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Dreaming about enemies is a factor that is usually quite present in people’s dreams. This type of dream usually has both positive and negative meanings, so, depending on how these people present themselves to you, it may be a synonym of beneficial moments in your life as well as of quite counterproductive events that may happen to you.

When you tend to dream a lot about enemies, it can refer to various aspects, such as not having overcome stages of life or when you avoid certain types of commitments. Even so, the interpretations tend to vary depending on the way in which dreams are usually represented in a person.

Here we are going to tell you about the meaning of dreams with enemies depending on several variations. So, no matter how your dream was witnessed, it is quite likely that you will find the meaning of the dream in this quite detailed list that you will be able to see.

Check out the entire list explaining the meaning of dreaming about enemies below. Remember that these are quite accurate and complete interpretations, so feel free to continue reading this article.

What does it mean to dream of enemies?

Usually, when you dream of enemies you are referring to contradictory situations in your life. In this way, you may live stormy moments or full of indecision, and they may appear in your dreams to alert you that you will have to face these problems in order to live in a state of tranquility and constant harmony.

Even so, there are several variations in the interpretation of this type of dreams, so it will be necessary to divide these meanings in a list where you can know what exactly means the dream that you may have lived recently. Remember to take into account the factors that will be mentioned in each of the lists.

Dreaming of enemies from the past

This dream with enemies from the past usually means that there are aspects in your life that you have not yet overcome. Perhaps you have had an experience with that person and you want to fix some problem you have had with that person. In this way, your dreams alert you that you must solve any inconvenience of the past to achieve complete happiness.

To dream of enemies from the past refers to struggles with yourself, trying to find peace and happiness. Therefore, it is likely that you have certain personal problems that you must deal with so that your life can run smoothly and without any difficulties.

Dreams with enemies who become friends

If you dream of enemies who become friends it is something extremely positive, since dreaming of enemies with whom you make peace refers to the fact that you will solve certain problems in your daily life. In addition, it can mean that you will solve problems or enmities that you have with someone else, which can produce some peace of mind in your life.

To dream of enemies laughing

If you dream of enemies laughing, they reflect insecurity and possible risk of living traumatic or negative experiences. In this way, this is usually an alarming to keep you in an environment full of security and to do things in the best possible way. On the one hand, these dreams can be negative, but they can also be positive by alerting us to future problems that may appear in your life.

Dreams talking to enemies

A dream vision of enemies talking reflects worries and fears in your life. In addition, it signals that you are rejecting or having a negative attitude in your personal life. Thus, it is preferable to deal with your internal problems in order to improve your interpersonal relationships and lead a better quality of life.

Dreaming of enemies at work

Do you dream of enemies at work? Then, it reflects concern in your personal and work life. In this way, you may find yourself very tense at all times and need to take a break or avoid being so demanding with your work at a professional level. This usually reflects a weariness towards a variety of obstacles that could be seen in a different way, which shows a sign that you need to look at those problems with a much more positive perspective.

Dreams with enemies in my house

It is very common to have dreams with enemies in my house, which means that you have certain difficulties in your personal life or with someone close to you. In this way, it is likely that you feel insecurity everywhere, due to the need to solve certain internal problems or that you have with people quite close to you. This is simply a reflection of some concern you are going through.

Dreaming of enemies fighting

On the other hand, dreams with enemies fighting mean that you are going to discover truths about some people that will make you change the way you thought about them. Everything will be in a negative way, so you will have to make quite compromising decisions about what you should do about the relationship you have with that individual. This denotes that you are going to live a somewhat tense stage until this problem is solved.

Dreams with mocking enemies

If you dream of mocking enemies, it means that there is someone very close or appreciated, who is treating you hypocritically or who simply does not like you. Therefore, you may end up finding out that the same one is constantly making fun of you or saying things about you that damage your reputation both personally and professionally.

Dreaming of enemies chasing you

If you dream of enemies chasing you, it predicts that there are certain problems in your life that do not let you live with peace of mind. It is likely to be a close person, with whom you have recently quarreled and all this generates some discontent or concern. When you live this type of dream, it is necessary that you make decisions in your life to calm any anxiety or concern and you can have a peaceful life.

Dreams with enemies dressed in black

Did you dream of enemies dressed in black? This reflects that you are going to live very discouraging circumstances and that there will come stages in your life quite difficult. It is likely to generate problems at work or personal level, so you should stay alert and avoid generating any conflict with other people. At the same time, it is also an alarm that you are going to lose a valued friendship or that you may lose a loved one.

To dream of enemies embracing you

If you dream of enemies hugging you, it is a positive and encouraging dream. When you dream that an enemy embraces you, it means that you will achieve prosperity in your life and you will manage to solve all kinds of inconveniences that you may live or come to live. In addition, this means that you will have the help of friends or close people who will help you to overcome difficult moments that you may experience.

Dreams with enemies of your partner

It is common to have dreams with enemies of your partner, which means that you have conflicts or insecurities with your partner. In addition, it may be due to problems you are experiencing with your partner, which you need to solve if you want to maintain a balanced and healthy relationship. This type of cases always point to a constant concern that points directly to your partner.


Physical Physical
You are facing an aspect of your life or body that you physically fear, a situation you can’t control, an illness, or a bad habit like an addiction.


Emotional Emotional
You’re dealing with a repressed part of yourself or may feel threatened by someone or a situation. Whether you fight or flee, and how you feel about the action you take, tells you what you need to do.


Spiritual Spiritual
You’re integrating an important part of yourself that needs to be loved and understood. What seems negative holds a hidden gift or talent.
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The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

Fighting enemies in oneiric thoughts literally reflects your problems. Thus, if you win, it means that you have taken the decision to actively intervene in real life. However, if you only talk to them, the unconscious is suggesting you to solve things peacefully.

If the enemy attacks you and you do not fight back, it means that you not only accept defeat but also do not strive to change the situation.

Dreaming that you have enemies means your friends are helpful and attentive.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

A dream of contrary. You can rely on having loyal and helpful friends if you dreamed of someone you knew, or suspected, was an enemy.

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

To dream of an enemy means you sense someone is plotting against you – or just plain doesn’t like you. Enemy dreams can also mean you are being an enemy to yourself. Have you been “mean” to your body, your mind, or your heart?

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