Dream meaning of camel

Camels are animals known in the desert for carrying heavy loads and for their resistance to days without drinking water. Dreaming of camels is related to the ability to withstand problems and still move forward despite adversity. This type of dream is also related to times in which these people have to make long journeys in order to achieve their goals.

According to the different interpretations that can be given to this dream, it is important to highlight that they are also related to the real Arab world. These hierarchs use them as a means of transportation due to their high resistance and adaptability.

For that reason, those who dream of camels are very attentive to their activities at work because they like to excel over others. And achieve all their goals.

For these dreamers, there is nothing that will prevent them from achieving their goals. As we know camels, can withstand high temperatures and can have days walking without resting.

That is why dreams with camels are synonymous with family unity and protection. They always try to be very united and when a member of the family seeks to separate, they will always do everything possible so that there is a new meeting.

What does it mean to dream of camels?

What does it mean to dream of camels?

To dream of camels or dromedaries means abundance and prosperity. These dreamers are very organized when it comes to accomplishing their tasks, and can achieve their goals without being reminded of what they have to do.

In the dream world it can have different meanings depending on the context of the dream. In the plane of love they are very devoted to their partners, and try to do everything for them in such a way that they feel cared for.

It is important to take into account that these people are very hard workers and do not allow anyone to intervene in their activities at work. Dreams with camels are associated with long hours or workloads that we fulfill on a daily basis. These dreamers always give their all because they like to look good and be held responsible by others. These people may also go through a drought financially, so they must manage their finances well.

Dreaming of giant camels

Animals acquire great significance at the dream level, this is because they represent symbolisms and archetypes of real life. This is how dreams with giant camels indicate that strong, aggressive and sometimes powerful personality. That is to say, we are beings of great energy. Those who dream with camels feel protection and greatness when facing problems and the capacity they have to solve them in a peaceful way.

It is necessary to emphasize that to dream of giant camels, is an alert to take care of us of someone of our environment. There is a person full of envy, envious and with bad intentions. For that reason, we should not trust anyone in its entirety because at the first carelessness they can betray us. Health issues are an aspect to take care of in these dream manifestations. Since the camels reflect a possible illness of someone familiar.

When dreams with giant camels appear, they speak to us of the preventive capacity of their dreamers. They are people capable of fighting for their own rights and for those of others. This type of dream is a reminder to act with caution and discernment, if we want to move forward and achieve everything we set out to do. This vision even warns us that we can be deceived by showing ourselves to be too vulnerable.

Dreams with camels in the water

If you dreamed of camels in the water we will soon succeed in new work goals and leave behind the past because it was the cause of pain in the heart. Those who dream of these animals, usually have psychic abilities that is why you have constant dejavus. Like camels, they must take many steps to reach their destination. We must stop being so overbearing and put our feet on the ground.

Dreams with camels in the sea

If you have dreamed of camels in the sea means that things in love will be very well and that you should worry about your affairs at work, because certain problems in which you are involved are reflected. These people are very appreciated and loved by their environment, because despite the adversities they always see the positive side of things. Be careful with the false people around you, they can make you fall into a trap to make you feel humiliated.

Dreaming of camels walking

To dream of camels walking means that we should put much more effort into what we are doing. Sometimes we feel distracted and tired and that does not allow us to concentrate well. For these dreamers to always be close to their family is very important because they feel the need to always count on them and they are their support whenever they need it.

Dreams with small camels

Those who dream of small camels are usually very fun and energetic people. They love celebrations with friends and family. This vision also suggests that certain favorable changes are approaching in work and personal matters. Even, in the sentimental subject where they will be forced to externalize their feelings. Learning to show with affection and with words the meaning of love as a couple.

Dreaming of camels flying

To dream of camels flying means the need for freedom. This desire leads us to detach ourselves from responsibilities and commitments. These dreamers love their family and are always open to dialogue. They enjoy being taken into account for the resolution of problems, this makes them highly sentimental. They are very confident and courageous, which is why they are often involved in situations of anguish and despair.

