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To dream that you found something suggests that you are coming into contact with some aspect of your psyche or subconscious. You are recognizing a part of yourself that was previously repressed or undeveloped.

Money or Jewels

Dreams about finding valuables operate on several levels. You may be awash in debt, fear that you’ll never have enough, or that you’ll lose what you have.

You want to feel lucky, abundant, influential, and rich, so you try it out in your dreams.

Under these worries often lurks a deeper fear — that you don’t deserve to be loved, supported, or cared for. Your deep self is showing you what it feels like to be blessed.

Gaining money or valuables really means you’re gaining in emotional well-being, confidence, and power. You may be preparing to increase your creativity and abundance level, to feel that having more is normal.

To dream that you found someone indicates that you are identifying new facets of a relationship. You may be taking the relationship to a new level and/or direction. The dream may also be a metaphor for finding yourself.

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