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To see a bull in your dream, symbolizes stubbornness, strong will, strength, and power. The dream may be telling you that it is time to take a stand and be more assertive. Alternatively, the bull indicates a rich, prosperous, and abundant life. Consider also the metaphor, “being bull-headed”. May be you need to show a little compromise in a situation. Or it could be a pun on something that is “bull”, as in crap or worthless.

Bulls are also symbolic of repressed sexual energies, fertility and virility. To see an untamed, raging bull represents that your passions may be out of control. The bull may also represent a person in your life who is born under the Taurus sign.

What does it mean to dream of bulls?

The meaning of dreaming with bulls portends tranquility, joys and moment of enthusiasm, but it also describes threats. Bulls are able to recognize danger from a distance and turning away or running is the way to warn the cows and their calves that the time has come to leave.

The behavior of the bull is unique and increasingly demonstrates the reasons why some cultures see them as gods or animals to be admired.

The behavior of this animal is a clear demonstration of the meaning of bull dreams, especially when you are a woman.

Regardless of the results you are currently obtaining, you will soon begin to improve your own personal environment or defend yourself from a serious threat. To properly understand the above, here are the meanings of dreaming about one or more bulls.

To dream of fighting bulls

A dream of raging bulls manifests your impatience, restlessness and explosiveness. Currently, you are not in the best phase of your life, but you are not willing to let your guard down.

Although some dreamers consider this dream negative, it really only manifests your current attitude. Of course, this is a sign not to be pressured by the surrounding environment and try to overcome this stage of your life.

Dreams with fighting bulls show your nonconformity in your social environment. Perhaps you are receiving orders or indications that are not in accordance with your political and social ideals.

This situation is beginning to bother you, but because of your work situation you cannot resist or try to confront these people. For the moment, you can do nothing else but remain calm.

To dream of an angry bull is also a sign that you need to loosen up a bit and allow other people to advise in your life. In other words, you should get help from those who offer it, since your temper only sends signals of rejection to your surroundings.

In other cases, a dream with raging bulls means that you are just running away from your responsibilities and not stopping to face them.

Dreams with tame bulls

Dreams with tame bulls portend times of peace and tranquility. They are a clear sign that you are approaching a stage of fulfillment, moving away from all the dangers that are in your environment.

However, you may find yourself involved in some tense situations, but you will end up emerging victorious thanks to your patience and intelligence.

Now, if you are currently in a problematic situation in your life, this dream with calm bulls means that soon your enemies will calm down.

Whether you reach an agreement or a favorable situation, these attacks will calm down and you will have the ability to overcome the situation. In some cases, this calm will be brought about by the intervention of a male person.

Finally, a dream with a tame bull means that your social status is the right one for you and you feel comfortable in it. This dream is special when you move house, city or job to a place with better conditions for you.

However, you should not let your guard down since your goals still have to overcome several obstacles.

Dreaming of bulls attacking you

Have you dreamed of bulls attacking you? Then you should be alert to your surroundings, since a threat is approaching. This dream portends that you let your guard down in a particular situation and that they are now ready to attack you.

A confrontation with someone in particular and with greater rank or superiority than you currently have is probably coming.

When bulls attack you in your dreams, it will sometimes reflect the need to flee from the situation you have lived or will live.

Perhaps it is not the time to confront your enemies or radically change your life, probably, it is just a time to keep your distance and better prepare your arguments. In this cycle, do not feel dissatisfied with what you have achieved, you should just plan your strategy better.

In conclusion, a dream with a bull attacking you is a warning sign and you should be attentive to these upcoming events.

If you let your guard down, you will end up involved in defeat and probably social failure. However, these will be days of change and some sacrifices to be made slowly. You should not rush the outcome of things and should always remain calm.

Dreaming of big bulls

Dreams with big bulls show the passion of the dreamer. In the last days you are part of something bigger and more prosperous. In this cycle of your life, you are not interested in resting and only want to work with passion, however, you must control your emotions when making important decisions.

A dream with a large bull also symbolizes prosperity and tranquility.

However, the conditions of the big bull in your dreams are important. If it is aggressive it will mean trouble in your life, if it moves away it foretells the loss of something important to you, while if it is very thin it symbolizes financial losses.

Dreams with big bulls will be positive as long as they are in their natural environment and very calm.

Dreams with dead bulls

Although you may worry, a dream with dead bulls only shows the need to discharge all your negative energies.

In this cycle of your life you are totally burdened with worries and false passions. Everything bothers you, nothing makes sense to you and you are totally restless.

The great danger that you run if you continue with these energies, is to end up in a cycle of restlessness and anguish.

If you dreamt of dead bulls, the cycle of energetic discharge will begin.

