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To dream of jewelry will always be a symbol of wealth and abundance, but they will not come easily. Since history we have known how dreams with jewelry have indicated the opportune moments to invest money, harvest and even make future trips.

Jewelry is the most valuable object in existence today. The kings considered it as a sign of power and were also used to exchange for food, weapons or any object.

This monetary value evolved over time and we turned it into paper money, however, its meaning remains with us and is a good tool to predict our future days both economically and health or love.

Finally, dreaming of jewelry will predict good times, but each jewel will mean something different depending on its material, value or the way we see it. In addition, it determines the degree of ambition we have for the economic and what adversities we will have to overcome.
What does it mean to dream of jewelry?

There are different meanings as jewelry. It is different to dream of gold jewelry, diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires. Generally, it will depend on our culture and the value we give to each one, because while for the American continent gold is of great value, in much of Europe diamonds are considered the preferred jewel, while in Africa sapphires are their choice.

Thus, we divide the meaning of dreaming of jewelry in several categories so that you can find the most correct prediction for you and be prepared for any change in your life. Likewise, the feelings you have when you find these jewels will influence, because if it is of joy and satisfaction, it portends positive changes, but if your feeling is of greed and despair, negative changes will come.

Dreaming of gold and jewelry

What does it mean to dream of jewelry

As if it were a fairy tale, dreaming of gold and jewels predicts finding new goals in our life. In sentimental relationships we will find a new love, a person who will love you and will seek to be important to the dreamer. In the economy, it means the arrival of new job opportunities.

Precious stones have been valued as an omen of hope and change, in addition, it is rare that the dreamer sees them in his dreams. That is to say that, if you have a dream with precious stones and gold, it would be a practically indisputable omen of good omen. Ideal time to start a new business.

Other predictions occur when we have just changed city, because it means that we have made the right decision and that in the new city will be what we have longed for.

Dreams with silver jewelry

Silver is one of the most desired jewels by the common society for its bright colors and figures that can be transformed into beautiful pieces. People who dream of silver jewelry seek to improve their economic income and achieve the much desired gold, so they are not satisfied with their current economic status.

Giving silver jewelry as a gift is a bad omen for many cultures, in some cases it means threats to our work and economic stability. However, spiritually it means that you have not reached full enlightenment and frustration can play against you.

If you are a woman who dreams of silver jewelry constantly, it predicts that you need to enhance your feminine side. Wear elegant attire, silver jewelry, perfumes and accessories that enhance your presence. As well as an appropriate and modest language. In addition, it is one of the best stages to find a partner, since men see a light in your eyes.

Dreaming of gold jewelry

Dreams with gold jewelry are the most common for people. The most ancient books predict that dreamers are prepared a path of riches and good harvests, translated into modern life, a path with job promotions and reap the fruits of labor for which we have struggled daily.

If you are going through a stage of debts, notice an economic change that will help you solve them or pay some of them. Meanwhile, at a sentimental level, some people will be interested in getting to know you and seek to be your friends, while in love relationships, it warns that it is the ideal time to look for a new partner.

Gold always warns of positive changes, for the fact of never extinguishing its brightness and being everyone’s favorite. Therefore, take advantage of this moment in your life to improve your business, make investments in your home and build better family ties.

Dreams of finding jewelry

To dream of finding jewelry has two meanings. In the first meaning, the dreamer finds the jewelry by surprise and unexpectedly, has feelings of joy and happiness. This dream predicts that new opportunities will come through a third person who will give you a better job opportunity, a new relationship or investment in a secure business. You should be attentive to the upcoming conversations.

In the second meaning, the dreamer finds the jewelry because he was looking for it with greed and desperation, he has feelings of excitement and thinks about the material at the moment of finding it. The meaning of this dream predicts that you will have financial losses because of greed and will make bad business deals. Therefore, keep calm and analyze your future investments, so that they do not influence your pocket.

To dream of finding jewelry predicts abundance or poverty, it will depend on your feelings to predict the way, but in any meaning, you must be prudent in making decisions and act sensibly.

