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Generally when we think of hens, we relate them to bad animals because of the way the world of cinema has made us relate black birds with terror. Tragedy, even death, the latter being one of the hardest things to think about. But dreaming of vultures does not necessarily have to be synonymous with negative things.

Vultures play a very important role in the development and balance of the ecosystem and natural world as you know it. They take care of one of the most important tasks in life, which is dealing with death.

For these animals disappear the remains of the lifeless bodies of others in decomposition.

Taking the above as a starting point, we could say that vultures have the task of cleaning and hygiene of nature. This certainly maintains the normal and correct functioning of the natural reserves. Since when taking charge of the decomposing bodies, they eliminate the possible diseases that these bodies could cause.

What does it mean to dream of hens?

If you have dreamed of hens, do not feel bad. You may have woken up frightened, a little agitated and with a high heart rate. Which is certainly natural since they are not very cute animals to say the least. But one thing is for sure, they are birds of utmost importance.

So dreams with chickens could mean that you need to start changing. Start getting rid of what is no longer useful, get rid of it even if it hurts.

For in order for something good and new to come into your life, something old and bad must leave first. However, there are other elements related to this animal that can vary the interpretation and below we explain it to you.

Dreaming of hens in the house

If your reality is that you have dreamed of hens in the house then the meaning can be very straightforward. For the answer or interpretation of such a dream, can be directly related to a change. This change is not necessarily in your relationships, but it is linked to your home.

But do not be alarmed, it is not that you should get a new house, much less that your family is under a spell.

The interpretation could be that you should start getting rid of something that has been bothering you for a while. You haven’t wanted to throw this object away for fear of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Perhaps a sofa with some sentimental baggage. Don’t give the matter any more thought, take charge and start building the reality in which you want to live.

Dreaming of dead chickens

You may be thinking “how ironic, if these little animals are supposed to deal with death then who will deal with them when they die”. The answer is simple, other little animals with smaller ones do the job.

Now, what can this have to do with your dream? It’s simple! It means you need to let go of what has already died, turn the page.

Perhaps you are going through a breakup, the end of a work relationship, or worse. Having a dream vision with dead hens is an opportunity to start over.

Dreaming of vultures flying

Vultures are good at flying, and in fact they are very social animals so they are often seen in large groups. So when we dream of vultures flying it can mean that we are in time to make the right decision in our life. If you don’t, life will take care of it for you. It is definitely a test of maturity.

Dreaming of chicken eating

To dream of chickens eating is a sign that you are right. You may find yourself fearful of the new changes you are making in your life. But it is normal to feel fear during this process.

There is one mandatory rule in the universe, and that is that everything must grow, develop and die. So practice resilience and adapt to this new situation.

Dreaming of hens attacking you

Dreams of chickens attacking you may denote that something is tormenting you.

Perhaps you did something that you feel was not the right thing to do. It is never too late to repent and start over, do what you feel. If you hurt someone or did the wrong thing, there is still time to make it right. There is no better way to sleep than with a clear conscience.

Dreaming of black vultures

There are several types of vultures, but the black ones are usually the most frightening.

Black vultures are just another type of bird that circles the skies. So the meaning of dreaming of black hens could mean that you should not get carried away by appearances. This is your chance to not judge, and accept all new things even if they are a little scary at first.

Dreaming of large hens

If you dreamed big hens, it is synonymous of good news. The bigger they are, the more help you will receive. Then this vision could mean that perhaps someone is trying to offer you support to solve your problems. You should give yourself the opportunity to accept it, because you will solve several inconveniences.

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3 Definitions
  1. The hen symbolizes gossip and calamity as well as being annoyingly pecked at by a person or a situation (“henpecked”).

  2. The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke April 6, 2022 at 12:45 pm

    Since immemorial times, the hen is a symbol of superficiality because of its clucking and passivity.

    It is no coincidence that the hen is associated with rumors, whispers, and slander.
    Therefore, the presence of a hen in your dreams may suggest that someone is making malicious comments about you behind your back.

    A totally different sense arises if you dream of a hen laying an egg. In these cases, the dream images portend a profit in short time.
    This dream can also be attributed to excessive concern for your partner, children, or friends to the point of becoming a “mother hen.”

  3. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 10, 2022 at 10:50 am

    A black hen signifies sad news, a white one glad news, a brown one promises money luck, a fat one prophesies gain, a lean one mediocrity, a clucking one exciting gossip, and a pecking hen means you may have to back up and start again.
    A laying hen indicates prosperity; killing a hen forecasts ups and downs; and plucking one warns of an unexpected demand on your finances.

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