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If you dream that you see images, you will have poor success in business or love.

To set up an image in your home, portends that you will be weak minded and easily led astray.

Women should be careful of their reputation after a dream of this kind. If the images are ugly, you will have trouble in your home.

Every pictorial creation gives rise to an image, whether imitative or invented, with or without figuration.

Alongside the symbolic meaning which subjects or figures may have, they possess, in a pictorial image, a symbolic background: spatial zones, colours, geometric or non-geometric forms, predominant axes, rhythms, composition and texture. In the most recent type of art, known as ‘informalism’, expression and symbolization are achieved through texture and lineal rhythm in particular, with colour taking a secondary rôle.

To find the ‘meaning’ of a given work, one must think in terms of putting its elements in the order of their importance, assessing each kind of element within the pictorial system. Exactly the same thing occurs in architecture and sculpture.

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The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

A religious image denotes insecurity in your own resources; one of parents, family dependence; and of your partner, tension in the relationship.

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