Dream meaning of eggs

Some dreams may seem strange and even meaningless, but all of them have an interpretation that you are interested in knowing. This is the case of dreaming about eggs, a good luck dream that represents abundance and all the positive aspects of life. Dreaming of eggs is one of the best dream experiences you can have, even if at first it seems a strange and meaningless dream. But if you want to get to the meaning of this dream you have to stop for a moment and think about the true symbolism of eggs.

The egg is a symbol of abundance. The more eggs you see in your dreams, the more predisposition you will have to success, wealth and abundance. But, be careful, we are not talking about money and this is not a premonitory dream. The dream with eggs only indicates that you are in the best moment to achieve everything you propose.

Eggs, since ancient times, have been known as a healthy source of protein and also as a delicious food from chickens. Many of us have eaten eggs and enjoyed them, even though there is no consensus on whether or not they are bad for you. In the dream world they can also have possible aspects, since in dreams eggs can speak to us of both prosperity and a sense of loss. Perhaps you keep wondering what are the meanings of dreams with eggs and also how these omens can be applied to the current situation.

In general, dreaming of eggs can represent fertility, fortune, favorable changes in your life or luck, there are different meanings of dreaming of eggs and today we are going to extensively mention each of the definitions.


What does it mean to dream of eggs?

What does it mean to dream of eggs?

The meaning of dreaming of eggs can range from perfection to fragility. It can also mean abundance, but the meaning can be fluctuated by the shape and quality of the egg, for example, if the eggs are whole, fried, hard-boiled or cracked. Also the color of the egg can influence its interpretation.

Among the most frequent interpretations of dreams with eggs can mean purity, since an almost perfect oval and its whitish color is usually associated with purity. Purity as something positive and desirable so they represent a sign of good omen. On the other hand, it hints at uncertainty, dreaming of eggs is also a lack of certainty.

The egg is a food and the dream may suggest that you have the basic needs covered, as when you dream of buying bread, for example. But an egg is also the origin of an animal, able to gestate a new life and, therefore, the dream may be talking about fertility. Fertility can be understood in the sense of getting pregnant or in the sense of starting to gestate projects that excite you.

Dreaming of broken eggs

To dream of broken eggs alludes to family quarrels, that is, you will have a very strong argument with your family and you will not have enough confidence in yourself to refute the facts. It may also mean that you feel that you are feeling vulnerable towards your immediate environment. The best way to take charge of your emotions is for you to let them flow naturally, opt to listen carefully to your interlocutor before refuting any ideas that may come up during the discussion.

Dreaming of chicken eggs

To dream of chicken eggs and that these are located in your kitchen or room means abundance in food and personal materials. If you also see them everywhere, it is synonymous of harmony and abundance. To dream of eggs when you have a project in progress or some other important plan in your life is a sign of concern. Animals such as birds or reptiles hatch from eggs and in your mind you know that something important is going to happen. You are worried about what might come out of that egg, because optimal conditions are needed for the birth to take place. You doubt the effectiveness of your plan and fear it will go awry. Try to relax so that you can do your best to ensure that you work much more efficiently.

To dream of eating eggs

To dream of eating eggs means that serious problems will appear and others will be solved. It also means that you are going through a stage in which you feel weak and vulnerable. You should take this stage very calmly to avoid generating more problems for you and your environment.

Dreams with bloody eggs

To dream of bloody eggs symbolizes that you feel disappointed with yourself for not achieving what you wanted. Perhaps you have struggled to go after your goals or objectives, but you do not get the results you really want. But rest assured that this is the sign for you not to give up, as most people give up when they are about to achieve what they want.

Dreams with rotten eggs

To dream of rotten eggs, the unconscious is wanting to warn you that something is going wrong. An idea that you want to execute can bring misfortune and bad luck. We all know that rotten eggs smell terrible, and are disgusting, we do not like them. Wealth goes away from us just as eggs rot and come to nothing. You must make decisions with great caution, as the consequences could be fatal.

