Dream meaning of hippopotamus

Dreaming of hippopotamus is not common, but its meaning is as varied as the size of these animals. In ancient times, many cultures considered them sacred animals because of the power they represented and their intelligence. Some cultures interpreted visions with hippopotamuses as a symbol of greatness and power.

This belief has been maintained over time and these animals are a sign of the power that a person can have. Now, the meaning of dreams with hippopotamuses is related to many aspects of your life and it depends on your emotions to interpret them correctly.

For some people dreaming of hippos is a sign of danger, for others of character and a lot of authority. The meaning of these dreams is related to one’s behavior, but not all dreams are the same. To understand it, you must be attentive to the details of the hippopotamus, as its behavior or size can predict something very positive or very negative.

What does it mean to dream of a hippopotamus?

Generally, to dream of a hippopotamus resembles a person’s strength in the face of a situation that is presented to him or her. Some interpreters assure that to dream constantly of hippopotamuses resembles the aggressive character that someone may have, especially when they feel that their life is being threatened. If you dream of hippopotamus although it indicates strength, it also refers to the changes you must have in your life, especially when it comes to new emotional beginnings.

Dreaming of a hippopotamus

Usually, dreaming of a hippopotamus represents all of your strength, character, aggressiveness, tolerance for change and mental strengths. It is a way of describing your own behavior, but taking into account the phase or cycle your life is in. It is a way of being in front of others, always defending your ideals.

Dreaming of a white hippopotamus

A dream vision with a white hippopotamus is rare, but it foretells a change of perspective on a situation. It is a way of warning you that your life is in some danger if you continue to do the same thing every day. It is not only about changing the routine, this is about finding a new way to improve your earnings in front of your actions. In other words, start a process where everything you do is positive and appreciated by others.

Dreams with baby hippopotamus

Dreams with baby hippopotamus

If you dream of a baby hippo it means that you are looking for security and stability in your life. It is a way to look for a better job, a partner or to take the next step in your relationship. Right now you are interested in projects that offer you some kind of emotional and financial stability. However, when you dream of baby hippopotamus remember that you may become ambitious and get off the path of stability.

Dreaming of big hippopotamus

If you dreamed of big hippo it means that you are looking to improve your economy and you are worried about the current job dangers. You can probably be fired at some point, go through an economic problem or a rather annoying situation. When you dream of big hippos don’t think they are negative, it is simply a sign of your interest in improving the things that surround your life day by day.

Dreams with giant hippopotamus

If you dreamed of giant hippopotamus big news full of changes and new opportunities are coming. If the hippo was beautiful and shiny, then it will be economic news with opportunities to improve your salary. In case the hippopotamus was very ugly, then the news will be negative and probably related to an illness of a loved one. Usually, the news after dreaming of giant hippos will be positive.

Dreaming of hippopotamus in the water

If you dream of hippopotamus in the water it means that you are happy with the results you are getting. It is a stage of prosperity that you consider positive, plus you have the support of your family. Now, if the river was very dirty or murky, it means that some people want to take away your happiness and may betray you.

Dreams with hippopotamus in the sea

Did you dream of a hippopotamus in the sea? Then your life is disorganized and without a clear objective. You are someone who goes from one place to another trying to find the answer to a question that was never asked, so your behavior is quite uneasy on a daily basis. When you dream of hippopotamus in the sea ask yourself if you are in the right place and doing the right things, if the answer is negative, it is time to change your life.

Dreaming of dead hippopotamus

Dreams with dead hippos are ominous, they represent the problems that will come into your life. They are usually related to loneliness and despair. It is a time to try to stay calm, as all these strong emotions will start to generate stress in your life and later a moment of impatience that can generate an illness.

Dreams with small hippopotamus

When you dream of small hippopotamus make sure you are doing things right, as it means that your life is not well oriented and you lack self-esteem to fulfill your goals. It is a time of immaturity, uncertainty and lack of emotional support. This does not mean that you are in a bad patch, it simply means that you need a little more external support, advice and peace of mind to continue your life.

Other meanings of dreams with a hippopotamus

To dream of being attacked by a hippopotamus means that you are being unfairly judged by others, so you should try to remedy the problem.

Dreams where you observe two hippopotamuses attacking each other mean that you have the support of someone who is important to you and is always there for you unconditionally. It is a good time to give gifts of gratitude.

To dream of a hippopotamus on alert means that you are very uneasy and anxious about a particular situation, you should stay calm and avoid confrontations with other people.

If you dreamed of beautiful hippopotamus means that positive news will come into your life and new economic changes. It is a good opportunity to do new business.

To dream that a hippopotamus tries to eat you means that you feel threatened by your environment and it bothers you to lose the horizon of your projects. It is the opportunity to ask for advice and guidance.

If you dream of hunting a hippopotamus, it means that you want to change your life and you will start by improving your character as a person. It is time to change your attitude and improve your social environment.

If you dream of happy hippopotamus it means that you are someone who enjoys your day to day life and prefers peace to arguments. Doing outdoor activities will help you stay calm.

If you dream of hippo very calm and approaching it means that the problems with your enemies have been solved and it is a good stage to reconcile. It is a good stage to apologize to other people who deserve it.

To dream of an unhappy or sad hippopotamus means that you have grudges or unfinished conversations with people you cared about and you wish to solve these problems.

To dream of an agitated hippo means that someone is constantly jealous of you and this may represent an emotional problem in your life. This is an opportunity to clarify other people’s feelings.

To dream of a hippopotamus in the mud means that you are full of doubts and fears of uncertainty. It is a good time to ask for advice, listen to counsel and stay positive in the face of adversity.

In the Egyptian system of hieroglyphs, it represents strength and vigour. It is also related to the ideas of fertility and water, and, consequently, to the mother-principle.

The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams:

Physical Physical
You are focusing on your hidden strengths, abundance, influence, and power. You are faced with a large, immovable obstacle. Hippos are a symbol of protection in childbirth.
Emotional Emotional
You feel territorial and easily threatened. You are loyal and protective to those less powerful than you.
Spiritual Spiritual
You are focusing on the subconscious and collective unconscious, on what lies beneath the surface, attuning yourself to ancient knowledge held in common by many beings.
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The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

In the Egyptian hieroglyphic system, this animal represents strength and vigor.
It is also associated with the idea of fertility.
If you see it submerged in dirty water or mud, the dream points to your lower passions and depraved impulses. These impulses do not give you any pleasure if you are ruled by them.
Announces strength, animal vigor, and fertility.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

This clumsy animal in its native habitat signifies a dangerous rival or hostile competitor; in captivity (or in a zoo) it forecasts a period of frustration or boredom which will require real initiative and energy to overcome.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

The hippo is one of the largest mammals on Earth, and though it resembles the pig and the elephant, its closest living relative is the whale. Hippos are semi-aquatic, so their medicine is derived from this need to stay mostly submerged during daylight. The underwater posture connects them to the shadow realms of consciousness that are just below the surface and steeped in emotion.
Despite their awkward shape and docile manner, hippos can be quite aggressive and can outrun a human. In this way, they connect to those strong feelings that are lurking just under the surface that can emerge at any moment and overtake you.

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