Dream meaning of numbers

To dream of numbers, denotes that unsettled conditions in business will cause you uneasiness and dissatisfaction.

❶ The number 1 in dreams often means new beginnings and leadership. It can mean being unique and rebellious, or it can mean being self-reliant and independence.

❷ The number two signifies cooperation and peace. We often see the number two in conjunction with dreams about relationships and making compromises.

❸ The number three is often associated with creativity, communication, and expression. When we see the number 3 in a dream, it often is a sign that we need to pay attention to how we communicate our ideas.

❹ 4 in dreams is often a number symbolizing strength and a solid foundation for which all other things are built upon. This is a “down to earth” number, which means being practical and responsible. This is a number for trustworthiness, loyalty, and reliability. The number 4 can also mean lacking imagination or being afraid to break from routine and habits.

❺ The number 5 is a sign for being adventurous, energetic, and daring. This is a freedom loving number. Seeing the number 5 in a dream could mean you are seeking new opportunities. It can also be a symbol for acting spontaneously and impulsively, and not thinking of the consequences.

❻ The Number 6 represents family and home life. This could be a symbol of tending to something in your life. This number in dreams resonates with nurturing and caring. This is a number of compassion and sympathy. It can also mean worries and fears in dreams.

❼ The number seven often stands for self-reflection and examining one’s true emotions and feelings. This is a number of rest and retreat.

❽ The number 8 often pertains to wealth, business, and the physical world. This is often a number to remind us to think about what is happening in our physical lives, or to give our finances some of our attention.

❾ The number nine is often a symbol of finding conclusions and the closing of a cycle. It can also mean to focus on others and the community, such as being involved in humanitarian type of activities.

Roman Numerals

To see roman numerals in your dream denote the initials of someone in your waking life. It may also correspond to the actual meaning of the letter. The Roman numeral may also share the same significance as the Arabic numeral.
I – symbolizes yourself
II – it may represent the number 2 or 11.
V- symbolizes the number 5 or victory.
X – symbolizes the number 10 or the letter X.

Even numbers

To see even numbers in your dream signify balance or symmetry in your life. It also symbolizes tranquility.

Odd Numbers

To see odd numbers in your dream indicates unresolved issues and aggressive behavior in your life. You are feeling off balance.

Phone Number

To see a phone number in your dream suggests that you need to make contact with someone and reach out for help.

To dream that you cannot remember or find a phone number means that you need to start being more independent and responsible.

To dream that you cannot dial a phone number correctly suggests that you are having difficulties in getting through to someone in your waking life. Consider whose phone number you are trying to dial. Perhaps he or she is not taking your advice or listening to what you have to say. The message is not getting through.

To dream that you are giving someone your telephone number means that you need to take the initiative and reach out to others. You need to make the first move.

If you have a dream that you are deleting a phone number implies that you need to learn to cut ties with those who are not supportive of you. You need to evaluate who your true friends are and who are negative energy.

The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams:

Physical Physical
You are evaluating in great detail a situation in your waking life. You are solving a problem, finding a new approach. You are focusing on multiplicity, relative size, or a multifaceted process. Specific numbers represent different aspects of your personality, ways of doing things, stages of your growth process and the creation cycle, and time periods. You’re giving yourself coded guidance about how to proceed. A date on a calendar, street address, phone number, number of objects, or a number superimposed over a scene, all indicate important clues.
Emotional Emotional
You need to be careful about being overly emotional, or conversely, too rational. You have emotional associations with the numbers you see: a year of your life, date of an important event, how many children you have, or a lucky number.
Spiritual Spiritual

You’re attuning to spiritual understanding, large patterns of consciousness, and archetypal human qualities. In complex numbers, examine each of the single digits, add them together until you have one digit. This core number reveals a deeper meaning. Look for the qualities of the numbers as listed below to find hidden meanings:

(1) Individuality, authenticity, autonomy, personal will, courage, assertiveness, self-determination, self-reliance, inner strength, leadership, dictatorship, pioneering spirit, impulsiveness, impatience, beginnings, entrepreneurial ability, originality, independence, risk-taking behavior, authority, selfabsorption, ego lessons, definition of personality

(2) Cooperation, harmony, balance, receptivity, giving, mirroring, diplomacy, peacemaking, comparison, merging and dissolving boundaries, sharing, co-creation, relationships, partners, approval, agreements, linking and bridging, teaching, counseling, negotiating, indecision, oscillation, conflict, sensitivity, empathy, patience, female energy, marriage/divorce

