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It is no secret that the goat is an unpredictable animal that jumps to reach the upper leaves of trees. Also called goat, dreaming of goats symbolizes a proud person or an easily irritable individual who is touchy and moody. However, the interpretation of this dream also depends on other characteristics of the context in which it takes place.

The goat is incorrectly defined in many dream dictionaries as the devil. It is important to mention the history behind the symbol of the devil.

To dream of goats in occult terms represents wisdom and movement towards a direction of the divine.

Dreams about goats can have different meanings. So, it is necessary to remember as much as the details you have seen in your dream as the feelings you have experienced during and upon awakening.

In most cases, these dreams symbolize well-being and financial stability, but sometimes they can also have a negative connotation.

To see a goat in your dream represents your lack of judgment and your gullibility. Alternatively, goats are symbolic of sexuality, sexual desire, and lechery. Also consider the associations with the goat as in “scapegoat” or “getting someone’s goat”. Do you feel that you have been blamed for someone else’s deed?

What does it mean to dream of goats?

First of all, this dream can symbolize the success and wealth that can await if we learn to save money. Also, if you dreamed of goats it can mean that many provocations and obstacles may appear in your way, but you will overcome them without any difficulty.

To dream of a goat or goat suggests that it is time for a change and that you should use your creative energies to attempt a change. It also implies that you will have the vitality to change a situation and this will offer you satisfaction.

The goat can also represent the dark side of your nature. If you ride a goat, it shows that you will have an unexpected sexual encounter.

Dreaming of small goats

To dream of small goats may be a warning sign to take extra care of yourself. Small goats are cute, but fragile so they need more care. If you dream of small goats with their mother, the dream represents that you should be cared for, pampered and nurtured. This dream reflects your inner child, which is a very good thing.

Dreaming of little goats also means that there is someone in your life who really loves you, cares about you and protects you (not necessarily your parents). On the other hand, if you are a parent or have younger brothers or sisters, the dream could suggest that you have been neglecting them lately. Perhaps you become too obsessed with your own life and forget to show your kindness and love to those who deserve it most.

You must remember that there are people who look up to you and seek your guidance and support. Be kind to them and don’t neglect your need for love and support.

Dreams of running goats

To dream of running goats means that you have done something that you regret or are aware that it is wrong, but now you do not want to face the consequences. However, considering that goats are considered persistent (stubborn) animals, the dream means that you are not willing to get off so easily. It may be painful, but it is for the greater good, both yours and the one you have damaged by your actions and decisions.

Dreaming of dead goats

If you dreamed of dead goats it is not a good sign. This dream can sometimes be a sign of sometimes terminal illness, and warns you to be careful in the coming days. It is important that if you are able to see a doctor, you do so in order to detect any irregularities in your body and take preventive measures.

Dreams with goats and sheep

If you dreamed of goats and sheep it is usually a positive sign. It is often related to the welfare and wealth of your family. Perhaps it indicates receiving a gift or inheritance from a wealthy cousin in the near future or any other relative who is close to you. It also means that you will have enough money in the near future, that you will have great times with the people you love and that you will finally be able to explore more of your skills, talents and hobbies.

Dreams with goats and cows

Having a dream vision with goats and cows may mean that you need to be part of a group or that you are already part of a group of friends or some other group that you enjoy very much. If something was happening to you or the herd, or the cows and goats were anxious, this dream is a sign of some problems with your friends. Or even, someone who is behaving in a way that is causing the group to collapse.

Dreams with baby goats

To dream of baby goats could indicate that your behavior is affecting you in some way. Perhaps your misdeeds and bad decisions will become known to your family members, and could greatly disappoint them, causing them to change their opinion and attitude towards you. It’s time to grow up and take the right path.

Dreams with fighting goats

If you dreamed of goats fighting it foretells some situation that could get out of control, and a person you once wanted to control will get out of these actions and react violently. Perhaps you wanted to look out for the welfare of someone close to you, and that is why you decided to change certain things in your life. You will probably face changes of plans that you could never imagine, so you might feel a little lost and confused.

Dreaming of colorful goats

To dream of colorful goats means that some situations in your future are going to require a radical change. Above all, in your way of thinking in order to achieve them. You may have to approach the situation from a point of view that you had not considered before. On the other hand, colorful goats represent strangeness and uniqueness in a good way, especially if they are warm colors.

Dreaming of black goats

If you have dreamed of black goats it could mean different things and that is the case with all animals of this color, interpreted through our dreams. If a black goat appears in your dream, it could mean that you will have unexpected problems, but those don’t have to be incredibly negative situations. It’s better to think of them as unusual challenges.

Dreaming of white goats

To see white goats in dreams represents good fortune, money, health and general well-being. This dream is clearly a good omen and means that you can relax and enjoy life. Your conscience is clear, you have no major worries (or you should realize that there are no worries that require one hundred percent of your attention), your life is generally balanced and you should turn to some pleasant things.

Dreams with brown goats

Dreams with brown goats may indicate that you must obtain some information or some knowledge before you can make a decision or start a project. This also applies to being able to start a love relationship. Perhaps you are acting in haste, and you need to slow down a bit with someone you have just met.

Dreaming of male goats

To dream of male goats is a sign that there are enemies nearby who are currently conspiring to harm you in some way. Such as theft, words that are not true, espionage and even some forgery of important documents. These actions will have major repercussions on your future plans, so it is advisable to take shelter for a while.

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The Dream Encyclopedia
The Dream Encyclopedia

The sacrificial “scapegoat,” the tenacious “old goat,” and “getting someone’s goat” all indicate the sturdiness of this animal. This symbol is also associated with sexual vitality (“lecherous old goat”), especially when depicted as a satyr, such as the god Pan in pagan mythology.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

The wild goat conveys an idea of freedom and agility. The male goat represents sexual potency. Some people associate this animal to the devil. The latter, of course, has negative connotations; it states that you are judging and condemning yourself.

This animal has a negative esoteric interpretation in either case. Thus, owning a goat is announcement of discomfort; milking it indicates family illness; slitting its throat, misery.
The only exceptions to this negative aspect are represented by the white goat, which promises luck, and by owning a large herd, an indicator of wealth.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

A dream concerning goats is a warning against involving yourself in any venture or activity which is not strictly on the up and up; the warning is especially strong if the dream featured milking a goat. If you were chased, frightened, or butted by a goat, the message pertains specifically to gambling—don’t!

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

Goats represent sacrifice, blame, rebellion against societal rules, and also destruction.

To dream of an injured or dead goat symbolizes a sacrifice you have made for someone, or that someone has made for you.
To dream of a goat inside your home or workplace or in any other place where a goat wouldn’t normally belong means you have shifted the blame for something onto someone else, or someone has decided to blame you for something.
To dream of a person who is part goat, or a goat in the forest, represents your desire to escape society’s rules and restrictions and really let go. You are ready for a party.
To see a goat eating or destroying something symbolizes a situation so carelessly managed that you won’t be able to repair all the damage.

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