Do outdoor activities and if possible, individually. Try to rest, travel, go to a nearby river or the beach.

Any activity you do to give yourself time to think alone will end in a negative discharge and energetic renewal. Of course, go on with your life, but always remembering to take out pleasant spaces for yourself.

Dreaming of bulls and cows

Did you dream of bulls and cows? It means that you are currently a weak person and urgently need to make decisions. This dream symbolizes how docile you are when you must face important moments in your life.

Apparently, you have always had several options to choose from, but you prefer to remain in doubt.

You are approaching a stage where this will become a real problem for you. If you dream of bulls and cows you will need firmness in the coming days.

Dreams with brown bulls

A dream with brown bulls has several oneiric meanings. If you are carrying out a personal project, it portends great positive changes and unexpected help. If you are collaborating with other people, it means that you will soon be rewarded for your support. Generally, all projects and new jobs will end on good terms if you have dreamed of brown bulls.

Another interpretation when you dream of brown bulls is related to your attitude and stubbornness.

If in the last few weeks you have been feeling negative, your surroundings will probably receive these energies and prefer to stay away from you.

If you dream that brown bulls are chasing you then it is a sign that those friendships you thought were sensible will soon end up betraying you.

Finally, brown bulls in dreams reveal some concerns in the professional realm. However, these worries are only part of a series of challenges that will come into your life in order for you to reach your goals. You should not believe that you have started a bad streak in your life, it is just part of the daily problems.

Dreaming of black bulls

Black bulls in dreams are a sign of the dreamer’s strength. Probably, you are going through a stage where you need a lot of willpower to advance a project and this dream is a representation of that need. Whether you lack willpower or over willpower, you must enter that stage of getting things done and avoid procrastination.

Once you awaken your willpower, all possible laziness or disorientation will begin to be eliminated.

A dream with a black bull shows all the strength that you must demonstrate in your environment. It is worth remembering that black bulls are considered purebred, which means that they have history, genetics and a great commercial value.

It is possible that you have several problems and pending tasks to solve. This is represented in dreams with dark bulls as you try to solve any current challenges. Although it is a positive dream, it can turn negative if you are running away from black bulls, which represents all the panic and fear that the dreamer has in reality.

White bull dreams

White bulls in dreams are rare, just as they are in reality. This dream signifies the search for new ideas, purposes and a strategic planning for what will be the next days of the dreamer.

At present, money and material things are important, but for you it becomes a goal to find new opportunities. Even, this dream foretells that you will reject some offers.

In the coming days, you will be involved in some moments of anguish for not clarifying your ideas.

However, this is part of the project that will clarify your ideas regarding the objectives you have. In other words, you will try to find a little more sense to what will be your professional path. If you dreamed of white bulls, you are approaching days to think, analyze and be more prosperous.

Dreams with red bulls

Dreams with red bulls are negative and attract danger. They are a sign of approaching danger turned into a person with bad intentions.

Sometimes it will be your own friends who try to attack you through defamation and hypocrisy.

This is not the right time to let your guard down, so you need to be on the lookout for threats. The color red and bulls in dreams are a reminder of bullfighting, where the bullfighter will try to lunge the animal.

Dreams with bulls and horses

Have you dreamed of bulls and horses? It means prosperity in the coming days, but as a result of your work and commitment.

All the projects you are executing will come to fruition or will have the right help.

An important variation of this interpretation is when you dream of riding horses next to bulls, which portends a new love. If you already have a partner, you are probably having an affair with someone you do not know. If you are single, then you will soon find someone who meets your expectations.

Dreaming of bulls on the loose

A dream vision with loose bulls portends travels and new paths.

Regardless of the reason that leads you to make this decision, it will soon be essential for you to travel and travel new roads. In most cases, it is problems and stress that cause these emotional upsets, but everything will have a healthy healing.

Loose bulls in dreams will attract prosperous moments, passion and tranquility.

Dreams with bulls in water

A dream vision with bulls in the water portends that the time has come to leave.

That is, you must leave the cycle of life you have and start progressing with your own rules. It does not mean that you should leave everything behind and in the past, but it does mean that you should start changing some of the conditions of your life.

Dreaming of bulls running away

If you dream of bulls running away it means that you are afraid that something hidden in you will be known publicly. Sometimes you become a person you are not in order to fit into society, forgetting your beliefs and convictions.

This turns you into a person full of fears and insecurities trying to appear something other than who you are. Now, if you were in a corral and the bulls escaped in your dreams, it means that the time has come to face that situation.

Dreams with running of the bulls

Did you dream of bulls running away? It means that your life is totally enclosed and you find yourself invaded, unbalanced and full of negative energies. You must begin to free yourself from burdens that are negative and placed on your back by other people.

