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Books are a source of information, entertainment and learning. That said, dreaming about books is an important warning of changes for your life. It can be seen as positive events; if you have had it frequently, it is necessary that you know the meaning of dreams.

Dreaming about treaties speaks to us that new job opportunities will come, so you should take into account your power to give. Also, it means a different perspective, where you should value things to continue growing as a person.

In the dream world, books are a rich source of knowledge, as well as a symbol of transcendence, since everything is consulted through treatises. This is usually the source and criterion of wise people as every story is already written. Every event throughout history has been captured in some pages, from Egyptian times that are remembered today.

Mainly the cultural value they have for society, as well as the active participation they have in people’s lives. And above all the importance given to them, since the brain looks for situations of greater value to create messages of great value. Commonly dreams with books are based on the constant search or need for knowledge. Demanded by new stages that are about to begin in your life and it is required to study the situation in depth.

What does it mean to dream of books?

What does it mean to dream of books

The type of book, the environment and what is done with the treaty is necessary to decipher what the mind desires. These elements are necessary to give the interpretation of dreams with books. The way in which dreams are analyzed ranges from the location where the book is found, the quantity and the subject matter.

Generally, to dream of a book speaks of the constant search for genuine wisdom, the great interest in nurturing culture and strengthening the basis of the decisions you make in the future. Undoubtedly this dream has excellent connotations for the dreamer as it may have frequency for some dreamers and the meaning may vary.

Dreams are curious, enigmatic, depending on what you are most passionate about, this may appear more frequently than you think. If you are passionate about texts, you have probably dreamed about books. If you have not found the answers to these types of dreams, we bring you the meaning below.

Dreaming of old books

This dream indicates that you have put an end to certain situations that you found intolerant and unsustainable or you are ready to do so. Being a victim of infidelity or being rejected is something that makes you lose faith. You are ready to forget that love and put an end to that relationship. To dream of old treaties refers to inner strength and the desire to better ourselves. It is time to value yourself as a person and go on with your life without problems or ties.

On the other hand, it may indicate that someone needs your advice and feels that you are the best person to do. Also, in the interpretation of dreams it is reflected that the time has come to put an end to a situation that you could not stand. On the other hand, the subconscious tries to remember projects that you have not materialized and have left in oblivion. The time has come to get back on track and come up with new ideas so that you can go far.

To dream of wet books

To dream of a wet or damp book indicates that you are sure something is not true. Perhaps someone has convinced you of their lies and deceptions. Or that perhaps you are mistaken with the concept of a certain situation or a person. It also reveals that there are things you think are right, but they are not right. It is advisable that you begin to inquire about something that you have just learned and could have learned wrong.

Dreams with large books

This type of dream with large texts tells us that you are in search of learning new things and you should start by making an effort if you want to have good results. You are eager to receive new knowledge that will improve your life. You will have a prosperous life, abundant in the social, personal and economic spheres.

Dreams with many books

In the meaning of dreams indicates that you are tired of monotony and you are thirsty to learn new knowledge. You are striving in all aspects and want to be the best in the things you do. You need to know your own limits and be aware that failure is part of life. It is represented that you are a person who is constantly looking for the learning you wish you had. It also tells us that you will have a lot of work and abundance. If you are a man and you have had this dream in the dream world, it tells us that you are popular among women.

To dream of broken books

It is interpreted that there are people around you who hide things from you, they are acting with lies and falsehood. This type of dream is a harbinger of illness or difficulties, if you have had it is advisable not to do any business because it can go wrong. Although this dream is rare in the dream world indicates that it is a bad omen warning that someone close to you is going to die.

Dreams with new books

It can be interpreted as a sign of good omen so that it is indicating opportunity or the consolidation of projects. On the other hand, it indicates that changes will come in your life, whether in the personal, work or professional sphere. Perhaps it is representing the early arrival of job offers that will make you very successful. In addition to this, it may indicate that your life will become prosperous, with much happiness for those around you. In any case, if you have had this dream, it is a good omen because you will be the foreteller of good news.

