Dream meaning of eyes

Dreaming about eyes is an enriching experience. It is a moment where you begin to ask yourself important questions, but always looking for a sincere answer. Historically, the eyes have been considered the window to the soul and a sign of the type of person we are in the reality in which we live.

Mythologically, the eyes have interpreted positions of power and intelligence. The most ancient cultures have detailed their leaders with an eye above them or in their hands, indicating that they have the power to see everything and nothing escapes them. If you dream of eyes you are approaching this concept, but in a way that you are trying to investigate your surroundings.

However, if you dreamt with eyes before investigating others you must investigate yourself. Since these dreams can be interpreted as a need to overcome your own problems, so that you can get the life of others. Do not think of envy, think of a self-analysis of skills to discover your own weaknesses.

Although it is difficult to explain, dreaming of eyes can make you change your thinking and even your way of living life. Eyes are recognized as everything learned, even the most feared medical disability for man is to go blind, some even prefer to lose both arms, but continue with the eyes.

What does it mean to dream of eyes?

What does it mean to dream of eyes?

If you dreamed of eyes you are relating your thoughts and feelings. For some people, having this dream means that you are being watched and questioned, but really it is only an invitation to make a self-evaluation with criteria, that is, not to excuse yourself in front of any negative quality that you find.

However, there are many meanings of dreaming about eyes that need to be detailed. Below is a list of interpretations when dreaming of eyes.

Dreaming of blue eyes

To dream of blue eyes signifies fantasies and anxieties. There is a way of looking at life and believing that everything makes sense or that your routine will take you nowhere. These feelings can fill you with illusions, but you need to embrace a series of emotions to make them a possibility in your life.

To better understand the meaning of dreams with blue eyes, you should analyze your current situation. The doors to change are present at every moment, but perhaps you are the one who keeps closing them due to the lack of emotional stability and unconditional support.

In other cases, all these needs for companionship and love, will be solved very soon. But, again, dreaming with blue eyes indicates that you should be open to these possibilities.

Dreams with light blue eyes

If you dreamed of light blue eyes you should prepare yourself for a new friendship, which if properly related will end in a love relationship. However, do not approach strange people, as there are some who want to play you a bad time, taking advantage of you or raising false testimonies.

Dreams with black eyes

Have you dreamed of black eyes? Then you are about to be betrayed by your friends. Maybe they only stay by your side out of hypocrisy, but they get something in return for being by your side. However, you must identify these people, as they will end up causing you harm.

Dreaming of green eyes

If you dream of green eyes it foretells betrayal. You are surrounded by several people who only want to take advantage of you, perhaps out of envy or jealousy pretend to be your friends, but really just waiting for their moment to betray you.

If you constantly dream of green eyes, be prepared to confront someone close to you, as you will discover their hypocrisy and the envy they have always had. This is a time to remain cautious in front of others.

Dreaming of gray eyes

If you dream of gray eyes, it invites you to self-evaluate. You are not going through a bad period or reducing your social circles, you simply want a change of pace in your life and it is time to make the right choice. Remember to ask for advice from the right people, since your environment has people who are in a worse situation than you.

Dreams with white eyes

Have you dreamed of white eyes? Then you are looking for a suitable interpretation for your life. You are at a stage where you want to find yourself again, but you consider that you are not going in the right direction, therefore, starting by focusing properly will be the first key.

If you dream with white eyes constantly, when you wake up, make a list of activities that you have pending and try to solve them one by one, in this way, you will be able to improve your time and take responsibility for what really matters.

Dreaming with red eyes

If you dreamt with red eyes, it foretells of trying moments in the following days. Inexplicable moments are approaching, since during one day you may have good news, while other days will be of unpleasant news.

On the other hand, if you dream of red eyes it means that you are full of passion and anger, so you may make wrong decisions. Try to control your emotions and don’t forget to choose your paths properly.

Dreaming of yellow eyes

If you dream of yellow eyes you should pay attention to your surroundings, especially your inner voice. When you think something is wrong around you, it is because something bad is really going on. Awaken your common sense and be wary of things you see too easily, as it is probably a trap.

Dreams that I cannot open my eyes

To dream that I cannot open my eyes indicates that you are blind to your reality. It is common for problems to arise in people’s lives, but there is no worse blind person than the one who does not want to see. If you are a person who recognizes that you are full of problems, do not try to cover them up with excuses and dare to get out of them one by one.

When you dream that you cannot open your eyes, it also suggests that there are people next to you who live unrealistic lives, that is, who only trust that things will change miraculously, without doing anything to make the result positive. In other words, they leave everything to chance and this does not suit you.

If you dream that you cannot open your eyes because you have something inside, then it suggests that you have too many obstacles in your life, which is why you are unable to move forward. The solution is as simple as it is complex, you just have to solve one problem at a time.

Dreams with sick eyes

To dream of sick eyes describes you in terms of your abilities. You believe that upcoming challenges cannot be overcome, you feel incapable of improving your life and you consider that without help from others you can’t get anywhere.

If you continue to have these thoughts, dreams with sick eyes will become more frequent, which means that every attempt to improve your life will end in failure. Change your thinking, you are capable of making it on your own and always with the ability to be a better person.

Dreaming with open eyes

If you have a dream with open eyes, it means that you are not paying attention to your surroundings. You are going through a stage of important decisions that require all your attention, but rather than waking up and taking responsibility, it seems that you are living in an unreality.

This situation will only bring problems to your life, therefore, take dreaming with your eyes open as a sign that you identified the problems, but you do not want to assume the responsibilities.

Dreams with big eyes

If you dream of big eyes, financial gains are coming. You have noticeably improved your environment, new partners come to you and with this, episodes of good luck. It is an excellent time to dare the unknown and try new things in your environment.

To dream of blood in the eyes

To dream of blood in your eyes signifies sacrifice and constancy. You consider that you have abandoned important things to follow a dream, but you punish yourself with the question: Will it be worth it? You must analyze your environment, make an inventory of what you have and accept your reality to begin to change it from within.

To dream that your eyes are gouged out

To dream that they gouge out your eyes signifies unrealities and lies. They keep you informed of things that you just want to know, while the reality is totally different. This is just filling you with false expectations and will be a big problem in the future. However, it is a sign for you to wake up from your unreality and ask about the really important things.

Dreaming of cat’s eyes

When you dream of cat’s eyes, you foresee solutions to current or future problems. You have the ability to see what an ordinary person cannot see, so it represents an advantage in the face of an eventual confrontation. In addition, it represents your ability to hunt, that is, to catch any target you set your mind to.

Dreams with three eyes

To dream of three eyes is a sign of intellectual evolution. You began to see life in a different way and you are about to reach a state of greater maturity. At this time, you are able to make important decisions on your own, without depending on the help of anyone else. However, if someone tries to help you, never refuse it, no matter how little it may be.

Dreaming of closed eyes

If you dreamed of closed eyes you are looking for help for your life. Perhaps it is just a need to receive advice from your parents or appreciation from a friend. In any case, you are looking for someone to tell you what paths you should take and although you know the best alternative, you want someone to give you a hint of this.

Dreams with clear eyes

To dream of clear eyes means peace of mind. You are in a stage of many conflicts and you are looking for tranquility, which will come very soon. If you dream constantly with clear eyes is because you are looking for inner peace, success and to overcome any challenge that appears on the way.

Dreams with shining eyes

Did you dream of shining eyes? Then your intellectual level is at its highest. You have the basic tools to improve your whole life, plus the necessary contacts to start new projects. You are thinking of great things and dreaming with bright eyes is a positive sign of your actuality.

Dreams without eyes

To dream without eyes is a bad omen, as it indicates that in the future you will be subjected to a series of problems that do not have an easy solution. Moreover, these problems may trigger a major loss for you. Keep calm and common sense the following days, so that tranquility can return to you and keep away the problems.

Dreaming of eye surgery

To dream of eye surgery means that you should change your attitude towards a situation. You are probably interpreting a situation incorrectly or exaggerating a problem, this is an invitation to change your perspective.

Dreams with painting your eyes

To dream of painting your eyes means that you are becoming a liar. If you do it consciously, be aware of the problems that may come in the future. If it is something you feel is not real, then analyze the comments you constantly make and determine whether or not you are telling lies.

To dream of being blindfolded

To dream of being blindfolded indicates that you are causing harm to someone. Your behavior and actions are affecting other people and you are aware of this. Determine if this is really what you want, otherwise, take action to reverse the situation.

Dreams with beautiful eyes

To dream of beautiful eyes indicates romance, passion and prosperous romantic relationships. You want to take the next step in the relationship or acquire one, in either sense it portends great times and great peace for both of you. However, do not be confident, continue to carry out your life with hard work and without generating problems.

Dreaming of a woman’s eyes

To dream of women’s eyes indicates that a woman likes you or is looking for a woman to like you. It represents the opportunities you may have in a future relationship, but it warns you that you should tread carefully, as your accelerated actions may lead to misunderstandings and cause a bad view of yourself.

Dreams with men’s eyes

To dream of man’s eyes being a woman, represents that you need to add character to your life and a greater control of emotions. It describes that there is a will to continue working for a better future, but it also shows that you are weak in front of a situation where you should have faced your attacker without any fear.


