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Dreaming of bananas will attract positive energies for your life, but it will depend on the circumstances where you have had the dream. The banana is one of the oldest fruits used by man and it is a food that by nature humans recognize as food.

This compartment printed in our genes is used by the cosmic energies to send us messages, in addition, it will depend on the color and the state of the banana to mean something specific. That is to say, an energetic message that for the banana is positive depending on color, state, composition, quantity or absence.

Throughout history, landowners dreaming of bananas augured positive seasons of harvests and abundance. Nowadays, we have adapted the meaning of the dream to our behavior and daily routine. Have you dreamed of bananas? Are you looking to find out what it means?

What does it mean to dream of bananas?

From pregnancies, solutions to problems, successes in business and even future damages, it manages to come to mean to dream of bananas. Of course, it will depend on the circumstance where you have had this dream, reminding you that sometimes they are reminder dreams and not interpretive.

That is, if during the day you only had bananas for dinner or you wanted to eat them and did not succeed, probably the dream is only a reminder of the activities you did during the day and not necessarily a prediction that can be used to interpret it.

On the contrary, if the opposite happens and you have had a dream where bananas were the protagonists, it is time to remember their color, their composition, green or ripe, alone or in bunches, in good condition or decaying. Here are the most accurate interpretations for dreams with bananas.

Dreaming of green bananas

The color green will always mean to be in serenity and fullness. Good health and positive moods accompany this color. To dream of green bananas is a prediction of serenity.

It is an invitation not to argue with your family or partner, even if there is an argument, you should be prepared to face them with serenity without complicating the relationship. This will give you a high point of maturity, which will prepare you to face new challenges.

Opportunities will come into your life, but remember to deal with them fully or the result will be the opposite of the meaning I have mentioned. Sometimes being very calm means personal stagnation, therefore, take advantage of calm moments to improve your life by making good decisions.

Dreams with yellow bananas

The yellow color is a sign of positive and negative, it is of the signs where it will depend on us to make the right decision. While you can choose happiness, you will be one step away from sadness.

Yellow bananas in our dreams are signs of happiness, but they must be in perfect condition. A yellow banana will assure you fulfillment in the coming days, but it is up to you to accept love, success and new opportunities, or reject them.

The path you choose will be full of happiness, but remember that the most desired opportunities always present themselves daily and sometimes we do not take them. Take advantage of the fact that you have dreamed of yellow bananas to take it as a sign of positivism.

Dreaming of a bunch of bananas

Often people believe that bananas are a direct sign of health problems, but in this case it is an invitation to remain calm. To dream of a bunch of bananas is a prediction of abundance, of course, illnesses such as stress and fatigue will be present, but it will depend on your positivism to overcome them.

Abundance will be considered positive if it is the path you desire. That is to say, the decisions you make in the following days will be multiplied, therefore, make a good decision based on your own intentions and not on other people’s thoughts. Remember that positive energies always flow when we do not have obstacles created by other people.

If when dreaming of a bunch of bananas you are harvesting or picking them, it warns you that it will depend directly on your actions to overcome these health problems or avoid those that come.

Dreams with ripe bananas

Maturity is a state where man and woman accept their responsibility. This responsibility will grow if you have dreamed of ripe bananas. It is a prediction of new job changes, salary increases and a different concept of what others believe about you.

Of course, new changes and responsibilities require commitments and greater dedication, so try to avoid stressful situations and enjoy intimate moments with your family.

However, there is a special case when you are a woman who dreams of ripe bananas. This means that you will have to make the right decision when faced with a proposal for work, family and even travel. The decisions you make in the following days will be fundamental for all your personal development and spiritual tranquility.

Dreaming of rotten bananas

Of course, the rotten state is not a good omen. It is a sign to review the daily behaviors of our activities, that is to say, if our actions cause positive or negative aspects in other people.

If you dream of rotten bananas, do not make new business, take care of your health and treat everything with caution, that is, take precautions. It is not the end of your life, because the best cakes and sweets come out of the rottenest banana.

Pay attention to the following working days and do not perform activities where you do not feel safe or calm. Stress is the emotional state that consumes the most energy.

Dreams with fried bananas

Preparing the plantain, heating the oil, frying the plantain and then serving them on a plate, is the sign to warn you that your efforts will begin to pay off. Everything you have been striving for finally gets its gains and even if during the dream with fried plantains you are preparing and subsequently consuming them, your gains will multiply more than you expected. Continue with the good deeds.

Preparations of fried plantains for your family or friends will mean that they depend on your next decisions to move forward, get a better job or improve your work environment. If you are the boss of a company or other people depend on your decisions, be sure to analyze the details before giving out information.

Dreaming of large bananas

Remember what we have mentioned in the previous predictions, the size of the banana will depend on the state you are in. However, it will generally mean big and positive changes, help given and received, fulfillment and health, but also a sign that things are on the right track. Of course, these bananas must be in good condition, since if they are rotten or very small, it will mean the opposite.

Dreams with many bananas

Abundance will come into your life thanks to your efforts. If you are going through a bad situation and you dream of many bananas, it will mean a positive and gradual change. If, on the contrary, you are in abundance, the change will be positive, but immediately. That is, abundance and good energies will come as long as your current state is energetically balanced.

Other meanings of dreams with bananas

Sometimes our dreams are compound, that is, they have more variables that can change the prediction of the dream.

Analyze considerably the emotional state you are in and the activities you performed the day before, i.e., if you were involved with cooking bananas, buying them or harvesting them, do not take into consideration the predictions as an exact fact, simply as suggestions.

To dream of frying rotten bananas means that you will soon change your economic situation, illness or unemployment, as you are ready to change your environment.
If you dream of very small bananas it foretells work and health problems, keep calm, but it is not the time to make changes in your life.
Dreams with bananas seen from afar is a sign that your happiness is depending on others and it is time to change this picture.
If you dream of rotten bananas and consume them, it predicts that you are giving all the facilities to your problems to consume it and attack you emotionally affecting your health and your work.
A dream vision with banana cake should be careful with the people around you, as they will change their way of being and turn you into a toxic person.

Remember that positivism and changes in abundance will always be related to dreaming about bananas. Take some time alone and analyze the situation that precedes you, do not make hasty decisions and engage in social activities outdoors to balance your energies.

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6 Definitions
  1. The banana has been seen as a sexual symbol, as in the jest, “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?” But since the banana is the staple food for monkeys, the dreamer may need to get serious about some situation in which they are “monkeying around.”

  2. The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke April 3, 2022 at 2:05 pm

    One of the most well known phallic symbols, as much for its texture as for its shape.

  3. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 8, 2022 at 1:34 pm

    If you saw this fruit growing on a tree, you will be lucky in some small matters. If you ate it, you can expect a period of hard work with small reward. Spoiled bananas indicate disappointment in friends.

  4. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 12, 2022 at 4:50 pm

    Any food is connected to self-care and nurturance, and a banana’s nutritional value makes it almost a perfect food. Dreaming of eating a banana may point to a need or desire to increase your energy and strength. However, a banana has an additional meaning. The phallic shape of the banana brings an element of sexuality into the mix.

  5. Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson April 16, 2022 at 5:14 pm

    This classic phallic symbol represents the male sex organ.

    Do you relish the taste? Can’t stand it? Peel it lovingly? