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Dreaming of a queen can be quite imposing for some and surreal for others. Such a powerful figure was once quite feared in the past, and today she is more a figuration than really a superior being to be adored by her subjects and servants.

Every queen is usually seen as a woman almost without feelings and emotions, or at least who has total control over them. It is possible that your dream of a queen shows that you are becoming such a person, with great ability to manage your feelings and to restrain yourself. Remember that everything has its measure, even self-control, so use this dream as leverage to take the first steps toward your cycle of maturity.

Broadly speaking, there are several meanings to dream of a queen, especially when it comes to the queens of a deck, since each suit brings its own revelation. Thus, to dream of a queen presents us with fundamental points about ourselves that are sometimes imperceptible to the naked eye, one must delve deeper into the matter itself.

To Dream that You See a Queen

To dream that you see a queen is closely connected to the image of the mother or a mother figure that you have or had in your life. For those who no longer have the presence of their mother in life, you should know that in your heart you still miss a lot the affection and power over you that she exercised.

The point of attention in this case is to know how to take advantage of the great lessons that your mother left you and apply them in your life, which will help you a lot in your journey, making things easier, simplifying doubts, and making your days safer and lighter, like a mother’s lap.

In the case of people who still have their mother alive, dreaming that you see a queen calls your attention to your intuition, which like a good mother’s advice, should be listened to and followed. In case you actually follow it, the result of the intuition is your personal growth, increased influence and persuasion.

Those who follow their mother’s advice demonstrate that they are a humble and well-familyed person, who recognizes the treasure that they have in their family and takes advantage of that togetherness with wisdom.

To Dream that You See a Queen

To dream that you converse with a queen

Intellectual enrichment. To dream that you converse with a queen indicates that a cycle of wisdom and also of social ascension is slowly coming into your life through your studies.

During this cycle, you will feel a strong inclination toward maturity, either with respect to the studies themselves, or with respect to your own life.

To dream that you converse with a queen indicates that many doors will open for you, take this chance to develop skills and the sense of maturity that is still lacking in you.

Great chances for growth are being placed at your disposal, you just need to sharpen your perception to identify them and use them in your favor.

Believe me, you are being prepared for this new phase that is beginning, grab it tooth and nail and your future will be dazzling.

To dream that you are a queen

To dream that you are a queen has two different meanings, when a woman dreams that she is a queen the dream indicates that there is a strong desire to hold status and power in the professional environment.

To achieve this, you must work hard to be worthy of such prestige, which will only occur according to the recognition of a whole group of people within the company or sector in which you work.

For men, dreaming that you are a queen occurs when a warning needs to be given, so pay attention: listen more to others and don’t put yourself on a pedestal, as if you were the owner of the reason, even queens need to know how to listen to their allies.

The people who are part of your circle of acquaintances do not wish you harm, on the contrary, so willingly accept their help and leave your pride aside.

To dream of a queen in a deck of cards

To dream of a queen in a deck of cards brings different meanings because there are four different suits in the deck, that is, for each suit we have a meaning. Here are some of them.

The Queen of Hearts shows that you have been having some rather presumptuous and arrogant attitudes, and that will not take you anywhere, so put them aside and go with modesty.

The Queen of Clubs means that it is high time that you learn to uncomplicate your relationship with your beloved, try to be more sensible and understanding.

In the case of the Queen of Diamonds, we see good news coming into your life, especially those that deal with material goods.

And finally, the Queen of Swords announces a very favorable phase for feelings, especially love.

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3 Definitions
  1. The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke April 7, 2022 at 6:04 am

    The figure of the queen could symbolize the mother of the dreamer or another powerful feminine figure on whom you depend.

    If an adult woman dreams that she rules as queen, it could be interpreted as a manifestation of excessive ambition, or as the culmination of her process of personal maturity.

    If the queen is dethroned, it indicates insecurity on the part of the dreamer, despite the apparent authority they have been granted.

    According to Carl Jung, the strange writings of the alchemists were symbols that favored the integration of all elements of your personality. The queen, in this sense, personified the feminine strengths that are found in your psyche.

    Seeing yourself crowned queen assures power to the dreamer, but not happiness.

  2. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 15, 2022 at 12:51 pm

    In the Tarot, the Queen is a symbol for status, intuition, creativity, and power. If this image should appear in a dream, you may be connecting to the archetypal power offered by this symbol of royalty. The Queen could also be an elevated expression of the maternal instinct.
    The question of benevolence comes into play with a royal figure in a dream, for when royal strength is used wisely, it indicates being in alignment with an increase in personal power.
    A dream that features a queen-like figure may, however, be indicating this being out of balance and therefore misused. You may be being asked to consider how well you are wielding power in your life.

  3. Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson April 19, 2022 at 4:09 am

    To see a queen in a dream signifies your admiration for and respect of a female figure in your life. You look to this person for guidance and as an authority figure.

    If you dream you are a queen, you have strong personal power right now and others look to you for guidance. They respect you even if they don’t always like what you say.

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