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Dreams containing spiritual symbols such as the cross often do not show the context of the dream itself. You must take into account the fact that these elements in your dream will have the most relevance in your daily life, as it is the spirit that is trying to communicate with you. For that reason, dreaming of cross has a totally spiritual connotation.

Any type of cross in your dream is a method of communication with the physical world and simply the way our world reflects the spiritual plane. Having a dream manifestation that shows a cross denotes your ability to relate effectively with others. Generally, these dreamers are sincere, empathetic and humble.

To first understand what this means in your dream, it is important that we analyze what the cross means to society in general. And thus, we can get a solid analysis of this vision. The cross in general gives rise to many symbols. Above all, dreams with cross symbolize the lessons and morals of life that we should all try to demonstrate.

What does it mean to dream of a cross?

What does it mean to dream of cross

In Christianity, the cross symbolizes suffering and crucifixion at first. That is why if you see an image of the cross before the crucifixion, your dream may be telling you that there is something missing in your life. This is the cross before man was absolved of sin, according to Christianity. In the spiritual world, the upper arms of the cross show distress, anguish and disappointment, and finally perfection. That is why if your dream shows Christ on the cross after the crucifixion, it is a positive image of life fulfillment.

Also, an image of a cross in your dream may represent that you wish to sacrifice more often for others. If you do not see an image of the cross with Christ, then something is missing, a void that your mind is trying to fill. Your dream is telling you to live your life to the fullest. You must follow the codes of morality that you strongly believe in to make your life more meaningful.

Dreaming of wooden cross

To dream of wooden cross may be a reflection of your future. It can also be something that is still in touch with your own past, and still affects your life in the present. So, it is actually an event that you have not been able to overcome completely. It could be a love breakup, the death of a loved one, etc.

Another meaning of this dream could symbolize a sadness or painful event that will come soon. A series of unbelievable moments will make you feel very afraid, so the best thing you can do is to think about things that can change your life. Also, keep a positive attitude towards these events that could slow you down.

Dreams with Jesus on the cross

If you have dreamed of Jesus on the cross it symbolizes that you are taking on more responsibility than you can. Jesus in Christianity is a symbol of sacrifice for humanity. For that reason, this dream manifestation has the same meaning: it is time to really meet yourself and follow the path to better things.

Simply put, this symbol shows that it is time to enjoy life. Another joint meaning of this dream is demonstrated in your work life. Sometimes you feel that things are going well but you wish to progress further. Dreams with Jesus on the cross, show that you are reaching a limit in your life and reminds you that “you can do anything if you put your mind to it”.

Dreaming of a black cross

If you dreamed of black cross is a sign or a sign that an unfortunate event will come, so it should be interpreted according to its meaning. This dream can also be positive, if during the dream you did not feel any kind of disturbance. It means then, a beautiful and happy vision that is defined as the presence of God, But if the dream of the black cross turns into a nightmare, this is a sign of the existence of evil spirits or demons when humans sleep.

Dreams with golden cross

To dream of a golden cross is a sign that immense joy and a positive attitude will flood your life. Good times will come to you, so it is time to appreciate the small details and know how to recognize those little moments that fill us with joy and brighten our day.

Dreaming of a silver cross

To see a silver cross in dreams is a sign that hope will come for these dreamers. Perhaps you have been waiting for something for a long period of time, and it is time for it to be given to you, just do not lose faith and you will be rewarded. Undoubtedly, one of the best symbols you can have in the dream world.

Dreams with a cross on the ground

To have a dream vision with a cross in the sky means that you would have liked to be able to develop your spiritual life and to be able to reach a certain status within the religious levels. But that due to certain circumstances this has not been the case, and you have ended up on other paths that were not the right ones to reach the desired point. However, this did not necessarily have to be a bad thing.

Dreaming with the sign of the cross

The interpretation of dreams with the sign of the cross is connected with our conscience. Basically, this vision reflects our goals and desires, plans and fantasies. In addition, dreams where the sign of the holy cross manifests itself are a reflection of certain toxic emotions from within us. When feeling a sense of guilt about something and even if we feel weakness in real life, there is a possibility that we have this vision.

To dream of a broken cross

Initially, the cross is a symbol of the balance of opposites. This is the ladder through which man can ascend to God. It protects from evil and bad intentions. If you dreamed of broken cross is a bad dream in the real world, you will lose any chance to get closer to the divine essence. To protect you from your own evil thoughts or external influence.

Dreams with the cross of Jesus

To dream of the cross of Jesus has the meaning of waiting for a spiritual revelation. You have recently been questioning many things in your faith or spirituality, and you are waiting for someone or something to prove you wrong (or right) so that you can continue on your path in life.

Dreams Carrying a Cross

To dream of carrying a cross could mean marriage, or an inappropriate marriage that could represent a bad long-term decision for your life. Perhaps it is time to analyze your relationship, and feel confident that you are making the right decision before saying yes at the altar. It could also mean fathering a child.

