Dream meaning of poop

To dream of poop has a positive meaning.

Remember the popular belief that stepping in shit is a sign of good luck?

Well, dreaming of shit follows the same principle.

Faeces is a biological necessity and is meant to expel something that should not remain inside our body.

Therefore, there is a sense of relief when we defecate.

The faeces dream is also about this feeling.

It is an analogy for dealing with something you want to eliminate from your life.

Get it all out in the open and get rid of any misunderstanding.

So what do poop dreams really mean?

Here are some possible interpretations for the appearance of feces in dreams:

If you dream of human feces

If you dream of human feces


Dreaming of human feces can have several interpretations, depending on the cultural and personal context and emotions associated with the dream.

In some traditions of dream interpretation, faeces are seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity, suggesting that things you consider useless or unpleasant in real life may have value in other contexts.

On the other hand, the dream may also indicate feelings of guilt, shame or the need to “clean up” a particular situation in your life.

Emotions experienced in the dream, such as disgust or surprise, can give further clues as to what the dream means to you.

It is important to reflect on the context and feelings associated with the dream to understand its full meaning in relation to your own life experience.

Try to be less reserved and try to trust people. After all, they can help you find your emotional balance.

If you dream about cleaning feces

Dreaming that you clean feces has a positive meaning. It shows that you want to get rid of negative aspects that are not good for you.

Cleansing feces can be interpreted as a symbol of releasing negative emotions, toxic situations or thoughts that no longer serve you well.

It can indicate a period of purification or detoxification, a suggestion that you are ready to face and eliminate unwanted or challenging aspects of your life.

It can also represent a sense of being responsible or having to deal with the “messes” of others.

The sense of satisfaction or repulsion felt in the dream may give further clues about how you relate to the responsibilities or situations you face.

This dream is an opportunity to reflect on what you want to leave behind and how you approach emotional or physical cleanliness in your life.

If you dream you stepped in feces

If you dream you stepped in feces


As the popular belief goes, if you step in shit, it’s a sign of good luck! In the dream it contains the same meaning.

To dream that you are stepping in feces is an indication that you will be very lucky in investments. In addition, it can be a harbinger of good changes in your life.

To dream that you stepped in feces can be a symbol of some unpleasantness or minor inconvenience in real life. This dream may suggest that you have made a mistake or that you have experienced an embarrassing situation and are feeling uncomfortable or frustrated as a result.

It may also indicate a feeling that you have been pulled into an unpleasant situation through no fault of your own, or that you are dealing with the consequences of the actions of others.

Emotions associated with the dream, such as regret, surprise or even amusement, may provide further clues to its interpretation.

If you dream you poop

You are tired of a particular situation and need to feel relieved without that pressure. This has probably caused you to dream that you are pooping.

Dreaming that you are pooping is often related to releasing pent-up emotions, stress or tension.

The act of pooping in your dream can symbolize the process of letting go of something, whether it’s a situation, feeling or idea that is no longer beneficial to you.

It may also suggest that you are in the process of clearing yourself of negativity or getting rid of a burden.

In some interpretations, making feces in a dream can also be associated with feeling vulnerable or being exposed to others. Feelings experienced in the dream, such as embarrassment or relief, may provide additional details about its meaning for you.

Like many dreams, the exact interpretation depends largely on the personal context and emotions associated with the dream.

If you dream you see feces

If you dream you see feces


In general, feces may represent something you want to eliminate from your life or may suggest a situation that makes you feel dirty or uncomfortable.

They can also symbolise wealth and prosperity, as seeing faeces in a dream is believed to bring good luck and abundance.

If you feel disgusted or embarrassed by what you see in your dream, it could indicate a problem or situation you are avoiding in your conscious life.

Conversely, if you feel indifferent or even positive, it could suggest acceptance and processing of aspects of your self that you have previously neglected.

As with most dreams, it is essential to reflect on the emotions and context of the dream to understand its full meaning.

