Dream meaning of felines

Dreaming of felines is a link to your feminine side, and is associated with women although the vision is also present in men. Cats are usually represented as part of nature, and this is demonstrative of a feminine attitude or femininity in your life, whether you are male or female. Your subconscious is trying to get you to have more of these qualities in your personality.

These types of animals are very self-sufficient, so your dream with felines may be related to independence, feminine instincts, originality and supremacy. Unfortunately, a dream with felines may also indicate hard times or bad luck. Felines are known for playing, hunting and reaching out in the dark for prey.

If you are a feline lover, this dream may mean that you are going to have more activities in daily life. Sometimes, if the feline appears in a dream, it can be somewhat confusing to understand the true meaning. Felines are considered somewhat crepuscular, as they are active between dawn and dusk. For that reason, when dreaming about them the whole context should be evaluated.

What does it mean to dream of felines?

If you have dreamed of felines, it means feminine sexuality, inner power, creativity and an independent spirit. It also represents bad luck and sometimes sudden misfortune. This dream vision has different interpretations, and it is based on whether or not you like this type of animals. And even, on the way you have related to them in the dream.

Felines could indicate that someone is cheating or betraying you. If the feline is aggressive, you should check the feminine aspect of your personality. Fear of the feline in the vision, denotes that you are afraid of becoming a mother or father and starting a family. All combinations are subconscious signs of hidden or repressed fears, towards areas that we should strive to cultivate.

Dreaming of tame felines

To dream of tame felines has as meaning, the latent need to be a more carefree and playful person in your day to day life. Tame felines are a reflection of your need to feel loved or a fear of not being faithful to the people you love.

It is important that you know how to manage your relationships and your negative thoughts. So, it is better to judge the whole picture before believing that you are doing wrong and do not deserve the love of others. This is the message of dreams with tame felines, because before assuming things it is better to talk about them and be open with your feelings.

If you dreamed of petting or playing with tame felines, it is an action that can be considered reckless and high risk. It may be an indicator that in your future you will have very good luck, due to the fact that you took a risk in certain aspects of your real life, without having to suffer great consequences.

Dreaming of tame wild felines

The meaning of dreams with tame wild felines represents the feminine aspects of yourself that you have neglected or overlooked. Also, you may be seeking excitement in your social circle or sex life. To dream of a herd of tame wild felines symbolizes that you have not allowed your true self to shine through for others to see.

Dreams where you are surrounded by tame wild cats and you feel threatened, is a symbol of the need to go into your comfort zone. You feel fenced in in some way. Someone or something is not allowing you to fully express yourself and this represents frustration in your life.

Dreams with wild felines

A dream vision with wild felines may indicate that a neighbor may be dangerous or that you will have some kind of dispute with him. To dream of fighting a wild feline could represent a warning about a robbery or deception of some kind. While dreaming of embracing wild felines suggests that all your enemies may be “tamed”.

The interpretation of dreams with wild felines biting you symbolizes losing something. Sometimes it is related to the people closest to you. Generally, this loss arises after a big fight or a few words that were said without any bad intentions. However, the situation will not escalate.

Dreams with feline cubs

To see feline cubs in your dreams indicates that it is time to stop and listen to your inner voice in order to accomplish your goals. Perhaps, in your quest for success you have forgotten your true self somewhere along the way. For that reason, it is time to be true to your beliefs, values and customs in order to feel one hundred percent fulfilled.

Dreaming of big cats

If you have dreamed of big cats in their natural habitat, it means that you can successfully control all your emotions and impulses and you have an excellent life balance. If the big cats are running away, it means that by maintaining the constancy of your current actions you will be able to get all those issues that are important to you to improve in a very short time thanks to the effort.

Dreams with felines fighting

If you dreamed of felines fighting it indicates that you are going to fight for what you want in life. If the two felines use their claws to attack each other, then it is time to think logically why you feel stress. Try to analyze what your real concerns are in real life.

Dreaming of caged felines

This type of caged feline dream indicates that you may be in an unhappy relationship in an abusive power dynamic. Perhaps your girlfriend or boyfriend is overly controlling and obsessive, which makes it impossible for you to be free and express yourself as you really want to. Your partner is bothered by certain aspects of your personality, and you have let them control you too much.

Dreams with baby felines

Dreaming of baby felines is connected not only to peace and tranquility, but also to the need for human comfort. A dream of baby felines can also mean that you need to control your own path in life. It may suggest that you have been sheltered forever. It is time to move forward in life and focus on new beginnings and possibilities. This dream may also indicate a new adventure or seeking new answers to possibilities.

Dreaming of dead felines

When we dream of dead felines it implies obtaining a great reward after a difficult struggle, which has lasted a long time and in which we have invested a great amount of effort. This dream invites to perseverance and to stay strong until we achieve all our goals.

Dreams with attacking felines

A dream with attacking felines may symbolize that someone in your life is untrustworthy or disloyal. An attacking feline may represent problems with the feminine side of your personality and may also predict that you will soon be dealing with a malicious person in your life. Beware of those who claim to be your best friends.

Dreaming of giant felines

To dream of giant felines is a reminder of how powerful you really are. It is also a reminder that other people close to you, who although different, can be just as powerful. Imagine what would happen if you all came together for a common goal! Cooperation is key with this symbol, which is associated with the professional and work side of things.

Dreams with felines as pets

The meaning of dreams with felines as pets indicates that you will soon be communicating and exchanging ideas with others. Also, it may suggest hidden wisdom for the resolution of a problem or the initiation of a project. Either way, this dream reveals that we have excellent communication skills that will lead to success.

Dreaming of colorful felines

Dreams with colorful felines symbolize many people working together to achieve a goal. This dream vision has to do with teamwork, an aspect that is essential in your work environment. Therefore, you must improve it in order to improve as a person and in your work.

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