What does it mean to dream about circle

Dreams of a circle represent wholeness, infinity, cycles, unity and your connection with feminine essence. If something is in the center of the circle, it represents wisdom, spirit, and that which is most important to you. A circle can also represent repetition.

Any spherical shape represents the whole world, or the well-rounded self. You are aware of the soul, your destiny, or what exists in the present moment. A ball represents a specific mental focus or state.

A circle completes a line, and a line is associated with time, as in “time line.” You complete the line when your child has a child. Your life as a parent comes “full circle.” Or you teach a pupil about a subject that’s important to you, and it feels as if something about yourself is completed.

A process—sometimes lasting many years—is finished.

A circle or sphere can symbolize the complete picture of your life and who you are. It’s the picture of unity between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind, a circle within a circle.

The inner circle represents the ego, the center of the conscious mind, and the outer circle represents the unconscious mind. The entire image – the circle within a circle – represents the Self, the archetype of the complete personality. Carl Jung calls the process individuation.

You are born with this blueprint for growth and development—the Self—embedded in the foundation of your mind, and throughout your life you dream about using it to complete the picture of your psyche, unify the conscious mind with the unconscious mind, and align the ego with the Self.
When aligned, the ego sees and acts based on the big picture of who you are and what you can be.

Most people do not complete the picture or even know it exists. They don’t see beyond the ego.
For some people, the picture is fragmentary, pieces of a puzzle scattered willy-nilly, and it shows in their life. But any effort in the direction of wholeness is more than worth the try.

Your energy naturally flows in this direction, and it’s aided by your desire and persistence. Anything you do to better yourself helps. And keep in mind that your unconscious mind meets you halfway. The energy you consciously put forth is matched by the unconscious and can reap unexpected benefits.

When you dream about circles, especially circles divided into quadrants, circles within circles, and circles that spiral, it’s likely to be a story about the development of your psyche.

The process of becoming a whole, complete person can be illustrated in dreams about playing a game involving a circular object such as a ball. In the actions of the game you see your progress or lack of it and what’s holding you back or helping you along. Dreams can also use circular images such as balls, pizzas, and pies to symbolize the individuation process.

Dreams about marriages and weddings can also speak to this process of unification. The entries for Marriage and Wedding touch on this subject, and to go deeper with it.

A circle or sphere can symbolize the idea of something being inside or outside your “circle of friends” or “sphere of influence.” Inside the circle is what you allow into your life, and outside the circle is what you keep at a distance or cannot reach.

A circle can be a bull’s-eye or related idea of a target you’re trying to hit.

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