Dream meaning of coal

In most cases dreaming of coal can reveal situations or problems that are currently developing in the dreamer’s life. The dream visions with coal can be related to the sentimental, work and spiritual situation. It translates that the person feels cheerful and with great enthusiasm to carry out the new goals and projects that are proposed.

Its appearance also usually means that the work being done will not always be easy, indicating that patience will be a key point to achieve well-being and success in daily life.

To dream of coal has many meanings and among the most common are: well-being, good luck, happiness at home. In some beliefs it is a symbol of absolute peace and love.

What does it mean to dream of coal?

What does it mean to dream of coal

In some dream experiences where coal can be observed, it means that there is a job opportunity and that you will have to work hard and patiently if you want to succeed.

If in your dreams a coal appears, this usually refers to the possibility that you are in a stage of life where it is necessary to fan the flame of your relationship.

Dreaming of black coal

These dreams commonly announce that good opportunities and experiences in the work environment will arrive soon. These will be in the environment for a long time, and will help the economic well-being of the dreamer and his whole family.

Dreams with extinguished coal

Announces the culmination of love cycles. These dreams can be related to the couple and indicate that the flame of love is going out. Thanks to this dream vision, measures can be taken to save the relationship.

To dream of stone coal

It means that, if you have doubts about a job you are doing, but you do not see the expected results in a short time, you must have patience and perseverance to achieve success, as this will come.

Dreams with charcoal

The appearance of charcoal in dreams means that new work projects and new decisions are coming, and no matter how complicated they may seem, they will not be and will bring great rewards.

To dream of coal and fire

Charcoal and fire in dreams usually refers to previous relationships, they can be both love and work. These relationships left a mark in the dreamer’s life and, the dream means that they are still present in their memories.

To dream of burning coal

Burnt coal indicates that the person has to work even harder in work projects if he/she really wants to succeed. It means that one must have discipline when committing to a project or to someone. Discipline is fundamental in the development of people.

This type of dream visions usually have several meanings, among them that the dreamer is in a really important moment in his love relationship and that the feelings between him and his partner should not be repressed.

Dreams with coal and water

To have this type of dreams usually means that something negative is approaching the person’s life. Similarly, it may indicate that something from the past will be completely overcome or modified and will no longer have so much relevance in the present.

To dream of sweeping coal

Sweeping coal in dreams means that the thoughts, decisions and opinions of the person will enter into a process of change or renewal and, results will be achieved, which can be positive or negative.

Dreams with looking for coal

The search for coal in dreams announces that the dreamer is about to live a pleasant experience. This experience could be love or work and will have great repercussions. This dream also indicates that risks must be taken in order to find the desired happiness.

To dream of a lot of coal

A large amount of coal in a dream, whether in sacks or not, may indicate that the person should make quick decisions, sharpen their senses and be alert to any adversity in their path. Work, love and health decisions will go hand in hand to achieve a better balance.

Like charred wood, the symbolism of coal is closely linked with that of fire. There is a certain ambivalence about it, since it sometimes appears as a concentrated expression of fire, and sometimes as the negative (black, repressed or occult) side of energy.
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The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

Coal symbolizes the hidden energy that is released only in contact with fire. This dream is an invitation to continue fighting because despite the odds, you can unleash energy, heat, or light that already existed in you.

To see coal is sign of wealth; to eat it, negative events. A burning coal is a harbinger of love, but also of shame and reproofs linked to erotic aspects.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

A dream in which the blackness of the coal, coal mine, or coal pit was a feature is a warning to retrench and prepare for a period of financial embarrassment. However if the coal was burning brightly or you were stoking a coal fire, you can expect a promotion or satisfactory reward for past efforts. If you delivered the coal or gave it away, the augury is of sudden social advancement. To shovel coal presages many obstacles to overcome before you succeed. 

The Complete Dream Book » Gillian Holloway
The Complete Dream Book » Gillian Holloway

A brightly glowing coal fire predicts cheerful surroundings and the company of friends you love.

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