Dream meaning of lake

Dreaming of a lake can have different interpretations, ranging from tranquility to nightmares. Everything related to water in its natural form as rivers, oceans, seas and lakes is totally related to emotions. However, they are those feelings that we do not show openly to everyone, those that we keep deep in our heart.

Lake dreams are linked to our emotional state, inner life and balance. Lakes are associated with losing a person you love, it can also indicate that your relatives or close friends will not want or will not be able to help you overcome difficulties or complicated issues that you are about to face. Likewise, it also explains that we ourselves are the ones who must face this type of situation that occurs due to our lived experiences.

A dream with a lake represents a time of peace and tranquility for these dreamers. Especially, if they are sailing in a lake with crystal clear waters or simply if they sit on the shore to observe its immensity. These people are very optimistic about the goals they set for themselves, because they feel very prepared to take on challenges. In love they lead a quiet and very pleasant life because they trust their partners very much.

What does it mean to dream of a lake?

What does it mean to dream of a lake?

To dream of a lake means that you should be going through very good situations or phases of much growth in love or work. To see a lake in a dream foretells a possible disagreement or a fight with your partner or that you will be treated unfairly by him or her because of his or her attitude or ignorance. The lake is a sign of your inability to refrain from unnecessary criticism from others, which can lead to you making unwanted enemies.

If you have dreamed of lake in other contexts it symbolizes the inner peace and harmony you have in your current life. Lakes in positive symbolism predict new friends, a possible marriage or a change of place of residence. Finally, dreaming of lake is associated with the possibility of a romantic relationship or a love affair.

Dreaming of green lake

If you have dreamed of green lake, it means a possible serious misunderstanding with people close to you, it may also portend the death of someone in the family. The green according to its intensity in tone, will give you the exact answer to the interpretation of this dream. The darker it is, the more negative its meaning is likely to be.

To dream of green lake is linked to love breakups. That is, it means that the relationship with a person you love is coming to an end. But if you are single, seeing a lake of this color in your dreams may be a sign that you are prone to follow old traditions or have some kind of prejudice regarding love.

Dreams with blue lake

This type of dream is related to emotional balance. That peace that we must try to maintain above any obstacle or problem. The invitation of the subconscious is to recover self-love and to value the good things we have in life. For that reason, seeing a blue lake in a dream is a symbol that you will soon be receiving pleasant and successful news.

When we dream of a blue lake in another context, it foretells a bad omen. A blue but cloudy lake foretells failed transactions or false expectations. Poor water quality indicates that some project you are currently pursuing, whether for business or personal reasons, is destined to fail or will not be as profitable as you had hoped. This will happen despite your best efforts.

To dream of a dirty lake

To dream of dirty lake suggests that your friends and family will soon accuse you of something, alienating you from them and turning their backs on you. However, it is likely that they may be right in what they say. This symbol suggests that the cause of this hostile behavior is likely to be your own inconsiderate comments, rude remarks and lack of tact. Another interpretation of this same image represents the possibility of roadblocks and obstacles standing in your way of success.

This type of dream is often considered the manifestation of the dreamer’s feelings about himself. A dirty lake denotes that you believe in yourself too much and that you have the ego to keep going. You think you are smarter and more competent than everyone else, and you probably are. However, you must act more humble in order to relate healthily to others.

Dreams with dark lake

Dreams where a dark lake appears denote that it is possible that your partner is having an affair and is cheating on you. If not, it symbolizes that you have problems in love. Absences, fights, lies or events not solved at the time are taking their toll. In either case, you feel or will feel emotionally absent and unavailable, at least temporarily.

In other contexts, dreaming of dark lake represents our personality. Specifically, it indicates a tendency to share too much information with people you have just met or with whom you are barely in contact. While you can usually be very intuitive about who to trust, you may be making a mistake. What this means is that you will be vulnerable to gossip and blackmail if you reveal something too personal.

Dreaming of swimming in a lake

When we dream of swimming in a lake and we actually know how to do it, it denotes our confidence in the process of life. This full freedom of being in the water without anything happening to us, predicts that we will live moments of peace and happiness with friends and family. On the contrary, if we see ourselves swimming but with difficulty, we will have to be more realistic and face once and for all, a situation that is hurting us.

