Dream meaning of giant

To dream of giants is not common, but it represents your behavior in the last few days on actions that required your absolute participation. It is a sign that you maintain an internal discussion between the results of a recent event.

In some cultures they consider dreams with giants as positive, since they augur that the dreamer is someone who will grow as much as his spirit allows. Likewise, they believed that people who had this type of dream visions were very strategic and should be part of select groups or of great innovation.

However, times have changed. Now dreams with giants are considered descriptive, referring to the thoughts you must have to overcome a great obstacle. Although it is still about strategy, eventually you must opt for measures that will allow you to act correctly in the face of conflicting situations.

What does it mean to dream of giants?

There are different moments in the dreamer’s life where a dream vision with giants can occur. In addition, it depends on the reaction of the giant or your behavior at the moment of seeing him. In some dreams, the people are the giants themselves, but they can be bad or very good.

Finding the meaning of dreaming of giants describes your situation in front of an important event. Sometimes, you don’t have the time, resources or emotions necessary to achieve a goal, so you end up having a bad dream and portending a bad week.

Dreams with white giants

When you dream of white giants you need moments of calm, especially those related to your professional future. You can’t keep thinking about the uncertain or trying to remedy conflicting situations. It is time to calm down and hope that the outcome will be positive for you, but seek the company of other people to be your unconditional support and not just another problem.

Dreaming of blue giants

Dreams with blue giants portend a lack of self-esteem, motivation and objectivity. Perhaps you feel frustrated by your current situation, but you need to change your attitude in order to achieve what you propose or you will continue to make the same mistakes as always. This dream is positive, since it indicates that you know all your problems, but you want to start over to overcome all the obstacles.

Dreaming of stone giants

If you dream of stone giants they signify the challenges you have to meet, to overcome all your enemies and competitors. It is the way you understand that problems will always present themselves and that it is up to you to decide whether you will carry that stone or find a way around it.

Dreaming of steel giants

When you dream of steel giants you must move away from that which has no solution. Your thoughts are in constant struggle between trying, abandoning it or giving it some time. It is time to walk away, as you understand that you are swimming against the current of trouble, therefore, it is time to step away from that path. Don’t be discouraged by this dream, as it is the perfect sign to warn you that you did what was within your reach, but the time has come to leave it all behind.

Dreaming of bad giants

Dreams with bad giants are common and signify the lack of enthusiasm or motivation you need to realize your goals. It is a way of interpreting that the purpose you had to accomplish, now became a problem and will end up being your punishment. You are tired of bad results, but rather than face them, you are trying to avoid them.

Dreams with giants chasing you

If you dream of giants chasing you, it means all the conflicts in your life expressed in an uncontrollable way. For you, the situation in your life is far from calm, so you are constantly in an emotional conflict between what is prudent and imprudent for you. One way to explain this is when you need to remove someone from your life who brings nothing but trouble, but you are constantly uneasy about the results you will get.

To dream of giants attacking

If you dream of giants attacking it means that you need to find a profitable partnership or agreement, as your financial stability is at risk. You currently have goals that seem unattainable, so you are bothered by the few results you are getting.

Dreams with dead giants

A dream with dead giants signifies a new beginning. If in the end you ended up getting into a lot of trouble and did not manage to get out of it, it is time to start from scratch. You cannot remedy the situation of the past, but you can make a change in your present. Analyze yesterday’s mistakes so you don’t repeat them today, but don’t hurt yourself with questions that make no sense now.

Dreaming of human giants

Did you dream of human giants? It means that you must understand that everyone has problems and all problems have solutions. You should not interpret your problems as a lack of self-potential or too little motivation, as it comprises of many causes any possible solution. That is to say, do not torment yourself for not finding the answers to your questions, since soon they will come loaded with surprises.

Dreams with good giants

If you dreamed of good giants, a lot of protection will come into your life, either from your family or your partner. You are someone who has people who want to see you succeed and that you are someone who meets their goals, so they will be supporting you at every moment, so that you never fall. If you dream of good and loving giants, and you don’t have a partner, it means that you need a person in your life to find daily motivation.

Dreams with friendly giants

A dream vision with giant friends means luck in business and an improvement in the economy. People will come into your life with excellent economic and social conditions, who will look for you to be part of this change. You are someone important to them, so it is essential to always be open and attentive to what they have to tell you.

