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To see a cat in your dream, symbolizes an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power. It also represents misfortune and bad luck. The cat could indicate that someone is being deceitful or treacherous toward you. If the cat is aggressive, then it suggests that you are having problems with the feminine aspect of yourself. The dream may be a metaphor for “cattiness” or someone who is “catty” and malicious. If you see a cat with no tail, then it signifies a loss of independence and lack of autonomy.

To dream that a cat is biting you, symbolizes the devouring female. Perhaps you are taking and taking without giving. You may be expressing some fear or frustration especially when something is not going as planned.

To dream that you chase the cat away signifies that you will overcome your obstacles.

To see a white cat in your dream denotes that you are going through difficult times.

To see a black cat in your dream indicates that you are experiencing some fear in using your psychic abilities and believing in your intuition. You may erroneously associate the black cat with evil, destruction, and bad luck.

To find the true meaning of dreams with cats, you must describe the place, color, size, what they were doing and other details that allow a correct interpretation of the dream. Here are the different meanings of dreaming about cats.

Dreams with baby cats

Dreams with baby cats

A dream with baby cats indicates the birth of a new goal in your life. That is, from now on you have embarked on new study, travel, business, relationship or simply looking to give meaning to your life. Regardless of the choice, this new stage will be full of positive experiences and emotions, although remember that some daily problems will always be about to catch up with you.

However, it is important to highlight that dreams with baby felines foretell the need to feel protected. That is to say, those daily problems will force you to ask for help from your relatives or close people, especially with the need to listen to advice. In this cycle, you need to be prudent and let yourself be guided, especially when you make a change of city or start a new job.

Finally, being a dream with baby kittens, it is worth reminding you that you will need to take care of your future steps. That is, you are someone really fragile and very easy to break in this cycle, so you need protection. Although, in some cases you will be the one in charge of protecting other people, especially when you carry out projects in the company of other people.

Dreaming of many cats

To interpret a dream with many cats depends on the behavior of felines. If you dreamed that many cats were watching you, it means that you feel intimidated with one or several superiors feeling that you do not have the skills to continue your work. If you dream that many cats are chasing you to attack you, it means that your enemy is currently acting against you.

Now, if you have a dream with many calm and happy cats it means that things started to give results in your life, which will fill you with satisfaction. This satisfaction will not come suddenly, but it is part of a cycle of life which you must experience. A dream with many cats moving away from you may mean that for some people you represent a serious threat.

Finally, if you dream of many cats, it means that a change will come into your life, either positive or negative. It is a new experience full of positive and negative encounters, but in the end you will have to be part of this experience for the changes to come. In other words, being absent or frightened in the coming weeks will only delay your own life.

Dreams with small cats

Did you dream of small cats? Then you are trying to be independent and achieve an important goal for you. It is a way of warning you that in the process of creation you are doing things correctly, but you need to learn even more about how you should behave on the outside. For the moment, you are someone who is learning and needs to be guided by other experienced people in order to move forward successfully.

Mistakes are part of the meaning of small cats in your dreams. It is the way to grow, therefore, if recently they criticized your work and recommended you to act differently, you must abide by these ideas and be part of the positive change and not a nuisance for others.

Generally, small cats in dreams symbolize the road ahead. Lack of experience may be your greatest weakness, but you must remember that although you have many years at some point you learned and will continue to learn in the coming days.

Dreaming of colored cats

Have you dreamed of colorful cats? Don’t worry, great things are coming in your future. Good luck begins to accompany you. Problems disappear and job opportunities begin to arrive. It is a dream that inspires tranquility, especially when you lead a hectic life with big financial problems. Although the money will not start pouring in, you will find solutions.

Colorful cats in dreams portend financial freedom, but also the need for teamwork. If you are someone who truly values leadership, you must allow others to take the initiative and be part of the changes you need in your daily life. In other words, positive changes will come when you allow others to help you accomplish your goals.

Dreams with white cats

A dream with white cats is positive and full of desires. It is one of the colors that represents peace and freedom in humanity, therefore, it is a dream full of positive aspects in your life. If you are planning or thinking about developing some goal you have set for yourself, you will soon start to receive good news about it and the picture will start to become clearer for you.

However, patience is the key in this new cycle of your life. Remember that in dreams with white cats you usually see them very quiet and calm. This represents that goals should be taken with caution and with the responsibility of not letting details slip away. Remember that felines are expert hunters, but they take their time to analyze the next move.

Finally, a dream vision with white kittens attracts hope. This meaning is special for those people who are not in the best moment of their lives and at every solution a new problem appears. Having this dream can make you change your days, especially when your connection with this animal is very healthy.

