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To notice the earth in your dream indicates that you need to be “grounded” and realistic. Perhaps your sense of stability and security is lacking. Consider the consistency of the earth for additional significance on how you are feeling.

If the earth opens or separates, then it represents a project or relationship that you are afraid of falling into.

To dream that you can bend the earth signifies your ability to control your actions and react at a precise or optimal moment.

To see the planet Earth in your dream signifies wholeness and global consciousness. You are interconnected with the world.

To dream of the Earth’s core symbolizes suppressed anger. You are holding in a lot of negative emotions.

Physical Physical
You are working on being fully focused in your body, being practical, and finishing things so you have tangible results. You need to be more loyal, committed, stable, or careful. Issues of fertility are on your mind.
Emotional Emotional
Under the earth’s surface, for example, in caves, tunnels, basements, cellars, and graves, lurk the contents of your subconscious mind, which are often frightening. You are facing your long-buried monsters.
Spiritual Spiritual
The earth seen as a globe indicates wholeness, the mother principle, and global awareness. The earth also contains buried treasure and ancient wisdom. You’re deepening your awareness.
The Northern hemisphere is regarded as that which represents light, corresponding to the positive principle Yang; the Southern is linked with that of darkness and corresponds to Yin. Hence, cultural movements pass from the Northern to the Southern hemispheres.

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The Dream Encyclopedia
The Dream Encyclopedia

The earth can represent solidity, stability, practicality, fertility and a sense of being “grounded” or “having both feet on the ground.” It symbolizes the physical body and the physical world, as opposed to the world of ideas or the world of the spirit. The area beneath the surface of the earth represents the unconscious.
The entire earth seen as a globe can indicate wholeness, the mother principle (“mother earth”), and “global consciousness.”

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

To dream you are lying on the earth signifies news of a sad nature; but if you are being buried in earth, you will be lucky in some kind of gamble. If, in your dream, you see someone tilling the earth, or you observe earth which has been tilled, you will participate in very substantial profits.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

We are extensions of the earth itself, and the presence of this as a dream image indicates some sort of archetypal connection to the concept of a collective consciousness where we are all united as one human organism. You may be dreaming about global issues and how they are affecting you on a personal level. This dream may be helping you see that you are not alone in your challenges, but are connected to a vast wholeness. The dream may indicate the earth as an object of comfort if the dream has pleasant imagery associated with it.

An unpleasant or violent dream involving the earth could point to fears about the challenges and dangers of modern life.

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