Dreaming of large eggs

To dream of large eggs speaks of very positive things to come that will propel you forward in life. However, at the same time it shows that you need to improve an aspect in you because otherwise you may lose the opportunity. Improve your diet, exercise more, go for a run, sign up for yoga classes. Any effort you make will be well rewarded and the opportunity that will come your way will be the best.

Dreams with many eggs

Dreaming of many eggs can become repetitive, it is a warning sign, your life is not taking the direction you expected. If in your dreams you see eggs of a dark hue in a gloomy environment and that is repeated night after night, you are experiencing too many confusions, something that is not usual for you and that terrifies you. Staying in that prolonged state generates doubts and you must change that as soon as possible.

Dreaming of fried eggs

Dreams with fried eggs reveal that, having willpower, constancy and discipline, we will be able to achieve any goal we have in mind. To dream of fried eggs is synonymous of strength, courage and understanding, very soon you will reap the fruits you are waiting for, you will have money and a good business, but do not trust, if in the dream someone else eats the fried eggs and you feel distressed, then it means that there will be betrayal and fights.

To dream of fried eggs also speaks of when you have to face responsibilities, because, just as a good time in your life is coming, you will have to manage the money obtained so that it yields you and does not disappear so quickly. If when dreaming of eggs they disappear out of nowhere, the atmosphere becomes tense and you feel like getting out of there or making more eggs, it means that you have a pretty tough competition in the labor field, but do not worry, with perseverance and energy you will be victorious.

To dream of boiled eggs

To dream of boiled eggs refers to the tension between members of your family. If when dreaming of boiled eggs, you remove the shell and eat them, it means that you will get everything you have desired, from money to get out of a difficult problem. On the other hand, to dream of boiled eggs that break while cooking indicates work problems, infertility and even monetary losses.

To dream of hard-boiled eggs

To dream of hard-boiled eggs symbolizes that you may be having problems or that you are not going through good times in general. But that you can’t give up because things are going to take a good path. Keeping in mind the recommendations that we will give you will be vital for everything to go in your favor. You must first keep in mind that dreaming of hard-boiled eggs is for people who have fought for something that so far has not given them the result they wanted. But if this is your case, do not worry because you will soon see the fruits of your efforts.

Dreams with cracked eggs

To dream of cracked eggs or very dirty shells is because in your life you feel inferior to the rest or you are subjected to the will of someone else. You will have to strengthen your self-esteem and value yourself as you deserve. Don’t let anyone control you and start to bring out that personality that you sometimes hide for fear of rejection. Everyone is different and some people find it difficult to show their true character.

Dreaming of quail eggs

To dream of quail eggs or small eggs be very careful that you may be being betrayed by someone. Or you will be betrayed very soon by someone. You may be frustrated by this fact, but you can’t forget that it can help you to get to know people better or become stronger emotionally.

Dreaming of colored eggs

To dream of colored eggs shows you that things will soon happen that will surprise you. The dream does not show that they will be positive or negative things. But in any case you should be prepared and you should not be carried away by surprises. You should be prepared for anything that life offers you, since everything will be possible to change it in your favor.

Dreams with blue eggs

To dream of blue eggs indicates that you are a person who lets things happen and you don’t do much to handle it. This can cause you regrets later when it is too late to act. You must put your feet on the ground and learn to say no as many times as necessary, always thinking of your well-being.

Dreams with black eggs

To dream of black eggs is an omen of a future full of dangers and dark events. You must remain calm and analyze every decision you need to make. For peace of mind it is advisable to maintain cleanliness and order in the home, this helps your mind to be calm so you can think better when making decisions.

Dreams with white eggs

Dreaming of white eggs means that you will do very well in love and at work, on the other hand, dreaming of white eggs is related to goodness and purity, it implies that no matter if you feel that in your environment there is too much negativity or that there are people who try to hurt you, none of that will affect you, you will move forward as you have done so far as long as you stay on the path of goodness and with your decisions do not hurt anyone. If we dream of white eggs it is because we are authentic people, with good values and we understand that, in life, the end does not justify the means.