Dreams with crystal clear water lake

To dream of a lake with crystal clear water means that soon we will have good news. Someone we love will finally have the courage to express their feelings, and at the least expected moment we will be reborn. Also, friends we have not seen for many years will return and we will spend beautiful moments with them. On an economic level, it predicts a unique opportunity to make a good purchase or investment.

Dreaming of a lake full of fish

Having a dream vision with a lake full of fish predicts that you should not spend too much money, or be aware of possible acts of deception coming from people in your work. Also on a social level, it is associated with our ability to make friends with little or no effort. Fish symbolize ending a relationship with someone special.

Frozen Lake Dreams

Dreams with frozen lakes are directly linked to the denial of loving feelings. Fear paralyzes these dreamers when it comes to expressing what they feel, for that reason they “freeze” any attempt to go into the depths of their hearts. If we walk on that lake turned to ice, it means that we are aware of the situation. But if it breaks up as we do so, we will finally be able to accept what we feel towards another person.

To dream of lake at night

To dream of a lake at night indicates that we have to walk on a new path, to have new perspectives or to live a kind of transformation. The invitation of the subconscious is to listen to advice from other more experienced people. Changes will be positive, as long as you have the willingness to face them with a good disposition.

The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams:

Physical Physical
You’re looking at the settings and situations of your life. If you’re floating on, swimming in, or boating on a calm lake, you’re experiencing peace, freedom from limitations, and ease.
Emotional Emotional
If the lake is disturbed and wavy, you’re going through emotional turmoil, are being overwhelmed or shaken up by situations, and may experience losses.
Spiritual Spiritual
You’re exploring the unknown, wanting to penetrate into the mysteries, especially if you’re diving or swimming under water.
In the Egyptian system of hieroglyphs, the schematic figure of a lake expresses the occult and the mysterious, probably by allusion to the underground lake which the sun has to pass over during its ‘night-crossing’ (but also simply by associating it with the symbolism of level, given that water always alludes to the ‘connexion between the superficial and the profound’; a lake becomes, then, a fluid mass of transparency). In the temple of the god Amon, at Karnak, there was an artificial lake symbolizing hyle—or the ‘lower waters’ of protomatter. And, at certain times during the year, a procession of priests would cross the lake in boats, in this way re-enacting the ‘night-crossing’ of the sun mentioned above. The symbolism here is the same, broadly speaking, as that of the watery deeps.
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The Dream Encyclopedia

A lake can represent our subconscious or our inner feelings. A dream about a lake might also be alluding to the familiar idiom “go jump in a lake.”

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

The water of a lake symbolizes life, because its calm flow and natural movement links to our future. In contrast, the waters of a reservoir represent diseases since their violent movements are the result of artificial construction.
In oneiric terms, the lake is a manifestation of the state that is our unconscious: if its waters are calm, it is a sign of inner peace; if, however, they are agitated, it indicates emotional disorders.
If vegetation covers its shore, the dream manifests inner wealth, creativity, and emotional satisfaction; however, if the banks are dry and rocky, an emotional disorder is evident.
Finally, to fish in the lake demonstrates a desire to find companionship or a partner.

If we see ourselves reflected in its waters, the meaning of the dream changes completely, perhaps reflecting a narcissistic attitude.

In Japanese Zen Buddhism, the lake is a symbol of the mind.

If the surface is moving, you cannot see the reflection of the moon. However, if the water is calm, the moon appears. Similarly, the mind must be calm to perceive spiritual enlightenment.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

The interpretation of this dream depends on its various aspects, such as the condition of the water, the weather, etc., but as a general guide:

 A stormy lake predicts a failure which, if you refuse to let it depress you, will lead to an important benefit.
To dream of a calm lake in good weather signifies smooth sailing on the sea of life. A moonlit lake augurs a happy love life. A dream of traveling around a lake or observing one from the air is a sign of passive stagnation; try to find some new interests. To dream of wading or walking into a lake indicates unnecessary anxieties; take life more calmly.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

All water in dreams relates to your emotional life. A lake has a measure of depth and plenty that is hidden from the initial view, but is not so deep that it cannot be explored. As a mostly placid body of water, it represents your feelings and the possibility of drawing sustenance and comfort from connecting to that part of your nature. Anything that happens in and around a lake in your dreams is revealing elements of your emotions and emotional issues at the time of such a dream. Consider the size of the lake and the movement or lack thereof of the water within it for clues as to what sort of consciousness is being expressed.

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