Dream meaning of priest

To dream of a priest is not common, but it has a meaning that is highly probable to happen or that explains in detail the reality in which your life is. It is a dream that some label as negative, but it is really considered as preventive, that is, dreams that send signals to be prepared for an event.

Although some dreamers relate dreams with priests for the lack of faith, its meaning in most cases is far from the religious and if assimilated more to justice or important meetings to be faced soon.

However, dreaming of clergy for some is a sign of the path to religion, so it is important to identify the scenarios in which he was during the dream. In some cases, dreams have been recorded of priests doing things outside of their vocation, such as being in love and even in danger of death or being hanged. These dreams are less frequent, but their meaning is just as important.

In addition to understanding the setting of the dream, dreaming of a priest should be associated with the justice he is currently dispensing, as well as the justice he may receive from others. You should not worry believing that it is an absolute reality, remember that the prediction consists of “before” and this gives you enough time to choose a suitable path.

What does it mean to dream of a priest?

What does it mean to dream of priest

To dream of a priest augurs encounters with justice. According to the reality or the moment you are in your life it will mean what kind of encounter may come to pass. While some may have a trial that will judge them criminally and judicially, others simply have to give explanations to their bosses or important people for their life.

However, if you dreamed of being a priest, it is advisable to become suspicious, since this vocation is considered intimate and that you only talk to God. What it represents, that you can be betrayed by an acquaintance who only seeks to satisfy himself personally, without intentions to help you.

To dream of a priest friend

Contrary to the above, dreams where you see a priest friend announces the good advice you may receive from important people in your life. If during your last days you have been seeking God’s presence in your life, this dream suggests that you should move away from your bad habits in order to be at peace inside and start noticing life in a different way.

Once you make this change, in your life will begin to come moments of opportunity in work and love, but remember to listen to the advice of people who really matter to you and above all believe in yourself. Stay away from vague advice usually given by people who are not a role model, especially when that person’s life is what you really want to avoid.

Dreaming of a priest in love

If you have dreamed of priest in love it foretells that he needs a greater state of maturation, especially when his thoughts are vague. This dream is frequent when you distrust your own abilities and believe you have bad luck in the actions you perform on a daily basis, that is, a feeling of worry based on past experience and not on who you are as a person at present.

To dream of a priest in love may seem like a sign of sin and that he will be punished by God, but it only represents that humans can make mistakes and all that remains is repentance, not to commit them again, learn from them and subsequently, take advantage of this experience to be a better person.

Dreams with dead priest

To have a dream vision of a dead priest may seem that a spiritual death is approaching, but it really means quite the opposite. The dreamer has understood that his life does not deserve to be judged by the person he was in the past and seeks to remedy the situation quickly, therefore, the first thing is to try to clean up his past and repent of what he did, is the first way.

The dream visions with dead priests invite you to free yourself from your sins and stop blaming yourself. It is time to meet the new person in you and present yourself to others as in love and passionate about life and not as a sad lonely man or woman.

Dreaming of priest dressed in white

To dream of priest dressed in white announces an upcoming marriage. Although it does not usually relate to being proposed to, it does signify the desire for this moment to come into your life. However, your relationship must be harmonious and satisfactory, because if you have problems with your partner, this dream may mean that you simply want to escape from that reality and find love at another time and with another person.

If you have family, especially daughters or sisters, and you dream of a priest dressed in white, it means that someone important to you, especially a woman, is about to announce her marriage or is very close to getting married.

To dream of a priest dressed in green

Dreams where a priest dressed in green appears portend hope and a time of spiritual regeneration in your life. You are constantly looking for the support of other people to help you out of your problems and although this is important, do not forget that prosperity will come from the moment where you become a cautious, honest person with the intention of helping others. From this moment the positive energies return to you and the solutions to the problems will come as a reward.

Dreams with priest dressed in red

Dreams where a priest dressed in red appears augur tranquility, but after being subjected to a trial. However, it does not always mean a judicial problem, but it does foretell that he will have to go through a moment where he must deliver results and give explanations about his actions. Subsequently, a stage of balance and tranquility will come into your life, where you will enjoy a spiritual passion for the fulfilled duty.

To dream of a black priest

To dream of a black priest foretells health problems due to bad habits in your life. Dark or black cassocks are not positive, as they represent the negative details of your life and the wrong way of making decisions. As a result, your health will be deteriorated especially because of stress and problems will accumulate while your senses will be sick and emotionally affected.