Physical Physical
If you see your own eyes, you are focusing on accepting yourself fully, or are receiving information about the condition of your physical eyes. If someone is winking, you’re being let in on a secret or something is being kept from you. If there is something in your eye, there are obstacles in your path.
Emotional Emotional
You are opening to experience the love that comes through these windows of the soul. Closed eyes mean you are afraid to see the truth, are avoiding intimacy, or need to introvert to find deeper knowledge. Crossed eyes mean you are confused. Eyebrows show emotions like amazement, disbelief, doubt, concern, or disapproval.
Spiritual Spiritual
You are focusing on your ability to see clearly, how you receive insight, your own visions, and level of enlightenment. If you have one eye, you are refusing to accept other viewpoints. If you have a third eye, you have a clear inner vision of spiritual truth. Floating, disembodied eyes are spiritual guides connecting with you.
The essence of the question involved here is contained in the saying of Plotinus that the eye would not be able to see the sun if, in a manner, it were not itself a sun. Given that the sun is the source of light and that light is symbolic of the intelligence and of the spirit, then the process of seeing represents a spiritual act and symbolizes understanding.

Hence, the ‘divine eye’ of the Egyptians—a determinative sign in their hieroglyphics called Wadza—denotes ‘He who feeds the sacred fire or the intelligence of Man’ —Osiris, in fact. Very interesting, too, is the way the Egyptians defined the eye—or, rather, the circle of the iris with the pupil as centre—as the ‘sun in the mouth’ (or the creative Word).

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The Dream Encyclopedia

Eyes have many associations, and thus constitute a difficult symbol to interpret. Eyes are associated with wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment, perceptiveness, and gods and goddesses. Eyes may also be crossed, blinded, or half-shut. Certain kinds of glances are revelatory (“she looked right through me”); others are dangerous (“if looks could kill,” “the evil eye”).

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

Dreams in which one eye appears indicate the desire to know and to find the truth. Two eyes suggest that you are probably about to have a major revelation. Losing your sight is a sign that you fear being cheated.

This dream denotes insecurity and helplessness in the face of all that happens. The eye also represents the masculine sphere, thereby identifying blindness with impotence; have something driven into the eye corresponds symbolically with intercourse.

The story of Oedipus going blind after realizing that he unknowingly married his mother, as predicted by the oracle, seems to confirm this correlation of eye-sexuality. However, according to other interpretations, the eyes are “the windows to the soul,” a symbol of wisdom that offers clues about our spiritual state.

The condition of the eye will give you plenty of information. For example, if the eyes are shining, there is a healthy inner life; it may also indicate psychic awareness and insight.
If they are green, however, it is likely that you harbor feelings of envy.

In the mystical tradition, the eyes are a symbol of higher consciousness.
It is believed that people have a third eye located above the eyebrows, in the center of the forehead. It perceives other dimensions and spiritual realities. In fact, it coincides in its placement with the gland of the brain that produces the chemicals to control consciousness.

Many say that, centuries ago, this eye was real but, eventually, ended up being buried in the forehead. In fact, a species of lizard from New Zealand still has this third ocular member on its head.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

Strange or disembodied eyes in a dream are considered a prediction of a very beneficial change of events soon to come.
To injure your eyes, get something in them, or be otherwise worried about them is a warning that someone is trying to trick you in a business affair. If the main feature of your dream was the beauty of the eyes, the dream is telling you that you can count on the sincere love of those who matter to you.
Crossed eyes are a lucky omen for money matters, but a squint, cast, or other defect is a warning against an illicit love affair.
Animal eyes are a sign of hidden rivalry or jealousy in your close circle. Exceptionally large and/or wide-open eyes in a dream signify an inheritance. Blue or light eyes mean a new friendship; dark eyes, a new love affair.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

The eyes are the windows of the soul, so the saying goes. They are also the dominant sense with which human beings navigate their existence. There are many things that can happen with the eyes in a dream, but whatever that is, consider that the interpretation should connect to how you are seeing things in your life at the time of the dream.

Anything that involves your eyes should be considered as relating to you directly, but if the eyes belong to someone within the dream, look at the character aspects of that individual and consider what would occur if you saw things through that person’s eyes.

Eyes that are closed may point to not wanting to see something that needs your attention.

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

The eyes are the windows to the soul. To dream of your own eyes symbolizes a need to look deep inside yourself for the answers right now. You will know what to do if you use your intuition. To dream something is wrong with your eyes means you aren’t using your intuition to see what’s going on. If you look harder, you’ll see what you’ve missed. To dream of looking into someone else’s eyes suggests a deep spiritual connection with someone.

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