Dream meaning of ice

At some point in your life you have had dream experiences that leave you with a cold sensation when you wake up.

If so, you probably just had a dream about ice. This is one of those dreams that is usually quite strange but has a very significant and important interpretation for your life. You are probably very close to beginning a period of transition or maturity. You will evolve as a person.

Keep in mind that ice is when water is in a solid state, a fact that occurs after being subjected to low temperatures. This also tells you that ice is not something perennial.

In the dream world, dreaming of ice reveals the arrival of strong and deep transformations. However, these transformations are associated with disappointments coming from negative experiences. It will rarely be a dream that reveals a simple evolutionary process.

Water usually represents emotions in the dream world. That is why, when you see frozen water, you should know that your subconscious is revealing to you that you have taken a break from your emotional side.

Sometimes it is because you have been the target of a major attack on your feelings. It can also be interpreted as the fact that you are on your way to developing a calculating personality, where the balance is tipped towards the acquisition of profit.

On the other hand, water is characterized by crystallizing in different ways, depending on the conditions to which it is subjected. In the dream world, this is interpreted as your ability to adapt to any circumstance. That is why one of the meanings of dreaming with ice reveals that you will soon have to face a situation that will force you to give way to that strong personality to rise to the occasion and thus be able to emerge victorious.

What does it mean to dream of ice?

What does it mean to dream of ice

According to onirology experts, the meaning of dreaming of ice is closely related to an impending change taking place within you. However, you may not yet be aware of it. Perhaps you feel that you are stuck in your relationship, at work or in any other situation in your life. In dream matters, dreaming of ice is your ability to adapt to your surroundings. A situation will soon come into your life in which you will have to be solid and cold as ice to withstand any attack and achieve success.

However, the general interpretation of dreaming of ice indicates that this dream experience is due to a strong emotional impact caused by a specific situation. This will bring changes to your life, so you will become a much more analytical, cold and calculating person. However, remember to take into account the context and details of your dream as it could also warn you of the possibility of developing a selfish and self-serving personality. This usually happens when you put aside the emotional side for too long.

Dreaming of ice and water

To dream of ice and water is a warning dream experience. Right now there are in your environment malicious people who want to trip you up. Similarly, you may have problems with friends or colleagues because of jealousy and envy.

Dreams with ice cubes

Dreaming of ice cubes is your subconscious mind’s way of revealing your emotional frigidity. It is an indication that you should control your temperament, it is time to be kinder and warmer to those around you. In case you dream of pouring ice cubes in a glass, you should know that you are wasting your time, it is time to start being productive.

Dreaming of ice and snow

To dream of ice and snow is a dream of good omen. It means that despite the delays and impediments that will take place in the development of your work or business, in the end you will manage to solve all the problems and achieve success.

Dreams with ice skating

To dream of skating on ice is interpreted as the need to have more self-confidence in each of your actions. On the other hand, this dream can also be a warning sign with a specific relationship or situation. Pay attention to your surroundings.

The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams:

Physical Physical
You are making slow progress, experiencing bleak conditions, or are frozen out by unfriendly colleagues or friends. You aren’t making use of your full potential. If you’re walking on ice, you are taking risks, sensing potential danger or mishaps in a course of action.
Emotional Emotional
You feel hopeless, emotionally paralyzed or blocked, or unable to express your feelings due to an unsympathetic environment. If you fall through ice, you are about to have an emotional breakthrough where suppressed feelings come to the surface. Melting ice indicates an easing of emotional problems and difficult times. Icicles represent sadness and emotional pain that started to release but became blocked again. An iceberg represents a huge emotional obstacle you need to face, or its hidden aspects might destroy you.
Spiritual Spiritual
Your ideas and creativity are blocked, or you feel numb and brain-dead.
Given that water is the symbol of communication between the formal and the informal, the element of transition between different cycles, yielding by nature, and also related to the ideas of material, earthly fecundity and the Heraclitean ‘death of the soul’, it follows that ice represents principally two things: first, the change induced in water by the cold—that is, the ‘congelation’ of its symbolic significance; and, secondly, the stultification of the potentialities of water. Hence ice has been defined as the rigid dividing-line between consciousness and the unconscious (or between any other dynamic levels). Although the negative sense is predominant, it is not lacking in a positive sense in so far as the solidification is tantamount to toughness, and the coldness implies resistance to all that is inferior; in this latter sense it corresponds to Nietzsche’s freezing and ‘hostile’ air of mountain-peaks.
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The Dream Encyclopedia

Ice often symbolizes the dreamer’s emotional state. The dreamer may not be conscious of being blocked or frozen emotionally. Falling through the ice suggests the dreamer may be “skating on thin ice” and should alter course to avoid mishap.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

While water can show the creative flow of feelings, the presence of ice indicates little enthusiasm and emotional rigidness. You should try to live more intensely and give warmth to loved ones. Ice warns us of the risk we run if we harden too much to the detriment of our feelings.
It is the petrification of water, which signifies a lack of life force and love.
Skating on ice predicts disasters.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

Some aspects of an ice dream are contrary omens and some are not. To sit on ice forecasts comfortable living conditions, but to walk on ice is a warning of loss through speculation.
To slip, slide, or fall on ice indicates coming difficulties , whereas if you broke through the ice, it signifies that your great es t anxieties are groundless. Ice seen floating in clear water (as in a brook, stream, or lake) is a sign that you will overcome jealous opposition.
Putting ice into drinks is a caution to stop wasting time, money, and energy on meaningless temporary pleasures.
Ice skating by yourself signifies recognition for work well done, but skating with a partner is a warning against indiscreet behavior or indiscriminate sex relations.
To see ice-laden trees or bushes indicates success after inexplicable delays, so don’t get discouraged, per severe!

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

Water represents emotions, and ice is frozen water. Symbolically, ice represents emotional content that has been dramatically altered. The resulting substance is cold and hard – adjectives that do not conjure pleasant sensations when applied to one’s emotional nature.

From the world of physics, we know that ice is not created by adding cold, but rather by the loss of heat. This tells us that when ice is present, warmth has been lost or given away. Ice can also be dangerous, especially when one must maneuver over it. An icy road has the symbolic connotation that a lack of emotional fluidity can be treacherous on your path through life.

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