Dream meaning of enclosure

To dream that you are in an enclosure indicates that you are in defensive mode. Some situation in your waking life has put you on guard. You feel the need to protect and defend yourself.

To dream that you are in an enclosure that is shrinking indicates that you feel restrained and confined in some circumstance. It represents actual or perceived limitations. You need to start testing out your boundaries in order to grow.

To dream that you are in an enclosure made of glass suggests that you are too critical about a person or situation.

The walled city is also an image of the ‘spiritual centre’. It appears to have been portrayed thus by Domenico di Michelino in his image of Dante; and it also appears frequently in this guise in the Middle Ages as the ‘celestial Jerusalem’.
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The Dream Encyclopedia

If we dream about being inside an enclosure, it often represents our psychological defenses, such as our pride or anger. If we feel trapped within the enclosure, it may refer to our life circumstances, such as feeling bound to a particular job, relationship, or location.

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