Dreaming of costume jewelry

This dream depends on the age of the dreamer. To dream of costume jewelry when you are young foretells the arrival of small opportunities for your life which will not be easy to take, but eventually rewards will arise for the effort you put into making your goal a reality.

If you are a mature woman and you dream of costume jewelry it will take on two new meanings according to what it means to you to have it. If you love this costume jewelry it means that there will be challenges to meet that will not be properly rewarded, but they are the first step to reach a great goal.

But, if you do not like this jewelry and you feel that you have been cheated, it means that you are becoming a materialistic person and your actions are beginning to bother other people who will later leave your side, trying not to fall into this vanity.

Dreams about stealing jewelry

Did you dream that you steal gold or silver jewelry? It predicts that it is time to move away from the thoughts and intentions of other people, that is, do not allow other people to influence your decisions.

This dream means the arrival of people with good or bad intentions, but with the idea of taking you away from your work, your family and even your own dreams to follow a new idea or goal. To dream of stealing jewelry warns us that it is not the right time to take this step and that it is preferable to stay where you are, at least until you resolve the feeling of doubt and inner insecurity about this new project. If possible, seek advice from people you trust when making an important decision, who are neutral and are not related to the change you are about to make.

Dreaming of jewels and precious stones

Dreams with jewels and precious stones augur the best time to make important changes in your life. Jewels are a sign of abundance, while precious stones signify the human values that we can develop as people.

If you are going through a bad patch such as illness, loneliness, joblessness or depression, then opportunities to change this bad patch are coming. The dream predicts changes, but these changes will be encountered and you will need to take them, therefore, you must be attentive to the signs of the day to day.

If you are unemployed or planning a work venture, dreaming of jewelry indicates the right time to start it, as long as you are ready and have the energy to do it.

Dreams with gold and silver jewelry

While dreaming of gold jewelry is abundance and good luck, but dreaming of silver jewelry predicts caution and nonconformity, the meaning of dreaming of gold and silver jewelry at the same time, predicts an uncertain economy with many responsibilities on the part of the dreamer to ensure that everything goes correctly.

That is, it predicts that the dreamer is in a stage of economic development where you must make decisions about ways forward. In the end the results will come, but while this is happening there is a feeling of abandonment and need to find quick answers, which can lead you to make mistakes. Stay balanced and attentive to any changes.

Dreaming of many jewels

Did you dream of a lot of jewelry? The meaning will depend on the feelings you had during this moment. If you were joyful, it foretells new opportunities, excellent health and accelerated spiritual growth, that is, the need to find yourself more as a person and less as a materialistic being.

If you felt sad when dreaming of many jewels, it foretells that the rewards you are having daily are not what you would like to receive and that you will find yourself unsatisfied.

Dreams that jewelry is stolen

To dream that jewelry is stolen from you foretells the intention of other people to cause you harm and to try to intervene in a negative way in your projects. False testimonies and envy are the most recurrent meanings for dreamers, thus, it foretells false friendships and strangers who seek to cause you harm. If you are going through a stage of love uncertainty, there are people who are influencing your partner to make you look like a bad person and cause a greater estrangement.

Dreaming of shiny jewelry

If you are in a stage where you do not receive rewards for your actions and you dreamt of shiny jewelry, your situation is about to change. You will be rewarded physically and spiritually for your frequent actions and attempts to make a change in your life. Likewise, it portends opportunities to invest your money properly and better working spaces that will be delivered as a reward for you.

In general, sparkling jewels are omens of good fortune, but you should wait for the right time to make investments or take the next steps in your life, such as changing jobs or looking for a new romantic partner.

Jewelry Box

To see a jewelry box in your dream represents your sense of self-worth, self-value, and potential. You need to unleash your stored potential and quit keeping it hidden.

The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams:

Physical Physical
Your health is improving. You feel strong, protected, and energized physically. Specific jewels are indicative of different kinds of healing and specific qualities you need to activate in yourself.
Emotional Emotional
Jewelry you own symbolizes particular relationships. You feel good about yourself, pleased with life’s possibilities, and can value and cherish others easily. Broken jewelry means your happiness is challenged. You are decorating yourself to impress others with superficial adornments.
Spiritual Spiritual
You are focusing on your wealth of knowledge, what you hold precious, and your psychological riches and self-worth. You’re attuning to your soul qualities and gifts, the light within, and spiritual ideas. Finding or being given jewels signifies rapid spiritual growth.

