Dream meaning of curtain

As many people are aware of the desire to decorate our homes we are more prone to dream about certain decorative implements for the internal structure of the houses and that involves dreaming about curtains.

Thoughts about colors, combinations and details have left an aftermath in our subconscious that tends to be released while we are sleeping, but there are numerous other reasons for which we can interpret these dreams.

In this way, if the dreamer is a person concerned about persevering your privacy reserved could tend to dream of closed curtains more often, who in dreams is found with closed curtains, it is good to prevent against hidden enemies, but if the curtains are opened in dream, it is sure of victory against adversaries.

What does it mean to dream of curtains?

The fact of dreaming that you see a curtain is related to social life or to a hidden enemy of the one who dreams, everything will depend on how it unfolds and how the dream takes place. For example, dreaming of a shower curtain is the type of dream with two possible interpretations.

Now when the dreamer is presented observing curtains is usually a dream that is closely related to difficulties that appear in our life, we will have to carefully review the dream to reach an accurate interpretation and find the meaning that should be in the dream.

Dreaming of white curtains

Now if we focus on the color of our curtains in the dream the color white, symbolizes that new things will come into the dreamer’s life and each will make a positive change, experiencing new things and they will help to mature as a person.

Whether you are young or adult, you should not miss this opportunity and try to learn from the new experience to become a better person and become the example of people who admire you.

Dreaming of blue curtains

The fact of dreaming with blue curtains, want to predict about your isolation from reality and surrounding problems. If the dreamer is present blue curtains, this is a sure sign of excessive fatigue, and therefore rest is required.

Dreams with green curtains

When we talk about dreams with green curtains we are in the symbolization that because of the color we have to focus on our mood, which influences us that we are possibly feeling bad or with low self-esteem, this influences the fact of loving ourselves.

Dreaming of golden curtains

The representation of gold in a curtain, can come to symbolize that the opportunity to have a more financially stable life is very close, either by investing it wisely or using the money to start your own business.

Dreams with red curtains

Now this topic is a bit extensive since it has different interpretations because the curtain represents a barrier between the outside world and the world of the dreamer where it could possibly relate us in an entrance that could be opened to the dreamer, symbolizing success.

Now, the red color of the curtain can mean something related to passion, energy, vitality and above all in love, possibly we interpret that a new love has arrived, but the dreamer is hesitant about whether to let it into his life or not.

Dreaming of yellow curtains

In the given case if the dreamer is presented in the dream with a yellow curtain it can mean that this promises very good news, representing that possibly there will be a real party in some celebration or event and the representatives of the opposite sex will be attracted to the dreamer.

But, if the dreamer is single, it means that soon he will meet the person he is going to marry, but if he is married, it means that the problems in the marriage will be overcome, if the dreamer is a child, it means that he will have what he has longed for.

Dreams with new curtains

The simple fact of dreaming of new curtains represents the meaning for us of hope in life, and more in the decisions we make from that moment on, since everything depends on who we let into our lives.

Dreaming of luxurious curtains

Luxurious curtains, perhaps curtains that are made of velvet, may come to represent a meeting or a meeting with an individual who is not very trustworthy. This person may put on a false posture or use charm to gain the confidence they need.

Dreaming that the curtains fall down

Now in dreams, the fact of having present the individual finds curtains and these fall down can mean a situation of tension, which can lead to reproaches and accusations against the dreamer.

Dreams that curtains move on their own

If the dreamer is represented or shown moving the curtains, it represents that some bad news is about to come to your home.

Dreams with shower curtains

When the dreamer is present in the environment and encounters a shower curtain it is the type of dream with two possible interpretations. The first one speaks of your pent up emotions, they do not come out, the other interpretation is dreaming about shower curtain refers to the privacy of the dreamer.

Another meaning of dreaming of curtains

In the dream to see a dark or black curtain denotes that a problem occurring within the family is hidden from the dreamer. A black curtain in your dream refers to an enemy that manifests itself now either the dreamer observes a complex curtain with drawings in the dream, it refers to a secret enemy.

A symbol of separation, as in the ‘veil of the Temple’ in Jerusalem. The succession of curtains is related to that of cloaks or veils, or even elements of dress and adornment, as they appear in the Mesapotamic poem of Ishtar’s Descent into Hell. The action of parting curtains, rending veils or clothing, stripping off diadems, cloaks or bracelets, signifies a move towards an arcanum or the penetration of a mystery.
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The Dream Encyclopedia

To draw the curtains or experience being behind curtains suggests that the dreamer is trying to hide something from themselves or from others.

Alternatively, dream curtains might allude to such common expressions as “it’s curtains.”

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

If you dream that you open the curtain then you are ready to disclose what has been kept secret.

If you close it you are trying to hide or suppress your feelings.

This dream portends that you will have guests that will displease you. Disputes will take place soon.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

An obstacle dream pertaining to hidden opposition. If during your dream the curtains were opened, you will discover and outwit the hostile hypocrite. If your dream featured the hanging or selection of new curtains, you may expect increased social activity.

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

Closed curtains symbolize something you are hiding, or something hidden from you.
Open curtains symbolize your readiness to reveal what’s up with you or to see what’s really going on.

The Complete Dream Book » Gillian Holloway
The Complete Dream Book » Gillian Holloway

Soiled white curtains are a forerunner of good luck to those engaged in literary or other artistic work.

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