If you dream that you are covered in feces

To dream that you are covered in feces implies that you are ashamed of something you have done or that a certain situation has embarrassed you. It might be time to revise some attitudes.

To dream that you are covered in feces may represent feelings of shame, guilt or discomfort about a situation in your life.

To be soiled or covered suggests increased exposure or vulnerability, perhaps indicating that you feel compromised or “tainted” by a particular action or situation.

On the other hand, just as feces can symbolize prosperity and good fortune, being covered in it could suggest an unexpected abundance or reward that comes from an unpleasant situation.

If you dream of feces in a toilet bowl

To dream of faeces in a toilet bowl often refers to the release of tension, stress or pent-up feelings.

The toilet bowl is a place meant for elimination, and the presence of feces in it may suggest that you are in the process of getting rid of something unnecessary or harmful in your life.

Faeces in this state may also indicate recognition and acceptance of certain aspects of your self that you have previously ignored or denied.

It can also signify the completion or closure of a chapter or situation in your life, suggesting a sense of closure or cleansing.

The emotions and condition of the toilet bowl in the dream (clean, dirty, full or empty) can provide additional clues about the meaning of the dream and your current emotional state in relation to what the feces represent.

Dreaming that you defecate in your pants

To dream that you are pooping your pants is a common symbol of vulnerability, embarrassment or anxiety.

This type of dream may indicate fear of being caught in a compromising situation or embarrassing yourself in front of others.

It can also reflect feelings of unpreparedness or fear of not being in control of a situation. In a broader context, such a dream may suggest that you are overwhelmed by emotions or stresses that you have failed to process adequately, resulting in an involuntary emotional “escape”.

Depending on the feelings associated with the dream, there may also be a subconscious desire to break free from certain social constraints or to express something that has been repressed.

The interpretation of the dream depends largely on the individual context and the emotions experienced during the dream.

If you dream of dog feces

Dog feces may represent a “dirty” or unpleasant situation or problem that you need to address or confront.

It can also symbolise an inappropriate behaviour or attitude in your life, suggesting that you are aware of an aspect of your or someone else’s behaviour that needs to be corrected.

On the other hand faeces in general can symbolise good luck and prosperity. If the dream is accompanied by positive feelings, it could suggest that unpleasant situations or challenges may actually bring unexpected opportunities and rewards.

It is important to consider the emotions and details of the dream to better understand its meaning in a personal context.

But what does it really mean to dream about shit?

In our culture, feces is seen as something dirty and impure. For this reason, we believe that dreaming about feces is bad. However, we forget the natural function behind it.

The act of evacuating is extremely natural and necessary. A person who cannot poop becomes irritable, nervous, unable to reason and even less able to work properly. This affects their mind and emotional side. In contrast, a person who has a healthy bowel, who defecates regularly, is always in a good mood, light hearted.

Therefore, the dream of faeces shows the need to expel what is not necessary in our lives. It also applies to that unresolved feeling or situation that only makes our daily life more difficult and does not allow us to move forward. Therefore, analyze the events in your daily life and allow yourself to experience this good time that is coming. After all, dreaming of feces is synonymous with luck, fortune and material gains. Make the most of it!

And, if you want to delve deeper into the meaning of your dreams and how they reflect on your life, seek therapy with a dream interpretation specialist.

Dreaming about feces is unusual to say the least. If you’ve ever had such a dream and found it totally meaningless, read this post to the end. Surely your dream about feces wasn’t just a daydream. There is some significance given your personal experiences and the phase you are going through.

Depending on the emotions in the dream, dreaming about poop can also mean:


Dreams about peeing are sometimes part of your body’s early warning system. They may prompt you to “pause” the dream and rush to the toilet before bed-wetting. If you keep one eye closed, you may be able to get back into bed without interrupting your sleep or waking up.

Poop dreams may have a similar element, especially if you’ve eaten something nasty, have a bowel infection, are in the middle of your period, or are taking natural laxatives. Or maybe you’ve been prescribed a medication that has frequent pooping as a side effect.


