Dream meaning of guavas

Dreams about fruits are generally very common. Having a vision with food is not unusual, since we need it every day and it is part of our routine. Fruits in dreams usually have a metaphorical meaning associated with personal desires, achievements, mental and physical well-being. But, dreaming of guavas has a different connotation because it is a tropical fruit.

The fruit has always been a metaphor for something we are about to obtain, regardless of whether it was forbidden, as in the story about Adam and Eve. Dreams with guava represent desire, passion, something we long for. Its sweet taste is associated with pleasure and delight. On a more realistic side, it represents freshness, health and an important part of the human diet.

Those who often dream of eating this fruit are people whose appearance dictates that they are tough and strong-willed. However, they excel in areas where their communication skills come to the fore. Guavas are tropical fruits that bring courage and bravery to their dreamers. For that reason, it is important to find out a little more about their meaning.

What does it mean to dream of guavas?

Seeing this delicious exotic fruit in dreams usually has a positive meaning on its own. However, it all depends on what the dream scenario is like and what the details are. Were you seeing the fruit or eating it? Was it ripe and tasty or rotten and wormy?

Considering the guava fruit as exotic, this dream indicates that you are tired of your routine. You have a desire to try something completely different; you need an “exciting” moment in your life. You need to escape to an exciting world, at least for a while. However, in order to have a clear interpretation, let’s know below the elements and variants of this vision.

Dreaming of guava tree

If you have dreamed of guava tree it means good business, while a fruit falling from a tree is a sign of unhappiness. If it has fallen while it is ripe, it usually predicts a prosperous future for the dreamer. According to some analysts, the fruit suggests pleasure followed by hardship, but also abundance and prosperity.

A dream of many guava trees is a sign of wealth. The more fruit found on the trees, the greater the wealth. However, to see only one type of guava means success in school or work life. According to others, the fruit in the dream may represent disagreements within the family.

Dreams with green guavas

If you dreamed of green guavas it usually means that you should have more patience in life, especially if their taste was bitter. The same is with the guava fruit. The dream says that you should wait and not rush to finish the business. Unripe fruits are sour and so is the taste of short term empty and unstable success.

Guava fruits are exotic and attractive in a peculiar way, so the rotten green ones could represent the false beauty of something that occupies your attention and seduces you. It could be related to love. You are seduced by someone simply because he or she is different, exotic, mystical in some way and awakens your adventurous spirit.

Dreaming of ripe guavas

Having a dream vision with ripe guavas that look tasty and ready for harvest, denote that you should wait a little longer until your dedicated work pays off. Don’t rush, wait a little longer. It could also suggest that your work will be really fruitful. Seeing ripe guavas symbolizes the fruits of your success, something you should be very proud of.

Dreams cutting guavas

If you see yourself in a dream cutting guavas, it warns you of problems in your relationship, but they will soon be solved. Separating a fruit from the branch symbolizes a strong commitment in the near future. It is possible that after this small inconvenience, your relationship will be strengthened even more and you will be able to establish some future goals.

Dreaming of eating guavas

The meaning of eating guavas suggests that your work will be successful and you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Since the fruit is exotic, it symbolizes some kind of international success, connection with people abroad or anything else that leads to a very good result. Eating guavas in a dream means that you can’t resist your desires, especially love ones. You may not be able to resist someone’s charms.

Dreams of eating large guavas

Dreams of eating large guavas warn of a message from your subconscious. It is warning you that you are confused about making a decision in your love life, so you should think well before you act. The dream also indicates a possible love affair. It could indicate a passionate, fiery, but short-term relationship.

Dreaming of guavas with worms

To dream of guavas with worms reflects that you underestimate your body and what you are capable of. Perhaps you have never taken good care of yourself and doctors have suggested that you change your lifestyle to something healthier and more beneficial to your body. Worms although disgusting, take on a nuance of alertness in terms of health problems.

Dreams with rotten guavas

When we dream of rotten guavas it means that our plans have failed or that we have delayed too much the realization of a business deal. Rotten fruits represent failed expectations and disappointment. They also represent the consequences of your actions, usually bad ones.

Dreaming of sour guavas

The meaning of dreams with sour guavas denotes that some plans for the future will fail or you will feel disappointed in your current love relationship or your job. It is a dream that invites you to prepare for any sudden changes that come your way. However, those changes will be for the better in many ways.

Dreams of picking guavas

A dream of picking guavas is a sign of wealth and pleasure. Picking and buying guavas is a dream vision that predicts that you will be cheated. If you do it in winter it represents prosperity and growth in the face of any adversity. If you do it in summer, it denotes financial problems.

To dream of the smell of guavas

The smell of guavas in a dream manifestation is associated with your sensory perception and, therefore, with your intuition. This scent may be connected to a specific experience or event. It refers to memories of special moments in your past, as they help you remember happy times in your life.

Dreams with guavas in a tree

To see guavas in a tree in a dream is a symbol of success in your financial life. Perhaps you will receive a raise in salary, a cash prize, among other things to increase your income. Just avoid spending the money you receive on superfluous things. Use the extra income to buy something really useful and important or save it for when you need to use it.

Dreaming of yellow guavas

To dream of yellow guavas is a sign of illness, especially if you dream when it is not the season for this fruit in real life. It may be time to visit the doctor or start living a healthier lifestyle in terms of your meals and activities.

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