Dream meaning of chalice

Dreams of a chalice symbolize immortality and a thirst for spiritual nourishment. If you are drinking from this sacred goblet, you are in the midst of a rite of passage, transforming, and moving from glory to greater glory along your life path. Your dream is suggesting that you make room for more abundance and opulence to come into your life. Also, a silver chalice represents justice and that the truth will always prevail.

To break one foretells your failure to obtain power over some friend.

The chalice of Christian liturgy is the transcendental form of the cup. Related to the Grail, it frequently takes the form of two halves of a sphere placed back to back. In this, the lower part of the sphere becomes a receptacle open to the spiritual forces, while the upper part closes over the earth, which it duplicates symbolically. The chalice has a certain affinity with the Celtic symbolism of the cauldron.
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