Dreams with black cats

A black cat in your dreams means a lot to you and it doesn’t exactly mean bad luck as it is known by popular belief. It actually represents the unknown and the bewilderment that your life may have. It is a sign that there will be moments where you will not know how to choose, but the decision must be made very soon. That is, a new path opens for you, you do not have time to think and you just have to act to reach the goal you set for yourself.

However, dreams with black cats also mean deception. It is the stealthiest way to move by hiding your own color, therefore, before choosing in such a short time, use common sense to find the way. In this cycle of your life, fears must be left behind and start from scratch.

Dreams with gray cats

Gray cats in dreams mean that you are not paying much attention to your surroundings. That is, you find yourself wandering in your routine back and forth without doing much of anything for yourself, trying to let things come to you on their own. This behavior is a threat to your professional future, as it is a sign of being a complete conformist. This is not a good time for conformity and bad decisions will be the result.

A dream with gray cats invites you to get up and wake up, not from bed, but from your intellect. You can’t afford to wander any longer, it’s time to act and start relying on your common sense. Intuition, good judgment and common sense will be the first steps to learn to change the lifestyle you lead and from which you are getting nothing profitable.

Dreaming of yellow cats

Have you dreamed of yellow cats? Then you are getting ready for a big battle. Although in the past it meant an upcoming duel to the death, nowadays it means a threat coming from another person. This person has better qualities and more experience, making you a very minimal and easy to defeat threat.

So, if you dreamed of yellow cats you must prepare yourself for defeat. Since you will lose the battle that in this case is related to the legal and economic part. Do not do business, do not invest in gambling or leave everything to chance, is the first thing to keep in mind. Financial problems may be the main result of this dream.

Dreaming of dogs and cats

A dream with dogs and cats portends problems with a person of the opposite sex. In some cases, it will be someone who tries to deceive and betray you, while in other cases it will be a close relative who starts a rumor about you. Of course, this dream portends that you should prepare yourself so that you do not fall into the trap of betrayal and end up lowering your defense for another to attack.

If you dream of dogs and cats fighting it means family problems especially with the woman in the relationship. If you do not have a partner, then it portends problems in your social circles. It is a cycle to analyze the next steps to take and try not to run away as if it were really cats and dogs.

Dreaming of mice and cats

Seeing mice and cats in your dreams may seem normal, but it signifies changes in your social circles that are very interesting. If mice and cats are quiet, it means that you surround yourself with hypocritical people, but they are not trying to harm you. However, these people may get involved in trouble where you will be strongly affected and you will end up being part of the hypocrisy and lies.

A dream with cats and mice getting restless or attacking each other, means that these hypocritical people do try to hurt you, but they show you their kindest face. That is, you find yourself surrounded by people who are completely different from you, but you are still an enemy to them. In the coming days, try not to give confidence to any person, especially when they are personal and delicate situations.

Dreams with cats attacking you

A dream with cats attacking you indicates how cautious you should be in the following days. Your surroundings are not pleasant and this does not mean a chaotic state, but the recognition of constant threats. It is a way of reminding you that at any moment you could end up cornered in a situation and you will need your instincts to get out of it.

The cats that attack you in your dreams represent threats, but in this case it is you who attacks the cat and so it defends itself. In other words, you are probably the one responsible for all the current conflicts and the attack against you is simply a way to defend itself against you.

Dreaming of cats that bite you

A dream of a cat biting you means that you do not value people as they deserve to be valued. That is, you became a person who only wants good for himself, even if you have to go over the heads of many people. You are becoming a person who only brings bad news, that when you arrive the aura of the place changes and your negative energies drive anyone who approaches you crazy. In other words, you have become a real enemy to others.

Dreaming of bad cats

A dream vision with bad cats foretells problems with your self-esteem. It is a way of indicating that you do not accept the person you have become, especially in your physical part. Whether it’s your obesity, thinness or any physical aspect, you are constantly self-inflicting harm on yourself, which makes your self-esteem always low.

Dreams about cats scratching you

Did you dream about cats scratching you? Then you are surrounded by people who are envious of you and will try to destroy you. Probably, they are people you consider your friends, but inside they are just full of jealousy and conflicting situations. In other words, you have people by your side who are just waiting for you to let your guard down so that you become food for them.

Dreams with aggressive cats

A dream with an aggressive feline, especially if you are a woman, means that you are looking for new emotions in your life, but you are worried about being vulnerable. That is, you do not want to get hurt in this adventure and you want to consider your next steps. If you are a man, it means that your social environment is really bored and you don’t get out of the routine you have been in for the past few weeks so easily.

Feeling threatened by aggressive cats means that you are in an emotional lockdown. In other words, nothing excites you, satisfies you or gives you an alternative life. From now on, you must find a way to be a better person and express yourself pleasantly. That is, do not lock yourself in a dark room with failed ideas, when you have not yet lit the flame of light of desire and will for change.