You cannot continue to carry other people’s problems when you cannot even overcome your own. To dream of bulls being locked up literally means that the one trapped or locked up is you.

To dream of bulls in the streets

A dream with bulls in the streets portends good times to improve your professional and commercial sphere.

Prosperity will be part of your coming days, as long as you wish for this path to come very soon.

Now, this dream of bulls in the streets has a special variation. If you live in a city where bulls are part of the culture, tradition and festivities, then this dream will mean that moments of joy are coming. In this case, in the coming days you will live new emotions and great moments to share.

Dreaming of small bulls

Curiously, a dream with a small bull attracts good luck. Although this luck will not be in business, if it will seek to be part of love. New love encounters for singles and a life of sexual pleasure for couples, will approach in the following days.

However, do not neglect your personal presentation and always show yourself as a sincere and open person. In this cycle, hiding your emotions may scare people away.

Other meanings of dreams with bulls

If you have dreamed of fat bulls, it means that moments of financial prosperity will come into your life. Your economy will begin to improve, but remember to take the necessary precautions to avoid bad surprises. Days of good earnings will come for you.

If you dream of thin bulls, it means that you are taking unnecessary economic risks. Bad investments or lack of communication in your work are one of the signs to understand that you are not investing wisely. Days of loss are coming for you.

To dream of a tied-up bull means that your life is being uneasy and unfair. That is to say, you are always regretting the things that happen around you and choosing the worst path. This bad luck will change when your emotions begin to be released.

Dreams with a bull with big horns mean that you are afraid of losing your partner. Infidelity is your greatest fear, since you do not want to be betrayed by someone you love. Before you start judging your partner, you must first take the time to analyze the situation and understand if this infidelity is really happening.


The bull is associated with the symbolism of Taurus. It is a highly complex symbol, both from the historical and psychological point of view. In esoteric tradition it is an emblem used by the Hyperboreans as a totem against the dragon of the Negroes, and is equated with the god Thor, the son of heaven and of woodland. In principle, this emblematic use symbolizes the superiority of the mammal over the reptile, or of the Aryan over the Negro.


Mithraic ritual seems to have been founded on the former: the sacrifice of the bull was expressive of the penetration of the feminine principle by the masculine, of the humid by the igniferous (the rays of the sun, the origin and cause of all fecundity).

The ox symbolizes sacrifice, self-denial and chastity, and is also found in association with agricultural cults; it is, in other words, the symbolic antithesis of the bull, with its fecundating powers. If we accept that the bull is Uranian in implication, however, then the contradiction is resolved and the bull may be linked with the active, masculine principle, although only in so far as its maternal aspect has been superseded—supplanted, that is, by the son (the Sun or the lion). This, at least, is what Jung has suggested, together with the idea that the bull, like the hegoat, is a symbol for the father.

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The Dream Encyclopedia
The Dream Encyclopedia

The bull is a rich dream symbol. Perhaps the dreamer is being too bullheaded about some issue and needs to seek compromise. The bull can also symbolize a large, powerful, and somewhat clumsy person (“a bull in a china shop”), as well as a person optimistic (bullish) about the future course of events, as in business.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

The bull symbolizes the more powerful and primitive forces of your basic instincts.

Dreaming of a wild bull signals that you have a great capacity for creativity.
If it pursues you, if means that you can no longer contain your impulses. You should find a way to free them, as they could lead to an internal disequilibrium. You should not forget that the bull is a frequently used symbol to refer to procreation and sexual wantonness. In this sense, if a man dreams of a bull, it represents his virility.
If it is a woman, it refers to someone of the opposite sex.

If the bull is wild and unbroken, then your passions are out of control.

If you dream of a bullfight, it expresses the power that you have over your lustful and negative feelings.

In mythology, the bull is considered a symbol of fertility. On the other hand, in antiquity there existed the belief that the roar of the bull produced in storms. Further, this animal is associated with the creative power of spring.

Dreaming of a bull is generally a sign of fertility and sexual power.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

You have some tough competition facing you in business and/or love if your dream featured this animal, unless it was very light or white, in which case you’ll have a stroke of great luck when you least expect it. If you dreamed of a bullfight, you are being warned to take decisive action to clear up an unpleasant personal situation.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

Sometimes the greatest display of power is stillness, and the bull reminds of this. The bull is a mighty animal that spends most of its time not moving. The medicine involved here is to know your own strength and trust your ability to take powerful action when the timing is right. The bull is also connected to prosperity through several traditions, most notably Western astrology, where Taurus the Bull rules money and comfort.

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

Dreaming of a bull means you have tapped into your masculine energy. You have strong personal power and charisma right now, and the result is a swelling of material wealth. You are a success. To fight a bull signifies an excess of masculine energy. Men will admire you, but women may find you remote.

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