Dream meaning of love

To dream of loving any object, denotes satisfaction with your present environments.

To dream that the love of others fills you with happy forebodings, successful affairs will give you contentment and freedom from the anxious cares of life.

If you find that your love fails, or is not reciprocated, you will become despondent over some conflicting question arising in your mind as to whether it is best to change your mode of living or to marry and trust fortune for the future advancement of your state.

For a husband or wife to dream that their companion is loving, foretells great happiness around the hearthstone, and bright children will contribute to the sunshine of the home.

To dream of the love of parents, foretells uprightness in character and a continual progress toward fortune and elevation. The love of animals, indicates contentment with what you possess, though you may not think so. For a time, fortune will crown you.

Making Love with a Movie Star

Sex dreams are often about merging several aspects of yourself together, or loving a part of yourself you’ve judged or rejected.

Sex with a celebrity can mean you want more visibility, self-worth, and recognition, or you are activating qualities in yourself represented by the famous person.

Sex with an authority figure like a professor, doctor, or boss, can show how it feels to have greater power and knowledge so you can be more effective in the world.

Sex with a foreigner or someone of another race might mean you are integrating the character traits of that culture or racial consciousness into your personality. Sex with someone of your own gender may simply show you how to better accept and love yourself.

Love Note

To receive a love note in your dream symbolizes a budding new love that is blossoming in your life. Alternatively, the dream may mean that you are seeking some reassurance or reinforcement about a new relationship. You are feeling insecure.

Love Spell

To dream that you are under a love spell parallels waking feelings of love. The feeling is so strong and fresh that it has found its way into your dream. Be careful not to let your heart guide you. Perhaps, the dream forewarns that you need to exercise some control and objectiveness.

Love Triangle

To dream that you are part of a love triangle where you are in love with the same person indicates that you are experiencing some form of insecurity and jealousy in your waking relationship. You feel that your attention or time is being divided.

If you dream that you are in love with two different persons, then it means that you are not completely committed to your current relationship. Alternatively, the persons involved in the love triangle may all be aspects of your own self. You are experiencing some strong emotional conflict.

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