Pooping in public can be embarrassing. This can be an incident where you squat in a seemingly protected spot, then, after zipping up, you realise someone was watching you.

Dreams about pooping in public are similar to dreams about unintentional public nudity. They imply that you feel vulnerable and self-conscious about some area of your life. The location of the public toilet in your dream may be a clue to the source of your anxiety.

Compulsive comparison

Many of us are anxious about using communal bathrooms. Maybe you’re at the office or at an event. While you’re inside the cubicle about to do your job, someone else walks in. You hear their voice or notice their scent and suddenly you’re too tense and uncomfortable to finish.

This is called parcopresis aka shy bowel. It often happens in your waking life, but what does it mean if it happens in your dream? Yes! Your spirit guides warn you not to constantly compare yourself to others (and not to be up to it!). Try gratitude and affirmations instead.

The need for detoxification

Even if you don’t believe in guardian angels and higher helpers, your dreams can communicate. They can reveal how you see yourself and what you truly believe about those around you. They can expose your secret fears, unknown desires and deepest ambitions.

Repetitive dreams are particularly poignant and you may have several different dreams expressing the same theme. So, what does it mean when you dream that poop is flushing down the toilet? It means you have inner toxins to expel. It could be bad energy or draining relationships.

Cleansing and protection

Dreams about baths, showers, tubs and toilets often indicate a need for spiritual cleansing. They suggest that there is something unhelpful in your life that your higher helpers would like to remove and destroy. So what if you dream you eat something first?

Putting food in your mouth (in the dream) could represent energy being sent in your direction, whether positive or negative. If the dream sent you to the bathroom afterwards, it could mean that someone sent you a spiritual attack. By pooping, you have repelled it, so you are protected.

Financial Prosperity

You might dream that you’re cleaning up poop. It could be changing your baby’s (or grandparent’s) diaper. Or cleaning the toilet at the office or in a loved one’s bedroom. Or managing your cat’s litter box, your gerbil or your chickens. Or packing up your dog’s poop during your daily walk.

These are all unpleasant activities, but you do them because you care about your child, parent or pet. They are acts of love. So in a dream, they signify a reward for your hard work and diligence. It means you may soon receive a financial windfall, maybe even a promotion!

Corporate problems

Shit is something we all have to deal with. And if you’re healthy and have a high-fibre diet, you should eliminate stool at least once a day, although some people only poop every two or three days. This is true, although many cultures have myths that beautiful people don’t poop.

But what does it mean when you dream of animal poop lying around your office or home? It suggests sabotage. Someone or something is interfering with your professional progress. It could be petty office politics or a bad manager who feels threatened by your abilities.

Power and support

While we all need to defecate, it’s not necessarily a pleasant process. It often comes with a bad smell. And no one likes cleaning toilets, even if it’s our own mess! This could be why dreams about poop can be a sign of inner strength, soul fortification and spiritual assistance.

The dream signifies that something heavy, excruciating and potentially disgusting is on the way. It’s not something you want to deal with, but it’s a must-try. This crap dream warns you about the task ahead, but assures you that you can handle it. Your angels will help you.

Hope is coming!

Did you know that in many indigenous cultures, bird poop is seen as a sign of good luck? So, if you dream that bird poop lands on your body or car, your guardian angels may promise you a wave of good luck. This message can take a different direction.

Instead of shit rockets from above, you might dream of shit attacking you from below. This could be a dream about a pet pooping on your feet or in your shoes. You might even dream about stepping in poop on the street. All of these dreams are harbingers of good luck, so enjoy them!

Inherent costs

Suppose the dream is a little different. It could be – for example – a dream about a leaky stomach. It could be a solitary dream in which you ended up attached to the toilet, but you’re not sure which meal knocked you over. Or you might dream about someone else’s aching tummy.

Diarrhea (explosive) suggests a hemorrhage of money. An unexpected expense will force you to pull out the cash. If more than one person is in the dream, it may mean that the expense will be shared and you will all have to pay together. It could be a lawsuit or an investment failure.