(3) Self-expression, creativity, open-mindedness, drama, social activity, popularity, communication, release, ease, flow, humor, outgoingness, spontaneity, imagination, verbal skill, promotion, sales, public speaking, singing, teaching, writing, performing, indecision, naturalness

(4) Structure, personal discipline, work, effort, tangible results, responsibility, tradition, construction/building, the body, methodical, patience, determination, practical action, endurance, loyalty, limitation, attachments, business skill, three-dimensional design and art, seriousness, stubbornness, real estate/housing, focus, commitment, karma, overcoming obstacles, strength

 (5) Freedom, movement, change, travel, new experience and ideas, sensory stimulation, curiosity, restlessness, versatility, flexibility, cleverness, agility, mathematical and verbal ability, impatience, dancing, adventure, superficiality, temptation, communication, creativity, foreign cultures and languages, creativity, promotion, confusion, lack of security, paralysis

(6) Service, nurturing, balance, adjustment, creation of divine harmony, beauty, settling down, idealism, romance, healing, wellness, art, counseling, teaching, events and gatherings, nutrition and food, cosmic parent, home and family, intimate groups, centers, openheartedness, sympathy, martyrdom

(7) Truth, universal laws and metaphysics, love of knowledge, study, academia, research, perfectionism, privacy, introspection, objectivity, abstract/conceptual thinking, analysis, refinement, precision, silence, meditation, music, investigation, behind the scenes, mathematics, science, technology and computers, alignment of personal and divine will, aloofness, planning, retreats, spiritual pilgrimages, ego death, revelation of the spiritual

(8) Manifestation, authority, power, competence, business and executive ability, organization, administration/management, systems, strategy, money, success, achievement, drive, ambition, materialism, professionalism, value system, superstructures, justice, the higher order of things

(9) Universal awareness, compassion, altruism, humanitarian service, collective consciousness, idealism, romance, dreams/visions, big thinking, social and political action, personal loss or disappointment, invisibility, nonphysicality, mysticism, impersonalness, inspiration, generosity, completion, surrender, philosophy, imagination, sympathy, broad outlook, feeling overwhelmed, spaciousness, death and the other side

In symbolism, numbers are not merely the expressions of quantities, but idea-forces, each with a particular character of its own. The actual digits are, as it were, only the outer garments. All numbers are derived from the number one (which is equivalent to the mystic, non-manifest point of no magnitude). The farther a number is from unity, the more deeply it is involved in matter, in the involutive process, in the ‘world’. The first ten numbers in the Greek system (or twelve in the oriental tradition) pertain to the spirit: they are entities, archetypes and symbols. The rest are the product of combinations of these basic numbers.

Zero Non-being, mysteriously connected with unity as its opposite and its reflection; it is symbolic of the latent and potential and is the ‘Orphic Egg’. From the viewpoint of man in existence, it symbolizes death as the state in which the Oriental talisman based upon numbers life-forces are transformed. Because of its circular form it signifies eternity.

One Symbolic of being and of the revelation to men of the spiritual essence. It is the active principle which, broken into fragments, gives rise to multiplicity, and is to be equated with the mystic Centre, the Irradiating Point and the Supreme Power. It also stands for spiritual unity—the common basis between all beings. Guénon draws a distinction between unity and one, after the Islamic mystic thinkers: unity differs from one in that it is absolute and complete in itself, admitting neither two nor dualism. Hence, unity is the symbol of divinity. One is also equated with light.

Two stands for echo, reflection, conflict and counterpoise or contraposition; or the momentary stillness of forces in equilibrium; it also corresponds to the passage of time—the line which goes from behind forward; it is expressed geometrically by two points, two lines or an angle. It is also symbolic of the first nucleus of matter, of nature in opposition to the creator, of the moon as opposed to the sun. In all esoteric thought, two is regarded as ominous: it connotes shadow and the bisexuality of all things, or dualism (represented by the basic myth of the Gemini) in the sense of the connecting-link between the immortal and the mortal, or of the unvarying and the varying.
Within the mystic symbolism of landscape in megalithic culture, two is associated with the mandorla-shaped mountain, the focal point of symbolic Inversion, forming the crucible of life and comprising the two opposite poles of good and evil, life and death, Two, then, is the number associated with the Magna Mater.

Three symbolizes spiritual synthesis, and is the formula for the creation of each of the worlds. It represents the solution of the conflict posed by dualism. It forms a half-circle comprising: birth, zenith and descent.
Geometrically it is expressed by three points and by the triangle. It is the harmonic product of the action of unity upon duality. It is the number concerned with basic principles, and expresses sufficiency, or the growth of unity within itself. Finally, it is associated with the concepts of heaven and the Trinity.

