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Whenever the day turns cloudy and rainy it is normal for your mood to drop a little, maybe this kind of weather makes you feel a little nostalgic or reminds you of sad moments in your life. However, once the rain is over, the rainbow appears to cheer you up again. If you have recently lived through such an experience, it is likely that you will come to dream of rainbows.

In case this dream appears while you are sleeping for no reason, then you should know that your subconscious is trying to give you an important message. In principle, the meanings of dreaming of rainbows lean towards a positive connotation.Rainbows are the sign that the storm is over and peace reigns.

For many experts in onirology, many of the variants of dreaming of rainbows are closely related to the colors they show. Why are they related? Well, in the world of symbols, each color has its own way of vibrating with a specific type of energy; for physicists, colors are only an illusion created by the perception of our vision, which are the decoding of different energy sources that work in different ranges of wavelengths.

What does it mean to dream of rainbows?

What does it mean to dream of rainbows

I invite you to think for a moment about the situation you experienced in your dream and your personal situation. You are probably right now in the middle of a difficult situation that is about to become a crisis, either in your professional, family or personal environment. This crisis has been caused by unexpected events that have given an unwanted twist to your plans.

So, if you are living a moment like this right now and you get to dream of rainbows, you can be calm because although you may feel that you are about to lose your sanity, sooner than you imagine a positive change will come to your life, a hopeful change. The rainbow as a dream element has been valued by various cultures since ancient times.

In Eastern culture the colors of the rainbow are deeply linked to the energy points of the body, known as chakras. Each of these colors is a point of support and a different energy.

The meaning of dreaming about rainbows where the predominance of a color is appreciated, will be defined by the power that color has. For example, if red predominates in your dream, you should know that this dream points to the roots of your existence; orange speaks about your creativity; yellow to strength and green to love.

Coming in contact with a rainbow while you sleep will elevate your actions, opening the possibility of finding the right direction that will lead you to the end of your plans and projects.

Dreaming of rainbows and rain

To dream of rainbows and rain is your subconscious’s way of showing you that your inner prayers will be answered.

This dream is a sign of joy because in a few days you will find the magic solution to put an end to that inconvenience that has been taking away your peace. It is important that you take into account the representations in this dream since the sky symbolizes your life, that reality that you are living right now.

When you get to see how a rainbow crosses the sky, it is a sign that soon a person will make your life take an unexpected turn.

This is not an omen of love, however, you should know that the contact with that influential person will be short, but full of intensity, leaving a mark that will define a before and after.

Dreams with two rainbows

To dream of two rainbows indicates that a bridge between different states of consciousness and your strong desire for transcendence is probably developing unconsciously in your life.

Whatever the case may be, it reveals that you will have hope in the face of problems and good omens that the future holds. It is also the representation of harmony and serendipity. It is likely that you have finally found peace and the true meaning of your purpose to fulfill your existence in this world.

Dreaming of rainbows at night

Given its nature, dreaming of rainbows at night is undoubtedly a very far-fetched and impossible scenario. It is well known that rainbows are a phenomenon of light, which makes them need photons and a luminous beam that allows them to project.

Therefore, this dream is a very bad omen since it is a contrary interpretation where you will see any hope you may have fall.

However, do not let your spirits drop. The universe possesses a great wisdom so, instead of being a limiting factor, this situation will free you from a reality full of lies to give way to that opportunity of success you are looking for.

Dreams with rainbows of fire

To dream of rainbows of fire is a dream experience with a positive omen that signals the arrival of luck, prosperity, hope and success in your life. Remember that the rainbow is the bridge between your personal “I” and the higher “I”.

It is physically impossible to cross this spiritual bridge if you wish to reach the pot of gold. Pay attention as you may be going through a time charged with many creative ideas that will allow you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Dreaming of rainbows in the sea

To dream of rainbows in the sea portends that a season full of calm and tranquility will soon come into your life, it is also an omen that you will begin to enjoy the things in life much more.

Other rainbow dream meanings

To dream of a white rainbow speaks of purity. You are a person who has a pure connection with the universe, take advantage of this moment because everything you try to do will become possible.

To dream of rainbows around the sun is a dream experience which reveals that you will soon obtain good results as a result of your efforts. This good luck is oriented to unusual financial gains, such as the lottery or the jackpot in a casino.

The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams

Physical Physical
You have weathered difficulties and better, happier times are on the horizon.
Emotional Emotional
You need to feel more optimistic and lucky.
Spiritual Spiritual
You are dreaming of better things, getting in touch with your destiny. You are bridging worlds, connecting your earthly experience to the divine. You are reminding yourself to be joyful, imaginative, and even magical. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow means the revelation of your soul and your true nature as light and spirit.
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The Dream Encyclopedia

The rainbow is a very happy and promising sign. 
Hopes and dreams are denoted by this wonderful symbol. Good luck comes to those who dream rainbow dreams.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

It is an image of hope and prosperity. After a period of gloom, the rainbow predicts redemption and good news. Soon you will live a time of peace and tranquility in which success will be a constant and your wishes will come true.

It is also associated with the pursuit of self-knowledge. The rainbow symbolizes a bridge between heaven and earth, that is, between your earthly self and your enlightened or superior self.

When the rainbow looks bright and colorful in your dreams, gypsies predict an advantageous change.

If the color is dull something will deteriorate.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

Whatever the action may have been, if the main feature of your dream was a rainbow, it predicts the end of all your troubles followed by great happiness.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

Hope, abundance, and the promise of good to come are all wrapped up in the symbol of the rainbow, one of the most magical phenomena that can be found on Earth. Part of the meaning of this symbol can be taken from the emotional reaction a person can have when looking at one.

Rainbows are breathtaking and can inspire deep feelings of elation. In this way, a rainbow is almost always going to be thought of as a positive image. There are several major cultural associations to a rainbow. In the Old Testament, God sent the rainbow as a promise to never destroy humanity again, which is the origin of the theme of the promise for the future.

The Celtic tradition tells us that at the end of a rainbow is a pot of gold, associating this symbol with the search for abundance. However, both of these time-honored interpretations bring with them darker meanings that bear consideration. The former implies past destruction and the latter is a paradox in that it is impossible to ever actually find the end of a rainbow, as it constantly shifts as you move toward it. However, each of these counterparts is what infuses the rainbow with its most powerful symbolic element: hope.
The physical construct of a rainbow is filled with beautiful symbolism.

Rainbows contain all the colors of the spectrum and therefore represent a sense of wholeness in a majestic and highly spiritual expression. They appear when the sun and rain are present at the same time. To be able to experience sadness (rain) and joy (sunlight) at the same time is a true sign of consciousness and wisdom.

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