Bad health or ill-gotten gains

Interestingly, most of us assume that when we dream about crap, it means we’re about to get sick. But as it turns out, only one specific dream about shit – and it’s not pretty. So if you dream about yourself or someone else eating excrement, it’s an indicator of an infection or illness.

The dream could be slightly varied. You might dream that you have shit in your mouth, but the dream didn’t show you eating it. In this context, the dream implies that you received wealth through unscrupulous means. Perhaps you took bribes, embezzled funds from the office. Turn it over!


I’ve heard of monkeys (and even toddlers) throwing shit in the middle of a tantrum. We assume this is malicious behavior, but it often means the kid or critter is anxious and upset. They’ve already thrown toys and the only thing close enough (and easy enough) to throw is poop.

But if you dream that feces is thrown at you in your dream, it suggests that someone is threatening your success and trying to drag you down. They might be spreading rumors or badmouthing you. The dream could also mean that someone is trying to take advantage of you.

Relationship problems

If you’ve been caring for a baby, an elderly person or a disabled person, you might often find yourself cleaning their dirty sheets. And shitty beds might regularly invade your dreams as you become increasingly frustrated. But what happens if you dream of shit in your own shared bed?

This could be a warning from your higher helpers that your partner is up to no good. The dream can be particularly poignant if the poopy bed is one you share with your partner. Or if your lover is still in bed during the dream. They’re doing something with your money!

Releasing Stress

When you’re on the toilet, you often distract yourself with newspapers, magazines, information on product packaging or, more recently – your smartphone. But if you’re paying attention, we can see the physical relief and psychological release you feel after a solid number two.

In this sense, dreaming of a typical toilet cycle (poop, wipe, flush, spray) suggests that your psyche has been in turmoil. But negative emotions are now leaving your system. You’ve bottled them up, but now they’re flowing and you can flush safely.

Success in business

The gods approve of your plan!

The dream is particularly exciting if you dream that you are carrying a large pile of excrement into your office, company headquarters, trading floor or press conference. You might think this is a bad omen, but it foretells success and financial prosperity for your business. Embrace it and enjoy it!


Similarly, you might dream up a pile of crap in a bad corporate space. Maybe in the dream you walk into the boardroom and notice a pile of feces on the conference table or the president’s chair. The difference is that in this dream, the poop is prominent.

We talked about finding (pet) poop hidden on the office floor. Maybe under chairs or tables, or behind trash cans. Hidden poop implies sabotage. But that visible pile of feces is a promise that your investments and portfolios will bring profit, pleasure and prosperity.

An emotional drama

Pooping at a party can be a social nightmare. First, you have to find the bathroom without getting lost or being accused of spying when you arrive in a restricted region of the house. Then you’ll probably find a long queue and dirty, overused toilets. Then there are the floaters.

If you’ve been in someone’s bathroom and had to deal with stools that wouldn’t flush, you know the terror they cause. But what does it mean if this happens in a dream? It could mean you’re struggling with stubborn emotions that need to be addressed.

Social growth and development

Potty training can be a difficult time in any parent’s life. You’ll routinely find yourself surprisingly waking up while dreaming about your little one’s trials. But Freudian theory aside, what does it mean when you dream that you’re a toddler having a (proper) bowel movement?

It could indicate that you’re about to experience a season of social growth. Perhaps your circle will expand and you will meet new friends. Or you’ll start to feel at home in a space where you felt new, strange and out of place. You’re a big boy/girl now and you’re ready for the next step!


Dreaming of shit in different forms and contexts can be a sign of how we relate to less pleasant or rejected aspects of our lives and selves.

Whether it is fear, embarrassment, relief or luck, these dreams show us subconscious feelings about situations or emotions that we may have neglected or repressed in our waking life.

It is essential to approach these dreams with openness and introspection, using them as a tool for self-discovery.

Just as any element in dreams can have varying meanings, individual interpretation and context are crucial to understanding the true meaning of the dream.

These dreams can be a valuable opportunity for reflection and personal growth.

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