Dreaming of scrambled eggs

To dream of scrambled eggs means that you will have to work hard to achieve the things you want for yourself, but that at the same time the effort will make the things achieved taste much better. Be careful because you are soon to go through a bad situation, but that you will have to work to solve it, because inside you will find everything you need to get ahead and succeed.

Dreaming of lice eggs

To dream of lice eggs is directed to the problems you are going to have or are having in your social relationships. You are not keeping good company and we are not talking precisely from an ethical or behavioral habits point of view. When we talk about bad company we are talking about people who don’t like you well. Maybe you are surrounding yourself with toxic people who do not accept you as you are and try to change you or maybe you are considering friends to people who only want to be with you for some specific interest.

To dream of a nest of eggs

To dream of a nest with eggs, in a clear and direct way, means a gain of money. And if the eggs, instead of being still and closed, we dream that they break and hatch, it represents that we will make many trips and fortune through them, and that what is now practically insignificant, in time will be something very important in our lives.

Dreams with Easter eggs

To dream of Easter eggs warns us that we must take advantage of all the opportunities that are presented to us, since they will generate a radical change in our lives. Not only we make reference to the sentimental subject but also to the economic and interpersonal relationships.


Physical Physical
Develop your inner resources, break out of your shell. You are ready for a new phase of life, and you’re focusing on your creative potential.
Emotional Emotional
You feel nurturing and patient, or need this from others. Cracked, broken eggs mean you feel drained, unappreciated, vulnerable, fragile, or like a failure.
Spiritual Spiritual
You have many unhatched ideas, or ideas that need to gestate longer. You are focusing on wholeness and spiritual potential. Broken eggs mean you’ve spilled your ideas before they were fully cooked.
A great many prehistoric tombs in Russia and Sweden have revealed clay eggs which had been left there as emblems of immortality.

In the language of Egyptian hieroglyphs, the determinative sign of the egg represents potentiality, the seed of generation, the mystery of life. This meaning persisted among the alchemists, who added explicitly the idea that it was the container for matter and for thought.

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The Dream Encyclopedia

Eggs are universal symbols of wholeness, fertility, new birth, and rebirth (or resurrection; hence, their association with Easter). Broken eggs may present a state of brokenness in one’s life or “breaking out of a shell.”

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

They symbolize fecundity, the periodic renewal of nature. After a waiting period, a new horizon opens to us.
This dream indicates wealth and prosperity, except when the eggs are broken; in this case, the represent the fear that projects or emotional relationships will not end well.

Eggs symbolize, in the Jungian school of thought, caution for the future, the economy; the Freudians compare eggs to life in the seed, with rebirth. To dream of finding them in the nest denote a strong desire for parenthood.

There is a superstition that says this dream predicts insults.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

Eggs are a generally good omen for whatever concerns you most. They augur domestic contentment and/or prosperity and abundance. Eating eggs signifies good (or improving if you’re not well) health. If your dream involved finding eggs in a bird’s nest, it predicts an unexpected windfall of money. However, if the eggs in your dream were cracked, rotten, broken, stale, or otherwise unpleasant, they are a warning of disappointment through unwisely placed trust. Brightly colored Easter eggs signify a coming celebration of a happy event.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

There are new beginnings afoot and your life is filled with possibility. An egg symbolizes the potential for life that lies within it. From this perspective, this symbol always connects to new possibilities and new life. The type of egg in your dream and what it might hatch should provide the foundation of your exploration.

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

Eggs symbolize fertility, creation, and perfection.

Dreaming of eating an egg suggests you have been busy internalizing everything you need to create something truly amazing. You’re almost ready to start producing … Art? Offspring? A really great idea?
Dreaming of breaking eggs means you are already in the process of creating. You are making something happen.
Dreaming of a hen laying eggs, or collecting eggs from a nest, symbolizes your quest for ideas. You are looking for inspiration.
Finding an egg and keeping it warm or hatching it suggests you are ready to become responsible for someone. Your nurturing skills are blossoming.

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