Dreams with camels that attack

When dreaming of camels that attack, we see reflected the bad moment through which we are currently going through, and that regardless of the adversities we can fight to move forward and sing victory.

As we know camels are very docile but this does not imply that they cannot defend themselves. For this reason, we should not be afraid of anything, it is important to let out that fighting spirit that lives inside us.

If we observe a camel during sleep, it is important to be attentive to what we do during the day. We must be alert about a person who wants to attack us in a certain way. It is important to be brave and remember our inner strength.

We have within us weapons to defend ourselves without letting us bend. To dream of camels that attack represents the need to trust in our own abilities.

Dreams with aggressive camels

The meaning of dreaming of aggressive camels is associated with truncated projects. It is possible that those who revolve around these dreamers, do not wish the best for them, however they make them believe the opposite.

One of the factors that affect those who have this type of dream is that they are very trusting. Therefore, they are betrayed by those with whom they interact at work, so they should be very careful.

Dreaming of camels that bite

Having a dream vision with biting camels indicates that we should not be so protective of our family.

We should let things flow by themselves and focus more on our problems. The people in this dream experience situations that they believe they have lived through.

For this reason, they try as much as possible to coordinate their activities as they tend to be a bit disorderly when it comes to setting up new projects.

Dreams with wounded camels

If you dreamed of wounded camels, you have in your hands the skills to achieve your goals in life. These dreamers are very loving, but they see problems lightly. At the level of love, they are usually slow in selecting the right partner.

The reason is that they are very emotional and fear betrayal. With their families they tend to be fun and energetic only then they feel appreciated by others.

Dreaming of colored camels

Although this type of dream is not very common, dreaming of colorful camels refers to the different visions we have about life. Those who have this type of manifestations, like to be very involved in work activities and feel that they live in a world full of many colors. They enjoy very good health and are very responsible in love, they are full of joy and peace.

To dream of white camels

Dreams with white camels in the dream world mean peace and tranquility. It is the time to start up some business we have in mind, since our inner self indicates that we are very prepared to develop new ideas regarding a job that was being completed. These dreamers will live moments of much happiness, in the economic plane will go very well and will obtain great earnings of money.

Physical Physical
You are preparing for a journey. You need to conserve resources and energy. You can handle big problems and responsibilities with patience and perseverance.
Emotional Emotional
You are carrying too many burdens. You need to express and release emotions you’ve been holding too tightly, or practice forgiveness.
Spiritual Spiritual
You’re capable of going the distance and finding resources within when things in the outside world look bleak or hopeless. Something good is coming to you from a long distance.


Traditionally considered in curious relation with the dragon and with winged serpents, for, according to the Zohar, the serpent in the Garden of Eden was a kind of ‘flying camel’.
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The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

This animal is a symbol of perseverance, frugality, and endurance, as well as fanaticism and heroic slavery.

It is not a common dream, although it is a great omen that signals achieving goals and taking endeavors with determination and good work. (See ANIMALS)
It predicts significant achievements for the dreamer.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

You will have to work hard and diligently to overcome your obstacles if your dream involved one (or more) of these hardy animals, unless it (or they) carried a burden, in which case there is some unexpected wealth, possibly in the form of an inheritance, coming your way. If you were riding on a camel or saw them in a herd, your future is very bright indeed. 

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

The camel is a desert animal and can survive for long periods of time without intake of water. Additionally, camels are hearty pack animals and have been helping nomadic peoples with their way of life for thousands of years. In this way, camels carry the medicine of strength and drive, helping to keep you focused on the goal at hand. When a camel visits you in your dream state, you are being given the gift of fortitude.

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

You can’t get across the desert without a camel. The dry, mundane parts of life may not seem worth dreaming about, but camel dreams tell you that you’ve found an effective way to get through those dry spells in your life. You’ve got inner resources, and you know how to use them. You’ll survive.

The Complete Dream Book » Gillian Holloway
The Complete Dream Book » Gillian Holloway

An unusual adventure is in store for you if you dream of seeing one or more camels.

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