Dream meaning of money

To dream of money generally means positive omens. It may indicate that you will soon receive pleasant news that represents professional advancement or personal joy. However, it may be a warning for you to save and avoid spending on unnecessary things.

Dreams about money lead us to several interpretations.

If you gave money to someone, the omen is positive, it indicates good and unexpected earnings; lending money is a warning that you will receive good news; and if you borrowed money from someone or from a financial agent, the advice is to cut superfluous expenses, to save, because hard times are coming.

When, in a dream, you use money to pay someone or something, it indicates good fortune in the future and increased material gains. If you have asked for money or received money, the time is favorable for new investments. If you dream that you find money, it is a sign that you will be able to rise in the professional field; and if you lose money, it is a warning, try to invest in studies, recycle your knowledge, because you will need it.

Any form of money exchange is a sign of material increase. When, in a dream, you spend money moderately, it is a sign that an unforeseen stroke of luck will change your life; however, spending money excessively is an announcement that you need to value the spiritual side more.

Those who count money in a dream, can expect good luck in all areas of their life. To keep money is an omen of happiness in the affective and personal field. If you saw a lot of money in a dream, it is a warning for you not to risk new investments or a new job, wait a little longer.

If you dream you are stealing money, it is good to pay more attention to your health, take care of yourself, otherwise you will be affected by an illness; and if you dream you are burning money, expect a birth in the family or a grand trip.

Counterfeit money, any form of involvement, is a sign of complications ahead, beware.

To Dream that You Found Money

If you dreamed that you found money, anywhere, it doesn’t mean that you will find $20 bills lying around, but it does represent that you will be lucky in your life and that very soon you will be rewarded with things that will be worth much more than just money.

To Dream of Counterfeit Money

To dream of counterfeit money represents that you are going to be disappointed with someone you used to like who turned out to be bad faith toward you. Be careful with the people around you, for as much as they may appear to be your friends, some may turn out to be false, just like the money you saw in your dreams.

To Dream of Paper Money

To dream of paper money is a sign that you will find money somewhere soon. It may also mean that you will receive more money for your work. Perhaps extra for your competence and good services, or even a rewarding increase in your salary.

To dream of torn money

To dream of torn money is not a good sign, because it can mean that you have made bad financial choices, and even though you may fool yourself and try to convince yourself that the choices were correct, you deep down inside know that they were not. It represents money that you invested that didn’t bring you any return, as if you literally tore money.

To dream of stolen money

To dream of stolen money means that you may have financial, professional, family or even love problems. It represents the anger of having been robbed and the fear you have of losing the most important things you have, like your job, your friends, your loves or your own money.

To Dream of Money in Coins

Coins, since forever, have been considered as a sign of emotion. If you dreamed of money in coins, it means that your emotions are mixed, shuffled, both bad and good, such as coins of little value and coins of great value. It means that you are emotionally confused and need some time to relax and reflect on your life, venting your emotions and letting them flow.

To dream of money in your wallet

A wallet is the place where you keep your money, representing a safe place. To dream of money in your wallet means that you are at a time when you need to prioritize your financial stability, keeping everything you have of greater value where only you will have access. Restrain your spending, save your earnings, and save your money so that in times of trouble you will have some “fat to burn”.

To dream of money in your pocket

If you dreamed that you had a pocket full of money, it means that you will be successful in just about anything you put your mind to. It represents all your talents, skills and competencies that are hidden and have not yet been developed, but that with the passage of time and the demands that life gives us, they will appear and take you to the places where you will use them to their full potential.

To dream that you are earning money from someone

If you dreamed that someone was giving you money, it means that it is time to take a chance on new investments, because it seems that confidence in you is greater and the tide is favorable for this.

To dream that you won money in the lottery

Winning the lottery must be a wonderful feeling. To dream that you have won in a lottery means that you are lucky and that you will be successful in your business, and that much of this success will be due to the luck that you have, so that soon you may have financial gains, such as an increase in your salary.

To dream that you are losing money

Nobody likes to lose money. It is a frustrating feeling. To dream that you are losing money represents your frustration over something that has happened in your life. You feel helpless and vulnerable, an easy target, as if your main qualities are being sucked away. You need to stop and reflect and try to improve your self-esteem.

To dream that you have no money

To dream that you have no money symbolizes the fear that you have of losing your space and the things that you value most in your life. It represents the fear of being alone and without anything and no one. Perhaps you are lacking something in order to accomplish your goals, and this is not always related to money.

To Dream of Old Money

To dream of old money may mean that your health is failing, as if it is no longer as healthy as when you were young or younger. It may mean that you need to take more care of it and seek medical help.

To dream of money flying

There is a famous saying that “money in hand is a gale. To dream of money in flight represents your lack of control when it comes to managing your money. When you have money and use it carelessly, usually for fun, you end up spending too much and before you know it you are penniless and have no one to pay your debts. You end up alone and without money. Pay attention to your attitudes and be more careful with how you manage what you have.

To dream of money paying off debts

Being in debt is a horrible situation, because you feel trapped into an obligation to pay off that debt. If you dream that you are paying off your debts, it means that you will be satisfied and relieved, unlike the distress you previously felt from being in debt.

To dream that you are donating money

Philanthropy and generosity are some of the most beautiful characteristics that a person can have. If you dreamed that you were donating money, it may represent your humility and the good heart that you have, and that you may be rewarded for some gain in the future thanks to this.

