontations or disagreements. Perhaps the stress of the various problems to be dealt with will add to the general atmosphere of hostility.

Fortunately, the rhinoceros is a strong animal (the dreamer) and symbolizes the end of this tumultuous time for everyone.

To dream of wounded rhinoceros then, warns that you are able to keep your emotions under control and become a sort of referee to balance any emotional outbursts. It is a time of family togetherness and even if different kinds of problems arise, you will be able to get out of any situation with them.

Rhinoceros in Water Dreams

Rhinoceros in Water Dreams

Dreams with rhinoceros in water reveal the dreamer’s obsession about greed. It may point to the general tendency to compare oneself with others and thus succumb to bouts of envy. That object of envy could be anything from material possessions to professional status. Rhinoceroses usually tend to hide underwater to catch their victims. For that reason, this dream indicates those baser instincts that we have in secret.

Dreaming of rhinoceros running

Dreams where rhinoceroses appear running indicate that you will soon have to deal with a tedious and stressful job. You may be assigned time-consuming tasks at your workplace, leaving you with no choice but to complete them.

While this may not be what you expected, you should consider it a challenge. And if you finish the project diligently and quickly, you will be considered for the things you are really passionate about.

Dreams with dead rhinoceros

To see a dead rhinoceros in your dreams represents upcoming changes. These changes could affect a place you visit frequently, such as your place of work, a family member’s home, etc.

It could also point to moving or reorganizing your current residence.

The death of an animal predicts that these changes could cause you to have some doubts about whether you are making the right decision.

Dreams with gray rhinoceros

If you have dreamed of gray rhinoceros it symbolizes newness, new beginnings and a sense of adventure. Visualizing this animal in gray color, points to positive and interesting experiences.

But also, it represents an opportunity for growth and self-improvement. A gray rhinoceros may mean having to let go of some aspect or part of yourself in order to fully embrace change. However, this sacrifice is for the greater good.

To dream of an angry rhinoceros

To dream of an angry rhinoceros

Dreams of angry rhinos herald the end of some trials or difficulties you have been experiencing for quite some time.

To dream of a mammal’s anger indicates your ability to overcome doubts and uncertainties, which may hinder attempts to achieve your goals and aspirations. It is time to let go of possible fears when faced with some events or circumstances that you did not expect to happen.

Dreams with small rhinoceros

To dream of small rhinoceros translates into a need for help. Some unexpected and unforeseen circumstances may leave you in a delicate state or in a difficult situation. Just like the little rhinoceros you must feel helpless and small.

For that reason, you will seek the help of close friends or family members. They will be able to help you better solve your problems or dilemmas.

Dreaming of giant rhinoceros

To dream of a giant rhinoceros represents your inner fears as a person. On a daily basis you live in constant worry about whether you are making the right decisions, or whether you are doing your best.

In reality, your lack of self-confidence is probably the main problem that prevents you from moving forward in life and growing in all areas.

The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams

Physical Physical
You have great determination and follow-through. You need to work toward your goals, and not let anything get in your way or sidetrack you. You are focusing on male sexuality.
Emotional Emotional
You are provoked easily and react with forcefulness and blind rage. You are protected, shielded, and thick-skinned, avoiding your feelings. You need to develop greater vulnerability and tone down your warlike nature.
Spiritual Spiritual
You are developing instinct and intuition, opening your third eye. You are maintaining clear boundaries concerning your identity.
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The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

Seen in his native surroundings this fellow is a warning against carelessness in meeting your obligations; but if he was in captivity or in a zoo, the dream suggests that you will have a social benefit due to your sexual prowess.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

The primary symbolic meaning associated with the rhinoceros is that things may not be as they seem. Though rhinos are enormous in size and move slowly in a way that is deeply connected to what is beneath them, they can run up to thirty miles per hour when charging. Though they can be quite aggressive, they are mostly docile. In this way, rhinos remind us that not everything is as it seems, and if one appears in a dream, you are being called to appreciate the contradictions in your life.

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