Dream meaning of journey

Dreaming about travel is usually a reflection of what we are currently experiencing.

It is a type of dream whose meaning will depend on the type of travel.

It may represent your need to know yourself.

A dream can have a variety of meanings, depending on each detail of the dream.

You may dream that you are travelling, on a plane or in a car, or simply waving to someone about to travel.

Dreaming of a journey is usually a representation of our own life and is a reflection of an aspect of it that may not be entirely clear to us.

They can also mean that you are travelling or that you need to travel towards self-knowledge.

Travel dreams are usually a subconscious expression of what we are experiencing in the present moment.

The type of dream whose meaning will depend on the type of journey visualized in the images.

Another possible representation is the need to know yourself.

When you dream that you are on a journey

Good news, positive changes are coming.

To dream that you are traveling, the journey itself, represents some transformations that will promote changes in your current situation, both internally and externally.

The people who live with you, those around you, will soon realize that something good is happening to you.

When you dream about traveling with your family

To dream that you are traveling with your family indicates that you will soon make new friends, and they will be true friends within your work environment.

It will be a phase of financial gain, with many signs of prosperity and happiness.

When you dream about travelling with friends

To dream that you are traveling with friends means that you need to cultivate friendships better so that you don’t lose them.

If you close your eyes to this dream without listening to its meaning, the situation can become even more worrying, because a friend will drift away from you for certain circumstances and to restore this bond will be more difficult than you imagine.

When you dream that you are travelling with your boyfriend/girlfriend

To dream that you are traveling with your boyfriend or girlfriend shows that it is time to be careful with your finances if your dream is to travel a long way together.

To achieve this goal, you both need to save and focus on an ideal future.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to make everything you want come true.

A journey by car

A dream can have many meanings, depending on each detail of the dream, especially dreams with travel, because the means of transport or the place where you travel makes a difference in interpreting its signs and meanings.

When dreaming of a car trip

New projects in development.

Dreaming of driving a car draws your attention to turn your focus to your academic life.

If you are already thinking of starting a university or professional course, you can be sure that this is the right time.

When dreaming of a bus ride

To dream of bus trips indicates that soon a loved one who lives in a place far away from you will return to your company.

It is not only the good son who is returning home, but also friends and lovers.

When dreaming of train travel

To dream of train travel signifies good news.

Canceling a train trip or being late for boarding shows that if you are thinking of making a commitment, it is better to consider more carefully, because it is not the best time.

When dreaming of a boat ride

Dreaming of going for a boat ride is an indication that the current time is perfect for you to invest in new projects, especially if they are related to acquiring knowledge, such as academic studies.

Invest your time in courses, training and anything that can contribute to your intellectual and professional development, you won’t regret it.

When you dream of a motorcycle trip

To dream of a motorcycle trip indicates that you and a close friend will be separated by certain external circumstances.

It could be an argument caused by a mutual friend who is jealous of your privacy.

At the slightest sign of provocation coming from a third party, be alert and try not to listen to nonsense and innuendo, thus doing your part in preventing this separation from becoming a reality.

When dreaming of a trip abroad

Dreaming of traveling abroad brings good news favorable to your personal development.

You will go through a process of maturing and self-expansion without suffering or facing difficulties.

A healthy life lesson, take advantage of it!

When you dream of time travel

To dream of time travel represents that you are having difficulty understanding the impossibility of taking this journey.

This dream is a real warning about the responsibilities you are not accepting.

Take your commitments, personal or professional, head on.

After all, there is only one life.

When dreaming of a business trip

Change is on the way…

Dreaming of traveling for work is about conquering goals, such as a new, prosperous job that will cause significant changes in your life.

Do you feel ready?

Invest time in improving your skills so that when the time comes to make that commitment, your situation will be even better.

When you dream of travelling alone

Travelling alone is always the herald of good news to come.

When you dream of waving goodbye

The wave may be to a friend or relative, if the person is known, the dream is synonymous with good events.

If you were waving to someone strange, it’s a sign that you should already be preparing yourself for a short but difficult time ahead and eventually everything will work out.

Also, if you dreamt that someone was waving at you in a bus stop or at the airport, you can be happy because it means a new job offer is coming.

When you dream of a passport

Holding or taking out a passport means you’ll have interesting social contacts. If you see a passport, yours or someone else’s, it means something new is coming up.

If you dream that you have lost your passport, you should watch out for fake people, but if you find your passport in your dream, it means you will meet a great love.

When you dream you are on holiday

This dream signifies a gift or windfall.

When you dream about luggage

If you are packing your suitcase, it means that someone far away will soon return, and if you are unpacking it, it means the arrival of a new love.

If you lose your luggage, it’s a sign that money is coming, and if you find lost luggage, it means professional adversity.

When you dream of a hurried journey

This type of dream can mean that you’ll get that super-important job done, on time, and that you’ll have a great outcome with a possible financial gain.

When dreaming of a trip to space

This dream could mean that you have a very independent and adventurous way of thinking.

Therefore, you need to expand your horizons and get to know new points of view.

This dream could also mean that you have a full head and feel overwhelmed.

In this case, you need to refocus your thoughts on your studies or work to achieve your goals.

When you dream about travelling to an inhospitable place

It means you have already identified your enemy and know who he is, now you need to protect yourself.

This enemy can also be interpreted as an illness or disease that can affect your health.

So, if your travel dream brings you some kind of bad omen, it may mean that you should change your route in order to reach your destination.

The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams:

Physical Physical
You’re focusing on your life path, transitions between phases of life experience, and developing new personality traits. Along the way, you face challenges, discover new things about yourself and life. A short journey means change.
Emotional Emotional
Traveling with a companion or interacting with strangers shows how you feel about intimacy and how well you cooperate and co-create.
Spiritual Spiritual
Your destination symbolizes a goal you haven’t fully realized. The scenery you see gives you insight into current circumstances. You are on a spiritual quest.

From the spiritual point of view, the journey is never merely a passage through space, but rather an expression of the urgent desire for discovery and change that underlies the actual movement and experience of travelling. Hence, to study, to inquire, to seek or to live with intensity through new and profound experiences are all modes of travelling or, to put it another way, spiritual and symbolic equivalents of the journey. Heroes are always travellers, in that they are restless. Travelling, Jung observes, is an image of aspiration, of an unsatisfied longing that never finds its goal, seek where it may. He goes on to point out that this goal is in fact the lost Mother; but this is a moot point, for we might equally well say that, on the contrary, its journey is a flight from the Mother.

Flying, swimming and running are other activities which may be equated with travelling; and so also are dreaming, day-dreaming and imagining. Crossing a ford marks the decisive stage in the passage from one state to another. There is a connexion between the symbolism of the journey, in its cosmic sense, and the symbolism of the essential landscape of megalithic cults (or that seen by the shamans in their visions). Travelling may also be related to the complete cycle of the year or to the attempt to escape from it, depending upon certain secondary characteristics of the journey.

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  1. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 10, 2022 at 12:50 pm

    Changes are predicted in a dream of a journey, but whether for better or worse depends on the details which should be carefully considered. As a general guide pleasant journeys indicate favorable changes, disagreeable ones the reverse; however, the meaning will be modified by such things as the weather, the scenery, the mode of transportation, etc.

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