Dream meaning of coconuts

Dreaming of coconuts in a time when it is scarce, makes it a special dream. This fruit is considered refreshing, nutritious and can turn a sunny and hot day into something very peaceful. These benefits are transferred to dreams, since a dream vision with coconuts portends the arrival of good news.

For several decades coconuts have been depicted as a source of nourishment for those lost on the big islands. However, it is also the only thing you find when you are in absolute solitude, which can represent something negative when you dream of coconuts.

To better understand the meaning of dreams with coconuts, you must remember that for many cultures the coconut is an exotic and aphrodisiac fruit. This means that it can interpret your current sexuality and the way you live your passions.

What does it mean to dream of coconuts?

What does it mean to dream of coconuts

As varied as the size of the palm tree or coconut tree is, it can be a dream with coconuts.

Each possible interpretation is different from the previous one and depends on the fruit itself. That is, a dream with green coconuts is different from a rotten one. In addition, a dream vision with this fruit can also represent a serious threat in your life.

Generally, it is a very positive dream. However, you will find the different interpretations in the following list of dream visions with coconuts.

Dreaming of green coconuts

When you dream of green coconuts it describes your sometimes immature and misguided personality.

However, it is not a negative dream, as it invites you to transform into someone positive about what you have to offer, as you are someone who is sometimes very hard on yourself. Now, it is likely that the outside worries you, which is why dreams with green coconuts are common when you are trying to protect yourself from others.

A dream with green coconuts can represent all the negative thoughts you have about your next goal. It is a way of believing that goals will not be achieved, so you are bothered by uncertain outcomes and stay on the defensive thinking all the bad things that can happen, when there are not even any danger signs.

Dreams with large coconuts

A dream with large coconuts is ominous and represents all the positive changes you are having in your life, especially in your finances. The feeling is of having everything in your hands and being able to discover what fate has always had in store for you. However, the rewards that will come will be as a result of all the effort you once put into a goal.

If you dream of big coconuts you will receive important news, which will modify a little your behavior and the way you interpret your routine. You will understand that the problems came for a good reason and that now it is time to accept the new challenges.

Dreaming of split coconuts

If you dreamt of split coconuts, interesting changes are coming in your life. If the fruit was white and tastes good, it means that your energies have been renewed and you will begin to attract people of interest to you. To see the coconut water, means that whatever your problem was, you are now in a constant positive change.

To dream of a split coconut means that you are striving to achieve your goals, even if you have to sacrifice some things in your life. It is generally related to the time you dedicate to your work and economy, momentarily forgetting about relationships.

Dreams with rotten coconuts

A dream vision with rotten coconuts is ominous and represents all those people who only want to delay your path and not allow you to move forward. This is the type of person who only invites you to drink alcohol, waste time or engage in activities that wear out your body. Identify this type of friendships and stay away from them.

Now, if you dream that you open a coconut and it is rotten, it means that the path you chose was the wrong one, but you are in time to remedy the situation. It is a way of warning you to take a step back or start taking corrections so that in the end your life will have an unexpectedly positive ending.

Dreaming of coconut oil

To dream of coconut oil means that you must be in control of your next actions, especially when they involve other people. You should not get carried away by emotions, especially when confronted. You should act sensibly and respect each other’s personal space. A dream with coconut oil is a warning that even if something gets out of control, you are the one responsible and capable of regaining control again.

Dreams with shredded coconuts

Did you dream of shredded coconuts? Then you are approaching a time of change in your life. At some point you will receive negative news, problems and arguments. However, that is part of the change of behavior and perspective. You will become realistic about your surroundings, able to act at will and in a concrete way. Dreams with grated coconuts mean that to taste success you must put effort on the road and not expect things to come easily to your hands.

Dreaming of coconut water

To dream of coconut water is a good omen and represents the good time you are living. You are in a process of recovering your physical energies, you are much more interested in your mental tranquility and you strive to overcome adverse situations that arrive. It is a way of interpreting that you are ready for challenges, but you prefer to walk paths that only fill you with positive energies.

Dreams with coconut trees

When you dream of dry, dull or very sad coconut trees, it means that a bad stage in your life is approaching that cannot be remedied with small actions, you will need a lot of you to overcome this bad stage. However, dreaming of large and leafy coconut trees means that you will soon receive an unexpected fortune, especially from a family inheritance.

Other meanings of dreams with coconuts

If you dream of seeing coconuts in the distance, it means that your goals are being delayed by people who intentionally interfere. It usually relates to hypocrisy and the constant envy you receive from others.

To dream of eating coconuts means that you are at peace with your financial stability and you are doing very good business.

To dream of buying coconuts means that a new partner is coming into your life with whom you will live an intense romance. However, the coconut must be in a perfect condition.

If you have dreamed staring at a coconut it means that you do not allow other people to express themselves and only take your opinion as true. It is time to become a little more flexible in these situations.

To dream of many coconuts means that you are surrounded by good people and living great times. It is a good sign for fortune and success.

Dreams where you harvest coconuts mean that you will soon receive an invitation to be partners or a job proposal.

To dream that a coconut hits you in the head means problems with your health, especially for not doing outdoor activities that allow you to relieve the burden of stress.

If you dream of eating a coconut in bad shape it means that there are people who are giving you false information in order to confuse you and waste your time, while you are silently moving away from your goals.

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The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

This tropical fruit is a very positive sign for lovers as it announces quick and happy marriages.

If the image is an empty shell it warns you against the bad ending of your projects due to betrayal from people you considered allies. And the dried fruit on the tree, mourning a loved one’s death.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

Whether you ate it, saw it, smelled it, or opened it, coconut in a dream forecasts an unexpected gift, probably money.

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