Four Symbolic of the earth, of terrestrial space, of the human situation, of the external, natural limits of the ‘minimum’ awareness of totality, and, finally, of rational organization. It is equated with the square and the cube, and the cross representing the four seasons and the points of the compass. A great many material and spiritual forms are modelled after the quaternary. It is the number associated with tangible achievement and with the Elements. In mystic thought, it represents the tetramorphs.

Five Symbolic of Man, health and love, and of the quintessence acting upon matter. It comprises the four limbs of the body plus the head which controls them, and likewise the four fingers plus the thumb and the four cardinal points together with the centre. The hieros gamos is signified by the number five, since it represents the union of the principle of heaven (three) with that of the Magna Mater (two). Geometrically, it is the pentagram, or the five-pointed star. It corresponds to pentagonal symmetry, a common characteristic of organic nature, to the golden section (as noted by the Pythagoreans), and to the five senses representing the five ‘forms’ of matter.

Six Symbolic of ambivalence and equilibrium, six comprises the union of the two triangles (of fire and water) and hence signifies the human soul. The Greeks regarded it as a symbol of the hermaphrodite. It corresponds to the six Directions of Space (two for each dimension), and to the cessation of movement (since the Creation took six days). Hence it is associated with trial and effort. It has also been shown to be related to virginity, and to the scales.

Seven Symbolic of perfect order, a complete period or cycle. It comprises the union of the ternary and the quaternary, and hence it is endowed with exceptional value. It corresponds to the seven Directions of Space (that is, the six existential dimensions plus the centre), to the seven-pointed star, to the reconciliation of the square with the triangle by superimposing the latter upon the former (as the sky over the earth) or by inscribing it within. It is the number forming the basic series of musical notes, of colours and of the planetary spheres, as well as of the gods corresponding to them; and also of the capital sins and their opposing virtues. It also corresponds to the three-dimensional cross, and, finally, it is the symbol of pain.

Eight The octonary, related to two squares or the octagon, is the intermediate form between the square (or the terrestrial order) and the circle (the eternal order) and is, in consequence, a symbol of regeneration. By virtue of its shape, the numeral is associated with the two interlacing serpents of the caduceus, signifying the balancing out of opposing forces or the equivalence of the spiritual power to the natural. It also symbolizes—again because of its shape—the eternally spiralling movement of the heavens (shown also by the double sigmoid line—the sign of the infinite). Because of its implications of regeneration, eight was in the Middle Ages an emblem of the waters of baptism. Furthermore, it corresponds in mediaeval mystic cosmogony to the fixed stars of the firmament, denoting that the planetary influences have been overcome.

Nine The triangle of the ternary, and the triplication of the triple. It is therefore a complete image of the three worlds. It is the end-limit of the numerical series before its return to unity. For the Hebrews, it was the symbol of truth, being characterized by the fact that when multiplied it reproduces itself (in mystic addition). In medicinal rites, it is the symbolic number par excellence, for it represents triple synthesis, that is, the disposition on each plane of the corporal, the intellectual and the spiritual.

Ten Symbolic, in decimal systems, of the return to unity. In the Tetractys (whose triangle of points—four, three, two, one—adds up to ten) it is related to four. Symbolic also of spiritual achievement, as well as of unity in its function as an even (or ambivalent) number or as the beginning of a new, multiple series.
According to some theories, ten symbolizes the totality of the universe—both metaphysical and material—since it raises all things to unity. From ancient oriental thought through the Pythagorean school and right up to St. Jerome, it was known as the number of perfection.

Eleven Symbolic of transition, excess and peril and of conflict and martyrdom. According to Schneider, there is an infernal character about it: since it is in excess of the number of perfection—ten—it therefore stands for incontinence; but at the same time it corresponds, like two, to the mandorla-shaped mountain, to the focal point of symbolic Inversion and antithesis, because it is made up of one plus one (comparable in a way with two).

Twelve Symbolic of cosmic order and salvation. It corresponds to the number of the signs of the Zodiac, and is the basis of all dodecanary groups. Linked to it are the notions of space and time, and the wheel or circle.

Thirteen Symbolic of death and birth, of beginning afresh. Hence it has unfavourable implications.

Fourteen Stands for fusion and organization and also for justice and temperance.

The repetition of a given number stresses its quantitative power but detracts from its spiritual dignity. So, for example, 666 was the number of the Beast because 6 was regarded as inferior to seven.
When several kinds of symbolic meaning are contained within a multiple number, the symbolism of that number is accordingly enriched and strengthened.