The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams:

Physical Physical
You’re focusing on your intrinsic value, inner abundance, confidence, self-worth, and success.

You’re looking at your energy level.

Winning money means that success and prosperity can easily manifest for you. Losing money indicates depleted inner resources, temporary setbacks, or the need to be more detached concerning outcomes.

Investing money in the stock market means you have faith in your own talent and potential.

Emotional Emotional
Having inadequate money denotes fear of losing status, or being unprepared, weak, passive, out of control, and powerless.

To be underpaid or not rewarded monetarily means you feel ignored, neglected, undervalued, and unloved. Hoarding money means you’re focusing on what you don’t have; you are worrying about debt, unemployment, or negative cash flow in waking life. Stealing money or having money stolen, means you need to let go and trust that you’ll have what you need.

You feel envy toward fortunate people, as though you are being unfairly deprived. You need to reach toward the things you value and feel entitled.

Spiritual Spiritual
You’re experiencing inner richness and values concerning provision, deservedness, and influence.

You’re looking at attitudes about love and matters of the heart.

Giving money away means you’re giving love and support to yourself and others.

Finding money means you need to express gratitude for what you have and expect improved circumstances.

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6 Definitions
  1. Money in a dream is usually an extension of one’s self-worth and self-esteem – a positive sign if abundance and accumulation is experienced; and a negative one if losses occur in the dream, suggesting one’s inner resources may be depleted.

    Investing energy in oneself, one’s career, or one’s family is sometimes indicated by this symbol.

  2. The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke April 7, 2022 at 1:17 am

    It symbolizes everything you secretly want but repress so much that your mind does not dare to mention its name. Therefore, this type of dreams typically regard an illicit love.

    If you make money it indicates that it is more valuable than you thought, but also that you are in a period of high creativity. On the contrary, dreaming that someone steals some money from you means that you have exaggerated your feelings towards that particular person. Losing money, if it is accompanied by a distressing feeling, reveals the fear of misplacing something you consider very important.

    If money is not enough to cover your debts it means that you are wasting your energies. Finally, if you accumulate money it denotes selfishness; if you share it, generosity.

    Formerly, it was believed that to find or to receive money in a dream was a sign of good luck. For other superstitions, it means that soon there will be a birth.

  3. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 11, 2022 at 4:02 am

    The meaning of money in a dream is as variable as its meaning in conscious life, and although there is some disagreement among authorities, the great majority concur that to pay, give, or lend money augurs well for all that concerns you.
    Receiving money is also a good omen, providing it was honestly come by; it signifies security through development of your own resources.
    To dream of finding money is a sign of mixed blessings; your financial success will be accompanied by disappointment in its effect.
    Losing money in a dream is an omen of contrary; you are likely to have a windfall.
    To change money (as paper for coins or large denomination for small, etc.) indicates problems created by your own carelessness in the handling of your affairs; a dream of exchanging money (as for foreign currency) means an increase in material wealth; to borrow money signifies a need to retrench and a warning against extravagance.
    To spend money prophesies an unexpected profit, and to steal it predicts an unexpected stroke of luck. To dream of counting or saving money promises personal happiness providing it was not done in a miserly way. 

  4. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 13, 2022 at 10:19 am

    Dollar: A dollar is the primary denomination of currency that we use in the United States. Any dream that involves money is connecting to the principles of abundance, power, and freedom. In a dream, money often represents your inner resources. Such a dream is asking you to consider your current relationship to these principles.

  5. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 14, 2022 at 4:50 pm

    Any dream that involves money is connecting to the principles of abundance, power, and freedom. In a dream, money often represents your inner resources. Your sense of personal value, power, or the ability to make something happen can be expressed by the symbol of money. As a symbol, large amounts of money can represent any sort of achievement or sense of fulfillment as an unconscious expression of desires met.

    No matter what the financial situation in your waking life, your dream state can find you available for limitless abundance or attached to absolute lack. Since money in life is symbolic in nature, in the dream world it can represent any form of abundance. The appearance of this in a dream could connect to the acquisition of any desire, from a new sense of inner riches to outward expressions of expansion such as a new relationship, job, or other appearance of a heart’s desire. On the opposite side of the spectrum, money in a dream could be pointing out feelings of lack that you are experiencing in life. As a wish fulfillment or compensatory dream, connecting to money could be balancing out feelings of limitation.

    Money that is counterfeit is revealing a relationship to abundance that is false or inauthentic. Though it may look real, it has been manufactured with dubious intentions. In a dream, this might point to ways in which you are (or someone in your life is) trying to get away with presenting yourself as bigger than you really are. Also be willing to look at the various aspects of your current situation; are there circumstances in your life that are costing you more than you can afford? This can apply to both material and emotional conditions. Look at the amount of money or lack of money in the dream as connoting how much or little of some needed commodity appears in your life. This can be spiritual, emotional, or physical. How abundant do you feel?

  6. Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson April 18, 2022 at 12:44 pm

    Money makes a powerful symbol for all the resources we do or don’t have and all the material things we desire.

    Dreaming you have a lot of money suggests a desire for more prosperity or the opportunity to become more prosperous.

    Dreaming of finding money, from a wallet stuffed with big bills to coins scattered on the sidewalk, suggests a surprise opportunity and good luck.

    Dreaming of losing money suggests a mistake you’ve made that will have a bad effect or recent bad luck. You may also be suffering a financial drain you feel you can’t control.

    Dreaming of someone else’s money means someone has something you want but don’t have.

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