Dreams with priest giving mass

A dream with a priest giving mass foretells insecurities, anguish and fear for the state of health of someone important to your life. Although it does not suggest the death of this person, it does mean that you are being affected by their health and that you prefer to stay close to your relative or friend, with intentions of supporting them at all times.

If during the dream with a priest giving mass you felt sad, it means that your behavior has not been the best in the last few days, either because of anguish or being saturated with problems, causing you to behave inappropriately in front of others who are not to blame for your current situation.

Dreams with crying priest

Although it has several meanings, the exact prediction suggests that if you dream seeing a priest crying it is because you need to cry. That is, you are trying to find a shoulder to lean on, express your problems and unburden yourself. In these circumstances, it is precisely the visit to a priest in a nearby church that is the best recommendation. If you are not Catholic, then you can talk to someone you trust about your problems.

Dreaming of priest confessing

A dream vision of a priest confessing means problems to be solved with the help of other people, especially those who represent something important to your life. You are going through a stage of anguish and pain, the problems are approaching you and you need to look for a way out. Although this seems delicate and far from being solved, the dream invites you to seek help, telling the truth, without trying to harm anyone and always with faith in the change that is coming.

Dreams with old priest

If you have dreamed of an elderly clergyman, it foretells the search for advice, but not to solve problems, but to find a purpose in your life. The more emotional and spiritual affinity you have with elderly clergymen, the greater the outcome of the dream. This suggests that some emotional talk, advice from a friend or spiritual meeting is coming up where you will receive positive news, be given advice or be shown a path.

Dreaming of hanging priest

To dream of a hanged priest means depression due to unfair judgments. There are people who think badly of you and are only seeking to destroy you through false testimonies. This situation suggests that the dreamer should move away a little from his social circles, become an intimate and distrustful person for a few days, while he clarifies his own thoughts and finds a way out of depression.

Dreams with female priestess

To dream of a priestess portends love and respect for the nature that surrounds you. However, it recommends that you do not take these feelings to extremes, as it can take you away from reality and act too passively. If this is not your case, then you are only going through a stage of spiritual growth and fulfillment.

The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams:

Physical Physical
You are examining your experience with religion and religious leaders, and how you connect with the spiritual part of yourself and life. You’re looking at how you give your power away to experts.
Emotional Emotional
You feel confused or lost and need inner guidance, comfort, and reassurance. You are relieving a guilty conscience.
Spiritual Spiritual
You are connecting with spiritual teachings, developing greater virtue in yourself, and revealing your own spiritual qualities, strengths, and abilities. You are moving beyond your personal self and ego into higher dimensions.
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The Dream Encyclopedia

A spiritual authority figure may symbolize the dreamer’s spiritual needs. In interpreting such a dream, one should note whether the figure was loving and caring, or dictatorial and condemning, as the character of an overbearing parent may be associated with a negative religious figure.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

A priest could represent religion and its traditional norms. You may be in a period of moral self-judgement.
On the other hand, the priest could be a manifestation of your own spiritual wisdom. In this sense, dreaming that a priest hears your confession is an invitation to bring yourself closer to more transcendental truths, to connect with your true essence. Only in this way will you be able to find the way to reveal to yourself what it is that you want to do with your life.

Any dream depicting a priest has advantageous omens. It usually signifies the end of a dispute that has been concerning you for a while.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

This is an archetypal character aspect that represents extreme devotion to spiritual principles.
The proliferation of this image in the media makes it a universal symbol for spiritual devotion. Also because of the media, this symbol carries with it a great number of potential shades of meaning, from an intense level of respect to humorous irreverence or even intense antipathy. Your personal associations with priests will therefore play a prominent role in how you interpret a dream with a priest in it.
On the serious end of the spectrum, the priest is the symbolic representation of Christ on Earth and signifies a level of dedication that is unparalleled in our modern culture. In this light, the character aspect of a priest in a dream connects to a deeply committed spiritual side of your nature that is willing to sacrifice much for the sake of your beliefs. There is no getting around the current perception that the institution of the priesthood is also embroiled in deep controversy over sexual improprieties. The enforced role of celibacy also plays an important role in interpreting this symbol.
If a priest should play a prominent role in a dream, issues of sexuality and sexual expression/freedom may be present.

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