Dream meaning of quince

In most cases, when a person sleeps, they may witness various things in their dreams and this can generate curiosity. So much so that they wish to know the meaning of the extra objects they witnessed or the meaningless situations, this case can apply to dreaming about quinces. In order to understand this dream vision, it is first necessary to know what it is.

A quince is a very peculiar fruit that for many has an exquisite flavor, which makes it perfect for making sweets. It has a very strong yellow skin and many beneficial properties for your body, among them we can highlight that it is an excellent astringent. For that reason, dreams with quince are associated with people with a sweet and loving personality.

What does it mean to dream of quince?

Taking into account what has been described above, we can agree that, generally, a dream with quince indicates that you may be a person who is characterized by being fragile and weak. Because the quince has a hard and strong skin, this fruit represents what you should be in real life. That is, it is time to learn to be a strong person with a positive personality in order to be able to face the problems that come in your future.

Dreaming of yellow quinces

If you have dreamed of quinces of a bright and beautiful yellow color, this indicates that you will live a time of greatness and ostentation. Because that vibrant color is a sign of riches and opulence in your life. These unexpected financial windfalls will come from a business or venture associated with the digital world.

Dreaming of green quince

To dream of green quince is a representation of new situations and hope for your future, but it also defines a stage in which you must begin to mature and set challenges and goals that you must overcome in order to succeed and be a productive person.

Dreaming of rotten quinces

If in your dreams you have been able to see rotten quinces, this indicates that you must solve some problems that are currently affecting you. These problems are generating a burden that does not let you think or act coherently. Consequently, you are at a stage in your life where you cannot make clear decisions.

Dreaming of eating quince

To dream of eating quince indicates good luck for the person who is eating it. This could represent a promotion at work, a pay raise, or you could be very successful in your job. If it was you who ate the quinces it indicates that you may be cured of an illness, if you are not sick then this indicates that you will enjoy good health for the next few days.

Dreaming of many quinces

To have a dream vision with many quinces indicates that you are approaching a time of great splendor, abundance and success. As the color of quinces is very similar to gold then this indicates good omens for your financial situation. Perhaps it is an unexpected bonus at work or an increase in sales in your business.

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The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

Cooked quince – as in jelly – indicates an annoying mystery regarding the behavior of a friend. Don’t jump to conclusions; time will eventually disclose the truth. If you dreamed of eating fresh quinces, it is a reminder that your tendency to be too casual about your debts and/or responsibilities could suddenly embarrass you. 

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