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To see a knight in your dream signifies honor, loyalty, protection and security. The knight can be seen as a savior or someone who sweeps you off your feet, as in the “knight in shining armor”.

To dream that you are knighted indicates that you are being recognized for your good character. You are being entrusted with power and authority.

In alchemy, the rising scale of colours (the progressive, evolutive scale) is: black, white, red (corresponding to prime matter, mercury, sulphur), with gold representing the hypothetical, final stage. Conversely, it can be said that the descending scale would be from blue to green, that is, descending from heaven to earth. These two colours stand for the celestial, and the natural or terrestrial factors. Furthermore, black is associated with sin, penitence, the withdrawal of the recluse, the hidden, rebirth in seclusion, and sorrow; white with innocence (natural as well as that regained through expiation), illumination, openheartedness, gladness; and red with passion (moral or material—love or pain), blood, wounds, sublimation and ecstasy. We may therefore surmise that the Green Knight is the pre-knight, the squire, the apprentice sworn to knighthood; the Black Knight stands for him who undergoes the tribulations of sin, expiation and obscurity in order to attain to immortality by way of earthly glory and heavenly beatitude; the White Knight (Sir Galahad) is the natural conqueror, the ‘chosen one’ of the Evangelists, or the ‘illuminated one’ reemerging from a period of nigredo; the Red Knight is the knight sublimated by every possible trial, bloodied from every possible sacrifice, supremely virile, the conqueror of all that is base, who, having completed his life’s work, is fully deserving of gold in its ultimate transmutation—glorification. Knighthood should be seen, then, as a superior kind of pedagogy helping to bring about the transmutation of natural man (steedless) into spiritual man. An important part was played in this symbolic tradition by prototypes such as the famous, mythical knights of the court of King Arthur or patron saints such as St. George, Santiago of Compostela, or the archangel Michael.
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The Dream Encyclopedia
The Dream Encyclopedia

A knight in a dream can mean that the dreamer is looking for a “knight in shining armor” as a mate or a savior. It can also mean that the dreamer possesses the sterling qualities revealed in the dream.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

The man on the horse is symbol of the virtues that have mastered instincts and passions.
It is interpreted as a sense of accomplishment and pride. The dreamer has made progress on the path of spiritual growth.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

Knights in armor are straightforward symbols of security and protection, so lucky you if you saw one (or more) in your dream.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

A knight relates to the warrior archetype. The warrior divides the world into two camps: right and wrong. He is the defender of the innocent and can be called upon to right any wrong.

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