Dreams with Jesus carrying the cross

Dreams with Jesus carrying the cross

To dream of Jesus carrying the cross symbolizes that you have a great weight on you that hinders your path to success. You feel that you are working too hard, and you have not received what you expect for the great efforts you are making. In addition, it is possible that you feel alone during this journey and you feel that some people have not offered their support to help you, even knowing what you are going through.

Dreams with gold chain and cross

To dream of gold chain and cross symbolizes worries. You wonder about other people’s intentions and feel that you cannot trust those around you. A gold chain with a cross that you see but do not touch, means that you feel that fortune is always slipping through your fingers. You see it, but somehow it is always out of reach.

Dreaming of a large cross

The meaning of dreaming of a large cross portends great success in your work life. Perhaps it’s time to receive the promotion you’ve been waiting for. If you dream that you are praying to a large cross, it means that everyone within your social circles will be proud of you.

Dreaming of a red cross

If you dreamt of a red cross, it presages difficulties or tribulations that we may face, perhaps unnecessarily. These difficulties may occur in the work, physical, romantic or even sexual spheres. It is time to analyze your life for a few minutes, and find out what is bothering you so much.

The complex symbolism of the cross neither denies nor supplants the historical meaning in Christianity. But in addition to the realities of Christianity there are two other essential factors: that of the symbolism of the cross as such and that of the crucifixion or of ‘suffering upon the cross’. In the first place, the cross is dramatic in derivation, an inversion, as it were, of the Tree of Paradise. Like the Tree of Life, the cross stands for the ‘world-axis’.

Placed in the mystic Centre of the cosmos, it becomes the bridge or ladder by means of which the soul may reach God. There are some versions which depict the cross with seven steps, comparable with the cosmic trees which symbolize the seven heavens. The cross, consequently, affirms the primary relationship between the two worlds of the celestial and the earthly.

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6 Definitions
  1. Beyond the obvious religious connotations, a dream crucifixion can represent an excruciatingly painful situation. Feelings of guilt or, alternatively, feelings of being a scapegoat. Crucifixion can also be an initiatory symbol, representing the “death” that takes place before rebirth.

  2. To a religious Christian, a cross carries a clear theological meaning. To someone raised in Christianity but not a practicing Christian, a cross in a dream can represent some aspect of their childhood. We also talk about an unpleasant responsibility, as in a “cross we have to bear.”

  3. The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke April 5, 2022 at 4:00 am

    The cross is a symbol present in all cultures, therefore, it has multiple references. There are many types and each of them refers to its own meaning. For example, the Greek cross (with four arms of equal length) expressed wholeness; Native Americans used to draw crosses to represent the partition of the universe.

    For Christians, it means suffering, martyrdom, death, and sacrifice. In general, you can see, in its most simple representation, the four cardinal points and the image of the human body with arms outstretched. In the first case, you should interpret this dream as the need to make a decision on an issue makes you worried. However, if you link the cross to the human body this symbol suggests that you need to restore balance, as well as being consistent with yourself.

    From a mystical point of view, the cross symbolizes the division nature in four sets: four seasons, four directions, four elements… Formerly, the cross contained the ideal human body.
    It is also associated with the power of arboreal life.

  4. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 9, 2022 at 3:31 pm

    Joy and triumph, but only after a hard struggle and some grief, is predicted in a dream featuring a cross of any description.

  5. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 13, 2022 at 4:15 am

    This symbol is most associated with Christianity, but in fact the circle divided into four equal parts is the most ubiquitous of all spiritual symbols found in almost every civilization back through time.

    The earth is a circle divided into a cross by virtue of the North and South Poles combined with the eastern and western horizons. This makes the cross a truly universal symbol. If you have a personal association with Christianity, then you must use this in your interpretation. If not, still consider this a primal symbol representing the spiritual energy of all beings on Earth. Its presence in a dream may indicate a stirring of a mystical nature.

  6. Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson April 17, 2022 at 9:08 am

    Crosses represent many different things throughout ancient history. The cross, today a Christian symbol, was originally a pagan symbol, but dreaming of a cross today often symbolizes spiritual love and sacrifice or religious questioning. But crosses can have more ancient symbolism in dreams. They can represent spiritual protection, male power (in some cultures, the cross is a phallic symbol), creation, or the cycles of nature: life and death, the changing of the seasons, or the connection between Earth and heaven. Consider the context of the cross in your dream to discover what it means for you. Seeing or wearing a crucifix (a cross with the crucified figure of Jesus Christ on it) is more obviously a Christian symbol denoting sacrifice and forgiveness.

    To wear a cross in your dream means you have been forgiven.
    To see a cross over or on top of something suggests that you need protection from what that object or person represents.
    To see a cross in nature, formed by trees or clouds or animals, means you can find spiritual meaning for your life in the natural world. Nature is an important spiritual source for you right now and is worth exploring.
    To witness the crucifixion of Christ or of someone else suggests that someone has made a very important sacrifice for you.
    To dream you are being crucified or carrying a cross suggests that you have a martyr complex. Are you comfortable wearing that cross?

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