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5 Definitions
  1. Numbers pervade our experience of the world, so they can have a complex range of different meanings.
    The number one, for example, can represent everything from oneness to aloneness. Two can represent both togetherness and opposition. A dream about numbers that does not emphasize a particular number can be alluding to the meaning of any one of a number of different idioms: “your number is up,” “a numbers game,” “crunching numbers,” or “to have someone’s number.”

  2. The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke April 7, 2022 at 2:06 am

    In the symbolic system, numbers are not purely quantitative terms, but “key ideas” with a specific characterization for each one. However, these representations are unknown to most people, so in oneiric terms, the numbers tend to symbolize simply calculation, accuracy, and order. Our dreams, in this sense, remind us that we live in a rather chaotic state.
    It is a call to find internal order. On the other hand, depending on the number shown, the dream manifests different stages of your spiritual growth and the various archetypal energies of the collective unconscious.

    Zero is the unmanifested void and the indescribable vastness of space, without time limits. Its symbol is the circle, the perfect whole.

    One initiates the action. It is the source of life or the unity of creation. It is associated with the figure of the point.

    Two is diversity.
    It is the number of duality and divine symmetry. Thanks to him, opposites meet, such as male and female, father and mother, yin and yang, or heaven and earth.

    In Ancient Greece, three was the perfect number. It is the combination of body, mind, and spirit. Its shape is the triangle, which represents creative force.
    It can also refer to the Holy Trinity.

    The symbol of the number four is the square. This is the number of stability and harmony. Furthermore, it connects the seasons, the four elements and the four mental functions that Jung described (thought, feeling, sense, and intuition).

    Five represents the link between heaven and earth. Its symbol is the pentagon.

    Six symbolizes inner harmony and perfection. Its figure is the hexagon or the Star of David.

    Seven is the number that completes things. In the myth of creation, the world is formed in six days and on the seventh is completed. According to an old belief, the soul is renewed every seven years. Hence breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck, as the mirror represents the soul.

    Eight, for the Chinese, is a lucky number that brings good fortune. It represents rebirth and new beginnings.

    In India, nine is the number of God, of life, and of death. In the West, it represents eternity.

    Finally, ten is considered the number of law, due to the Ten Commandments.

    Sacred books, such as the Bible, contain many numerological references. Numerology is the study of the mystical meaning of numbers. Originally, it was based on the Hebrew and Greek alphabets: each number was assigned a letter.

    By adding numerical equivalents of the letters of names, or the numbers of birth dates, they obtained a lot of information. Through this practice, you can find the personality, qualities, and the fate of each.

    Sometimes Numerology has been applied for the interpretation of dreams. There are certain human traits associated with each number. One is the initiation; two, attractiveness; three, communication; four, the love of home; five, experience; six, calm; seven, philosophy; eight, business; and nine, freedom.

  3. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 11, 2022 at 5:20 am

    Only a general guide can be given here, as the meaning of numbers in a dream varies according to the context and other details which should be correlated, but if you had the rare experience of being aware of the number of people (or things) in your dream, it signifies an increase in personal power and/or prestige. To dream of numbers which you cannot recall on awakening predicts a period of confusion and surprises regarding the affairs of others; to remember the numbers in your dream forecasts good luck ahead possibly connected with the dreamed number or some derivative or multiple of it.

  4. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 14, 2022 at 5:22 pm

    You are tapping into your structural thinking and getting a glimpse of the building blocks of all reality. Math and numbers are behind all of how life is constructed. The movements of the earth, moon, and other planets are geometrical in nature. Music is simply math expressed as tone.

    Digital technology reduces various data to numeric sequences and then converts it back to its original form. Our need to describe physical phenomena led us to create nine whole numbers that, in different sequences, can express anything from gravity, to the speed of light, to the way visitors can identify which house on the block is yours.

    When a number is featured in a dream, there is a rich symbolic meaning hidden in it. You can use the fundamentals of numerology as a way to understand what a dream with numbers might mean.

    If there is more than one digit involved, add all the values together until you arrive at a final single number.

    There is an elegant evolution present in the archetypal interpretation of the numerical sequence, which can be considered a sort of journey. We started the journey alone in the infinite (one), discovered opposites and relativity (two), invented creativity (three), built a foundation (four), expressed freedom (five), partnered with another (six), went inward to find spirituality (seven), and expressed and enjoyed the rewards of the outside world (eight), and now we come to a close (nine). Each of these numbers is elaborated upon in the individual entries.

  5. Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson April 18, 2022 at 1:16 pm

    If numbers appear in your dream, they are usually a code that stands for something, like a significant date, someone’s age, an address, or a phone number, relating to something you need to notice or acknowledge. Run out and buy a lottery ticket.

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