Dream meaning of onions

In popular culture, onions are often compared to the emotional layers or experiences we have, each layer representing a different level of consciousness or understanding.

To dream of the onion may suggest that you are in the process of discovering or analyzing different aspects of your self.

It may also indicate a period of introspection or the need to “peel back” certain situations to get to the truth.

If you cut the onion and cry in your dream, this may be a representation of pent-up emotions or pain that needs to be released.

In any case, as with any other dream symbol, it is essential to consider the context of the dream and your feelings associated with it for a correct interpretation.

In the following article, we will discover together the implications and interpretations of this legume in the context of our dreams.

If you cut onions and cry


In a dream, the act of cutting an onion and crying as a result can have deep meanings related to repressed emotions and feelings.

The onion, with its multiple layers, can symbolize the complexity of life or of situations that weigh you down.

Crying, induced by cutting the onion, can represent the release of emotions and feelings that you have held inside for a long time.

This dream may indicate your need to confront certain realities or feelings that you have been avoiding or neglecting.

In short, the dream suggests a stage of purification and understanding of your inner emotions.

Growing onions in your own garden

To dream that you are growing your own onions in your garden can be a representation of your desire for autonomy, independence and the ability to be self-sufficient.

The onion, with its many layers, can symbolise the depth and complexity of your personality and life itself.

To see yourself growing this vegetable suggests that you are in the process of discovering different aspects of yourself and taking responsibility for your own growth and development.

It can also represent a conscious effort to nourish yourself and those around you with valuable resources and knowledge.

In short, this dream may symbolize regeneration, self-development and striving to achieve results from one’s own efforts.

Buying onions from the market

To dream that you are purchasing onions from the market may symbolize your need or desire to add more essence and flavor to your life.

The market itself is often a place of social interaction, exchange and diversity.

Thus, buying onions may indicate that you are looking for new experiences or need something to give you a new perspective or help you understand certain aspects of your life.

The onion with its many layers can also symbolise the complexity or depth of a situation.

Therefore, the act of buying onions in your dream may suggest that you are willing to confront and explore these complex layers in order to get to the core of a problem or to uncover the truth hidden within you.

Giving a specific food with lots of onions

Cooking a specific food with lots of onions

To dream that you are cooking a specific dish with lots of onions suggests a desire to address and break down complex situations in your life.

Onions, with their many layers, can symbolize the layers of emotions, experiences and memories you have.

Cooking means transformation and adaptation, so it may be an indication that you are in the process of taking these “layers” of your life and transforming them into something more digestible or an experience that teaches you something.

Also, onions are known for their ability to cause tears when cut.

This dream could indicate that you are ready to face difficult emotions, even though they may be painful or uncomfortable for a while.

By cooking with onions, you are expressing your intention to face the truth and find a way to turn bitterness or pain into a positive and nourishing experience for your soul.

A new recipe containing onions

To dream that you discover or experience a new recipe that contains onions suggests a sense of innovation and courage in addressing old situations or recurring problems.

Onions, having many layers, can symbolize complexity and emotional depth.

Choosing to use onions in a new recipe indicates a willingness to explore these emotional layers, perhaps to better understand a particular situation or to release a feeling that has been holding you back.

Experimentation in the kitchen is often a sign of creativity and a willingness to explore.

In the context of the dream, it might suggest that you are at a point in your life where you are ready to try different approaches or adopt a new perspective to solve a problem or improve the quality of your life.

Giving or receiving onions

Dreaming about giving or receiving onions can have implications related to revealing the truth or exploring emotional depths.

The onion, known for its many layers, often symbolizes gradual discovery or opening to the truth.

If you offer onions in your dream, it might suggest that you are trying to share a true side of yourself or help someone else understand a situation more deeply.

If you receive onions, it might represent an invitation to delve deeper into your emotions, to discover a truth or to analyze a situation in your life in more detail.

It is also possible that the dream emphasizes the need to accept or confront a painful aspect of reality, similar to the feeling caused by cutting the onion and releasing tear-causing substances.

Throwing away rotten onions

Throwing away rotten onions in your dream may symbolize the need to get rid of old emotions, resentments or painful memories that no longer serve in your present.

The onion, with its layers, is often seen as a symbol of emotional depth and complexity.

A rotten onion can represent hurt feelings, missed opportunities or regrets from the past.

Choosing to throw this onion into a dream suggests a proactive step towards healing and release.

It may indicate recognition that it is time to let go of what no longer benefits your life and focus on personal growth and regeneration.

Homemade onions

Looking for onions in the house in your dream may symbolize an inner search or the need to uncover a hidden truth.

The house, in dreams, is often seen as a representative of the self, and the onion with its layers can suggest complexity and depth.

Thus, the search for the onion may indicate a desire to get to the core of a problem or to understand a hidden aspect of the self.

This dream may suggest that there is a situation or emotion that you wish to develop or better understand.

You may feel that you have missed something essential or that you are in a period of reflection and introspection.

An onion garden

An onion farm in your dream symbolizes prosperity, hard work and personal growth.

The onion with its many layers can represent the emotional layers or experiences a person goes through in life.

To dream of an onion farm suggests that you are in the process of working through these layers, discovering new truths and meanings about yourself.

The farm itself is a symbol of abundance and harvest, indicating that your efforts will eventually be rewarded.

This dream may also be a sign of your desire to connect to nature, your roots and the cycle of life.

A sprouting onion

A sprouting onion in your dream symbolizes renewal, hope and potential.

Just as a sprouting onion suggests new life and growth, in your dream this may indicate that you are at the beginning of a new stage or experiencing a period of personal transformation.

Sprouting can also represent ideas or projects beginning to take root and develop.