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The Dream Encyclopedia
The Dream Encyclopedia

Jewels in a dream often signify value in the spiritual sense of protection. Magic cures and healing energies are also traditionally attributed to jewels.
In addition, they can signify inner wealth. 

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

In many cultures, jewels represent spiritual truths. So precious stones, necklaces, or bracelets are symbols of higher wisdom. But careful! Do not fool yourself: in dreams positive attributes are inverted due to the vanity of the person who flaunts the jewels. In oneiric terms, these elements are a warning that we should not trust appearances. Behind an attractive image may lurk a deceitful or even dangerous situation.

Dreaming of broken jewels expresses a clear feeling of frustration. Other interpretations believe in the sincerity of jewels. So, they represent patience, creativity, understanding, peace, and love. Traditionally, in this sense, gold and diamonds were the incorruptible part of the being; rubies denoted passion; emeralds, fertility; and finally, sapphires, the truth.

This dream augurs good luck.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

A display of real jewelry featured in your dream is a fortunate augury for your current interests, but a display of costume jewelry is a warning that you are in danger of being led astray through foolish vanity.
A dream of stealing jewelry is a signal that extra caution is needed in regard to business affairs; to lose jewelry is an obstacle dream and the meaning depends on whether or not you recovered it.
To give or receive jewelry, buy, or sell it pertains to love or domestic affairs and is considered a fortunate omen, whereas to wear it is a warning against impulsive behavior or shady transactions.
The meaning of any jewelry dream must also be correlated to the details, such as the type of the pieces, i.e., ring, necklace, earring, bracelet, etc., as well as the color and kind of the jewels. 

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

Any adornment relates symbolically to self-expression. Jewelry has the added connection to abundance and prosperity and the desire to show the world your ability to attract wealth. People often place great value on their jewelry, so it becomes a symbol of anything that is considered valuable. Look at the context of a dream in which jewelry is featured, as your dream may be letting you know what you value.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

Jewels are precious objects made from the rarest things on Earth, and as such, they are great symbols of wealth, prosperity, abundance, and that which we treasure. A jewel can also be considered a sacred object, and to see one in a dream may indicate spiritual aspirations.

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

Jewelry symbolizes things you value or desire—including qualities, emotions, and relationships—depending on the piece of jewelry and what you do with it.

To dream of gorgeous, sparkling jewelry symbolizes something you place much value on. If someone gives you the jewelry, you place the value on a relationship with that person, or someone or something that person represents. Or, you wish for a meaningful relationship with that person.
Ugly, tarnished, or broken jewelry, or jewelry that is missing gemstones symbolizes something that you think you should value but that you aren’t so sure about. If someone gives you this kind of jewelry, you aren’t ready to make a commitment yet.
If you dream of a necklace, you value your own ability to communicate or your communication with someone else. Or you desire better communication with someone.
If you dream of a bracelet, you value something physical that someone does for you or a physical, hands-on ability you have, such as a craft or artistic ability. Bracelets can also symbolize your desire for greater manual skills.
If you dream of earrings, you value the things someone says to you or your own ability to listen. Or, you desire a better ability to listen.
If you dream of a ring, you value a commitment you have with or to someone or something, or you wish for a commitment. Here’s bettin’ more women dream about jewelry than men.

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

Impossible wealth, indulgence and luxury, diamonds and rubies, sapphires and emeralds …. Jewels signify great wealth, beauty, and power.

If you receive a jewel, someone has recently given you something more valuable than you expected. This could be an object or even a piece of advice.
If you give someone a jewel, you value that person or what that person represents to you.
If you see piles of jewels, look for a great undiscovered treasure in your life, waiting to be noticed.
What color is your jewel? What is the clarity—bright or dull? What is the cut or shape? Color, clarity, and cut may reveal deeper clues to dream meanings.

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