Dream meaning of rags

In our daily lives we use rags for a myriad of things, but they are mainly used for cleaning and drying.

Although a vision of this type can also help you discover new aspects of your personality.

Therefore, dreaming of rags is synonymous with naivety and innocence on the part of the dreamer.

That is, you consider yourself a person without a hint of mischief so you can be easily deceived.

What does it mean to dream of rags?

If you have dreamed of rags it means that a secret about you will soon be known because it has been divulged by people who have bad intentions towards you, as well as by false friends.

This dream also indicates that there will be big changes in your life, although they will not be negative, they will affect you noticeably. Rags usually indicate a period of poverty and this will have a very negative impact on your life. For that reason, here we tell you about some of its variants.

To dream of rags lying on the floor

To dream of rags lying on the floor means that you are a really open person without any kind of secrets.

You can express your ideas and personal issues without the need to cut yourself or feel embarrassed, even with people you do not trust or know well.

To dream of dirty laundry

When you dream of dirty laundry it suggests that you are a person with a very demanding character and highly critical of everyone.

Perhaps you can define yourself as a very spiteful person and when you have a fight with someone else you reproach them for those bad things they have done in the past as well as all the times they have failed you.

Your defense mechanism consists of attacking people when in reality you should be a little more tolerant.

Dreaming of sewing a rag

If in your dreams you saw yourself sewing a rag, either old or new, this dream indicates the feeling of guilt for certain mistakes that happened in the past.

You are currently looking for a way to fix those bad things that happened, because it has not been until now that you can see all the damage you have done.

Dreaming about washing a rag

When you have dreams about washing a rag it indicates that you are surrounded by hypocritical friends or people. Unfortunately, they are constantly deceiving you to make you feel bad or bring consequences to your life.

It’s time to evaluate who are really the people who deserve to be around you.

Dreaming of torn rags

To dream of torn rags, this is an indication that you should start letting go of all those past problems that have already been resolved. It is time to focus on resolving all current difficulties.

If you have seen yourself dressed in torn rags in a dream, this indicates your supportive role towards a person who needs you. But also, it refers to finding a safe way to express your feelings.

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The Dream Encyclopedia

Old, tattered rags may mean the dreamer is cleaning up old problems and issues. Ragged clothes may mean the dreamer is going “from rags to riches” in the world.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

Rags tend to denote an excess of preoccupation for one’s images and a lack of self confidence.

If you don’t feel well, seeing yourself dressed in rags indicates personal neglect, moral decline, and misery. When the sensation of the dream is pleasant, it reveals the superiority of intellect over the physical or superficial.

Some oracles predict that you will suffer great losses if you have this dream. Other interpretations consider it a sign that you will make a wise decision.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

Clean rags predict a period of prosperity, but dirty or soiled ones suggest that you need to reassess your behavior and/or your current companions from a moral standpoint. If your dream concerned ragged clothing or other articles, see under separate listings.

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