To dream of cats fighting

Of course, cats fighting in your dreams are ominous. This dream means that some people you consider important to you are fighting with each other. In this confrontation, you cannot take sides on which side to support, as they are both your friends.

The worst thing in this case, is that both of them will ask you to take sides and give an opinion on the matter. Of course, the recommendation is not to take sides and become a facilitator of dialogue.

If the above does not happen in your life, but you dream of cats fighting, it means that you are being deceived by someone you consider important. It could be your partner or a family member, but someone in your environment has decided to deceive you with some kind of idea, business or action plan that will not lead anywhere, but that will benefit whoever proposes it to you. In the coming weeks, awaken your distrust with all those strange ideas that are proposed to you.

Dreaming of cat fights

To dream of cat fights that you do not see signifies hidden problems in your family, especially in order not to hurt you. You are someone very dear to your parents and siblings, so they prefer not to involve you in such situations. This dream is a sign to call the people you care about and be on the lookout for small signs that something is going on behind your back.

Dreams with newborn cats

To dream of newborn felines augurs the beginning of the fulfillment of your objectives. From now on, all the people you had to meet to achieve your goals will begin to appear one by one. It is a stage that although it will not be easy, you will begin to change your way of thinking and acting to achieve success.

However, it should be clarified that dreams with newborn cats remind us how fragile they are. That is to say, in this cycle of success and optimism you must be prepared to break down on some occasions and at times sit down and cry. It will not be an easy stage, but as I mentioned, it will help you to change that way of thinking that currently has you stuck in the same place.

Dreaming of rats and cats

To dream of rats and cats represents people who are treacherous and take advantage of you. Undoubtedly, you are someone who suffers the harm that others can cause and especially when they pretend to be your friends. Possibly, you were the result of a betrayal by someone in whom you had high expectations, but ended up being a traitor. If you dream of rats and cats, it means that this person has just become your natural enemy.

However, this is not the time to start lamenting and crying over the irremediable. Financial losses can be recovered, but try to urgently recover your emotions. Rats and cats in dreams will symbolize that trust should never be given away without first knowing the true intentions of the people around you.

Dreams about killing cats

A dream of killing cats portends harassment and social pressure. You are constantly annoyed by your surroundings and wish to quickly escape from what surrounds you. It is a warning that you do not pay attention to your emotions and sometimes just allow others to walk all over you. In this cycle, it is important to begin to relieve yourself of these pressures and compromising situations.

Dreaming of dead cats

Dreams with dead cats are common and frightening, especially when you are a lover of these felines. A dead cat in your dreams signifies your lack of advancement in life or a noticeable stagnation in your pursuits. In other words, it signifies your unwillingness to change, since you desire success, but do little to achieve it.

Now, if you dream of a kitten dying of your own free will, it means that those fears you have will soon be overcome. However, new situations may arise that will test you, but you will be smart enough to move forward in your life. It is recommended that for both interpretations, you have the will to analyze your own life and draw your own conclusions.

Generally, a dream with dead cats determines between the advancement and stagnation that your life may have. Being a feline, it suggests that you need a lot of willpower and cunning to overcome these barriers.

Dreams of cats mating

A dream of cats mating means that something is bothering you. The noise, the struggle and the ritual of these felines to mate are really frightening causing stress and insomnia in many of their owners. Onirically, this signifies the current unrest in your life, especially with the problems that accompany you on a daily basis.

Dreams with cats in water

A dream with cats in water indicates that you do not feel comfortable in your current place, so you will prefer to change your space and improve your living conditions. A dream with cat drowning in water means that your life is full of anguish and that every new situation only generates suffocation. In this cycle, you seem to attract only bad things and you start to think that it is your bad luck that chases you everywhere.

Dreams with big cats

Interestingly big cats in your dreams mean sexual desire. The need to establish a relationship with someone has led you to have this type of dream. Of course, it is not about having a sexual relationship with a stranger, as you are looking for a medium-term relationship. If you are in a relationship, but you dream of a big cat it means that you need to add some excitement to your life. Talk to your partner and start doing some kind of adventure that will change your routine a bit in the next few days.

Dreaming of birth of cats

If you dream of the birth of cats, it means that you are tirelessly searching for an answer to a question. In the last few days you have been wondering something important and you feel intrigued to know the answer. Probably, it is a way of remembering that you need advice sometimes, but also that fears are natural when it comes to change.

Dreams of baby cats

Baby cats in dreams portend illusions and familiar emotions. You are someone who desires wonder in you, change and new adventures, but it is not clear what steps you must take to achieve this path. In other words, you are in a process of personal inquiry between the goals, responsibilities and desires that exist in your life.