Dreaming of giants fighting

To dream of giants fighting means that your economy is at risk, especially if you are the owner of a business. This dream portends problems in business related to internal conflict situations. In other words, you should be attentive to what is happening in your company, to avoid its failure.

Dreams with flying giants

A dream vision with giants flying means life situations that are above your own limits. In this case you just have to trust that you will achieve a change as a result of what you are living, but understand that you cannot modify everything to your liking. There are moments that go out of control and right now you are just an observer of the consequences.

Other meanings of dreams with giants

To dream that you are killed by a giant means that you did not find solutions to your problems and ended up with big failures in your life.

To dream that you kill a giant means that you overcame your problems and now it is time to enjoy the reward for your actions.

If you dream of giants in your city it means that you will succeed in whatever you set your mind to, as long as you are determined to pursue your own opportunities.

To dream of a giant woman means that you need some sentiment, mother figure and protection at home. It is a way of warning you that advice and unconditional companionship, will always be from your mother.

To dream that you are a giant means egocentrism. You are beginning to elevate your ego above your reality, you must stop this behavior.


The deepest and most ancient meaning of the myth of the giant alludes to the supposed existence of an immense, primordial being, by whose sacrifice creation was brought forth. This cosmogonic myth was very common among primitive and ancient peoples, and it shows how rites involving the sacrifice of humans are an attempt to revive the initial sacrifice and to resuscitate the cosmic forces or to reawaken, at least, their favourable proclivities. Now, the giant is, in himself, neither good nor bad, but merely a quantitative amplification of the ordinary; hence, as the case may be, there are some legendary giants who are protectors and others who are aggressive. This sense of the giant as ‘that which surpasses’ human stature (here symbolic of power and strength), is also indicative of the broad significance of the giant.

He may be an image of the ‘Terrible Father’, arising from childhood memories—children see their parents as giants—or an image of the unconscious, the ‘dark side’ of the personality menacing the Jungian Selbst, etc.

The giant may be a symbol of ‘everlasting rebellion’, of the forces of dissatisfaction which grow within Man and determine his history and his destiny; it may, that is to say, be a symbol of the Universal Man (Adam Kadmon).

According to Jungian psychology, the giant’s essence—or his appearance, rather—seems to correspond to the father-symbol, representing the spirit that withstands the instincts, or as the guardian of the treasure (that is, the mother—the unconscious), in which case it is identical with the dragon-symbol.


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4 Definitions
  1. Giants can be good and friendly symbols (e.g., “the jolly Green Giant”) or a fierce and terrifying one (e.g., the “fee fie foe fum” ogre in the story “Jack and the Bean Stalk”). They also symbolize what is outstandingly large and overwhelming in the dreamer’s life, such as a “gigantic” obstacle.

  2. The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke April 6, 2022 at 4:50 am

    We can say that in the most profound and ancestral aspect, the myth of the giant refers to the existence of an enormous living being, primordial, whose sacrifice originated creation.

    The giant’s figure – prevalent in ancient cosmological cultures – is neither benevolent nor malevolent, it is simply a quantitative magnification of the ordinary reality; therefore, as appropriate, there are legendary protective and aggressive giants.

    In Jungian psychology, their presence seems to correspond with the symbol of the father, representing the spirit that places obstacles to the instinctive impulses. Other interpretations assign a sexual nature to the giant. This dream can mean that the subject’s sexual needs are disproportionate.

    The oneiric giants portend commercial successes.

  3. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 10, 2022 at 4:06 am

    A dream of being a giant yourself is warning you against any speculative ventures for the time being. Meeting a giant boldly is a promise of future success; killing a giant signifies an increase in material wealth; to see a giant trampling over others or pushing them aside indicates obstacles which you can overcome through determination and perseverance.

  4. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 13, 2022 at 3:58 pm

    A giant is a particularly large version of a human being. Such a creature symbolically represents an inflated or expanded version of any number of concepts. Consider what the giant or giants are doing in the dream to determine how to interpret the dream. If the dream is frightening, you may be experiencing more fear than a situation truly merits in your waking life. If the giant in your dream is more benevolent, you may be asking for a certain aspect of your personality to get bigger in order to face a particular situation.

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