Coloring Book

To see or color in a coloring book symbolizes childhood. It indicates that you have a carefree attitude, free from any responsibilities.

On the other hand, the dream may be warning you against being idle and wasting time on fruitless pursuits.

Consider the significance of the color you are using and what you are coloring.

What is depicted in the coloring book suggests that you need to be more expressive in that area.

Other meanings of dreams with books

To dream of books with missing pages: symbolizes that all your secrets have been revealed and will affect you directly.

To dream of burned books: speaks of a bad omen. It warns that soon things will get out of control and you will have to face difficulties. You must stand up to overcome the obstacles that arise.

To dream of buying a book: soon you will receive a job proposal or it also represents that someone needs your help or it is necessary to learn from your environment.

To dream that you receive a book as a gift: in the meaning of dreams reveals that you will have good luck. It tells us that you will be presented with excellent opportunities. You should keep your eyes open to take advantage of whatever comes your way.

To dream of an empty library: symbolizes that you need to learn new concepts and acquire knowledge for your education.

To dream that we lose a book: reveals that you do not find the way to find out that subject that worries you.

To dream of a book tied up: it is represented that there are people who try to hide something important to you and try to prevent you from finding out the truth.

To dream of a closed book: you must know something that you have ignored or you have many doubts. You need to find answers to try to clarify the situation that disturbs you.

To dream of finding money in a book: in the dream world it speaks that you are striving for success.

Physical Physical
You are ready to receive news, or are integrating your life experiences.
Emotional Emotional
Opening or closing a book symbolizes opening or closing a stage in your life.
Spiritual Spiritual
You are learning or reviewing your knowledge and wisdom; you are looking for guidance about life issues. Old books represent neglected or forgotten knowledge, an earlier chapter of your life, or even ancient wisdom. You are examining the book of your life — your destiny throughout time.


A book is one of the eight Chinese common emblems, symbolizing the power to ward off evil spirits. The book ‘written inside and out’ is an allegory of the esoteric and exoteric, cognate with the double-edged sword projecting from the mouth. /su_service]

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The Dream Encyclopedia
The Dream Encyclopedia

Books often symbolize knowledge and wisdom. Dusty old books may represent neglected or forgotten knowledge, or an earlier “chapter” of one’s life.

Opening or closing a book may symbolize opening or closing a stage in one’s life.

Other meanings embodied in familiar expressions may be evoked in dreams, such as the connotations of “bookworm” and “book learning” (abstract knowledge without the benefit of practical experience available from the “book of life”).

To someone reared in a traditional Christian home, “the Book” represents the Bible and God’s commandments.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

Books symbolize knowledge and experience, so you must pay attention to how they appear in dreams.

If it deals with schoolbooks, reminiscent of the past, the dream expresses your nostalgia for that which no longer exists. In short, books symbolize yesterday and tomorrow, especially in the emotional realm.
Thus, if many books appear, it means review your life, thoroughly analyze your past and present, and move forward with enthusiasm to your. A single book can symbolize the Book of Life: wisdom, learning, and revelation. This type of oneiric image also suggests that the solution to problems lies within us Finally, a closed dream means you may want to keep something secret.

If you dream about books, you will have to avoid all sorts of evil that stalks you.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

You can anticipate slow but steady progress and a calm pleasant life ahead if books were the main feature of your dream.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

The answers you seek are to be found in the intellect. Books relate to knowledge that has already been recorded, so this dream is not looking toward new information to be made known to you. Rather, the message of the dream is that the knowledge you seek is already within your awareness. The more books there are present in the dream, the more likely that this is a call to express your desire to learn and grow in ways of the mind.

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

Books tell your story, and when you dream about books, you dream about the story of your own life, direction, and the entire cast of characters that give your life color and meaning.

Reading a book means you see your life as an interesting adventure.
Writing a book means you feel engaged in the creation of your own life and being.
Destroying a book means you don’t like the way your life is going and you want to shift direction. What would you title a book about you?

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