Dream meaning of Hamlet

To see Hamlet in your dream refers to your indecisiveness. You need to make a choice and take action.


This famous Shakespearian tragedy has its origins in a Nordic legend.
Apart from the Renaissance dramatist’s explanation of its ‘obvious contents’, it also lends itself to other explanations of latent contents, or, better, to disclosures on other planes. One of these interpretations, the psychoanalytic, would tend towards the belief that Hamlet really becomes mad, and that the assassination of his father by his uncle is mere fiction, an invention of his mind intended to help him to accept more easily the Oedipus complex which is so powerful in him. His satisfaction on killing Polonius, which foreshadows the moment when he kills his step-father, seems to bear out this explanation. So do his rejection of Ophelia (which may be interpreted in a different way), and his complete forgiveness of his mother, who in Electra (a Greek tragedy along similar lines) is implacably assassinated by her avenging offspring.

A second explanation of Hamlet, which is more profound and symbolic, results from applying Gnostic doctrine to his story.
Hamlet hates the world and considers it to be the work of the evil god, of the demiurge (the husband of his mother, who is the material and whom he pardons because he judges her to be the merely passive agent of Evil). He dreams of the good god, of the Father, who seems rather to be his own projection, his autodivination in a transcendent situation. The rejection of the world has a ‘necrophiliac’ explanation in the scene in the graveyard with Yorick’s skull and an absolute manifestion in his spurning of Ophelia (woman = guilt).

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