Dream meaning of pole

To see a pole in your dream represents security and stability. The dream is a reminder that you always have something or someone you can lean on.

Alternatively, the dream may also be a phallic symbol.

The mystic ‘Centre’, or the ‘unvarying mean’, is the fixed point which all symbolic traditions concur in designating as the ‘pole’, since the rotation of the earth takes place around it. On the other hand, the pole is also identified with the zenith.

In ancient China, it was represented by the hole in the centre of the jade disk known as Pi. The ‘unvarying mean’ is, nevertheless, the cause of all change. The Chinese Book of Changes shows that the continuous metamorphoses of matter are generated by the great pole—a Oneness located far beyond all duality, beyond all occurence, and equated with the ‘unmoved mover’ of Aristotle. This contradiction between the immobile and the cause of all movement was expressed metaphorically by the alchemists in the saying: ‘At the pole lies the heart of Mercury, which is true fire’.

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  1. A pole can be a symbol of female sexuality. There are a number of idiomatic uses of the term to which a dream might be alluding, as in the expression “poles apart” or “low on the totem pole.” The word is also sometimes used to refer to someone who is extremely thin.

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