Dreams with sick cats

Dreams with sick cats foretell problems when making decisions. That is, you feel capable of climbing a wall full of challenges to reach your personal goal, but you are not able to initiate the jump. You are someone who is taking too much time to think about the steps you are going to take, but your environment is moving faster. As a result, you will end up missing out on excellent opportunities and life experiences.

Dreaming of cats in bed

Cats in bed in your dreams mean new challenges, but with a special companionship. This dream is a good omen for those who are looking for a partner and for those who already have one, it means that you are about to start something very special with that person. In general, it is a positive dream, as long as the pet is calm and pleasant in bed.

Dreaming of wild cats

Dreams of wild cats may represent your loneliness. Wild felines do not like to be in company, much less cooped up. This is interpreted that you are someone who is really lonely, with many desires in your life, but feels closed in your current environment.

Dreams with cats playing

A dream vision with cats playing simply portends peace and tranquility in the following days. It represents your satisfaction for duty done and for those things you did with effort to now deserve a rest. That is, you are simply enjoying your successes, without neglecting your day-to-day responsibilities.

Dreams with talking cats

A dream with a talking cat means an imminent threat. That is, an enemy is approaching with its best attack that will leave you in a very bad light in your social environment. It is the opportunity to seek help and establish some partners to support you in facing your enemies. Of course, adverse situations will come, but in the company of others it will be easier to compete and succeed.

Dreaming of dead cats and blood

In this description of the meaning of dreaming of dreaming of dead kittens and blood it is worth remembering Egyptian thought. In this sense, this dream signifies the arrival of the devil in the form of a person in order to destroy your spirit. In actuality, this dream represents all the threats that other people can cause in you and the ability you have to defend yourself from them.

Dreaming of cats in the house

Finally, a dream with cats in the house means that someone is trying to trick you or harm you, especially when you don’t actually have cats. Of course, the main people affected will be your family and the people you love the most. However, this dream although negative, should be taken as a warning to seek protection and clear up any problems at home. In this cycle, strength and family togetherness will be the key to everything.

Physical Physical
You are focusing on qualities of independence, power, self-sufficiency, mystery, magic, feminine energy or the anima, sexuality, grace, and cunning. When beautiful, a cat means you will meet a charming new person.
Emotional Emotional
You feel others are fickle and uncaring, seductive, ominous, “catty,” or aggressive. A black cat means you’re hesitant; you use your intuition. Kittens symbolize unchanged, bothersome, astral plane beings.
Spiritual Spiritual
A cat’s nine lives symbolize good luck and longevity.


The Egyptians associated the cat with the moon, and it was sacred to the goddesses Isis and Bast, the latter being the guardian of marriage. A secondary symbolism is derived from its colour; the black cat is associated with darkness and death.

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The Dream Encyclopedia
The Dream Encyclopedia

Cats symbolize independence and power. They also represent the animal self.
Cats are symbols of the feminine, prosperity, sexuality, and power. In dreams cats often represent some of their more common attributes or associations, such as “sleek,” “cunning,” “cat burglar.”

The witch with her black cat commonly denotes evil and bad luck. “Catty” describes a person who makes mean or malicious remarks. Both positive and negative connotations surround the mystique of the cat. 

As with all dream symbols, the tone and setting of the dream indicate which meaning is appropriate.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

Symbol of the feminine. To dream that a cat wants you to pet it indicates that someone is trying to seduce you.

If it scratches you, you should expect professional jealousy. The color of the animal carries its secondary symbolism. So, black cats are usually associated with darkness and death, but this kind of analogy only works on superstitious people.

In mythology, the figure of the cat was associated with the pagan fertility gods who represented the power and wisdom of nature. Similarly, for the Egyptians, cats were sacred and they guarded the souls of the dead. It was not until the arrival of the Christians when they began to be considered evil relatives of witches. For this reason, many books on dreams affirm that cats presage disadvantages.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

A generally unfortunate omen indicating treachery and deceit among those you trust. If you killed the cat, you will defeat the purpose of your detractors; if you chased it away, you may expect a sudden stroke of luck.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

You are dreaming about unconditional love in the feminine principle. Cats of all types represent powerful feminine energy, which includes receptivity, creativity, sensuality, and stillness. They are hunters by nature, and their nocturnal behavior associates them with the feminine aspect of night. While their masculine counterpart, the dog, embodies a pack mentality, the cat is the symbol of self-reliance.
First domesticated about three thousand years ago, cats were revered for their ability to control rodent populations that would have beleaguered the stores of grain that were so crucial to the emergence of civilization.
Cats have long been associated with magic and witchcraft, with the classic black cat as the carrier of the most superstition.

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

Dogs symbolize devotion, but cats symbolize independence and your mysterious, hidden side. In dreams, cats represent secrets and autonomy. Only you can solve a current dilemma, but first you will need to figure out something you already know, but don’t know you know. This will take some creativity.

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