If you have recently faced challenges or difficulties, this dream may be a sign that you will soon find solutions or go through a period of growth and learning.

In essence, the sprouting onion represents the potential and power to flourish even under difficult conditions.

An onion festival or event

An onion-related festival or event in the dream suggests celebration, community and recognition of the value and importance of life’s simple pleasures.

The onion, although a staple food in many cultures, when celebrated in a festival context, highlights the idea of finding joy and appreciation in the ordinary things of life.

Attending or seeing such an event in your dream may indicate a need to connect with your roots, enjoy traditions, or celebrate abundance and prosperity in your life.

It may also suggest that it is time to share your harvests or accomplishments with those around you and enjoy community and connection.

In short, such a dream emphasizes the importance of enjoying the simple but meaningful moments in life and sharing them with others.

A conversation about the benefits of onions

A conversation about the benefits of onions

A conversation about the benefits of onions in a dream may reflect a subconscious attempt to understand and appreciate the nutritional and therapeutic value of this common vegetable.

The onion, known for thousands of years for its medicinal properties, is often associated with fortifying the immune system, fighting infections and promoting good heart health.

Discussing these issues in your dream may indicate a concern for health and well-being, a desire to adopt a healthier diet, or a sign that you should pay more attention to your body’s needs.

Symbolically, this type of conversation may also suggest a need to investigate and understand more deeply the resources and benefits available to us in our daily lives, no matter how ordinary or unnoticed they may seem at first glance.

An onion chopping competition or contest

An onion chopping competition or contest


In a dream, an onion-cutting competition or contest can symbolize the challenges and obstacles we face in life, but also our ability to cope with pressure.

Onions, when cut, release substances that cause tears, which can represent the difficulties or emotions we experience in stressful situations.

To participate in such a contest in your dream may indicate a situation in which you are being put to the test, and the ability to cut the onion without letting the tears flow may suggest strength, resilience and determination to overcome adversity.

It can also emphasize the idea that sometimes in order to achieve a good outcome or reach success, we have to go through uncomfortable or painful situations.

It can also be an invitation to look inward and reflect on one’s own ability to face life’s challenges.

An abnormally sized onion

In your dream, an abnormally sized onion may represent something unexpected or extraordinary that occurs in your life.

The exaggerated size of the onion may symbolize a problem or situation that has grown larger than you expected.

It may also indicate a surprising discovery or profound revelation.

Like the multiple layers of an onion, this huge onion could suggest that there are many aspects or layers of a situation that you need to develop or understand.

Your subconscious may be encouraging you to approach this situation or problem with courage, to prepare yourself to face something big, or to open up to a new perspective.

On the other hand, it may represent a huge opportunity or untapped potential that lies before you, waiting to be discovered.

The psychological interpretation of the onion dream

The psychological interpretation of the onion dream


In the labyrinth of the human mind, dreams often provide a mysterious refuge where reality mixes with fantasy, often revealing hidden aspects of personality and emotional states.

One of the most surprising themes in this dream world is the onion dream.

This seemingly mundane vegetable, known for its many layers and ability to make us cry, can be a symbol laden with deep meaning in the dream.

In the following lines, we will explore the psychological interpretations of the onion dream, thus providing a deeper insight into what this dream may mean for the dreamer.

Tears and Emotions: The most well-known aspect of onion dreams is associated with tears. Cutting or peeling onions can often lead to tears, and this can be related to expressing emotions or situations where you feel overwhelmed by feelings.

Uncovering the Hidden: The onion, with its layers, can symbolize hidden aspects of the self or other people. The onion dream may suggest a desire to uncover or better understand these deeper layers of the personality.

Revelation and Clarity: In a broader sense, the onion dream may symbolize the search for clarity or truth in a particular situation. It may indicate a desire to reveal or better understand a mystery or problem.

Growing and Growing: If you dream of onions in the plant stage or in the garden, it may symbolize the process of personal growth or development. It may suggest that you are working on developing yourself or increasing skills and knowledge.

Cultural Symbolism: In some cultures, onions have specific meanings related to purification or rites of passage. Check to see if the onion has cultural or traditional meanings in your culture to better understand the context of the dream.

In general, the interpretation of the onion dream depends on the specific context of the dream and the emotions associated with it.

It is important to think about how you felt during the dream and how the symbolism of the onion relates to your personal experience.

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4 Definitions
  1. Onions can symbolize many-layered issues, like the many aspects of life to be discovered and revealed. Also, onions, like garlic, are sometimes used as talismans against evil forces.

  2. The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke April 7, 2022 at 2:21 am

    This food symbolizes the human essence hidden under the layers that cover it up.
    Dreaming of onions, therefore, indicates that the path to self knowledge can be tough and make you cry.
    If you are able to take advantage of each stage (if you learn what each layer of the onion teaches you) you will successfully develop your personality.

  3. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 11, 2022 at 5:40 am

    Although there is a good deal of difference of opinion concerning the meaning of onions in a dream, a consensus of authoritative sources leads to the conclusion that to see onions forecasts a season of ups and downs; to eat them augurs an unexpected increase in material wealth, possibly through a legacy or a lucky gamble; to peel them prophesies family trouble (especially if your eyes watered); to cook them portends the estrangement of an important friend, and to serve them warns against too much emphasis on trivial pleasures.

  4. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 15, 2022 at 3:21 am

    The onion is known for two things: its ability to induce tears and the many layers that make up its structure.

    Dreaming of them may indicate one or both of these inherent meanings. You may be expressing a level of emotional expression that is not quite authentic. On the other hand, onions may symbolize the process one must go through to get to the heart of any matter that can only be done layer by layer in a slow, methodical fashion.

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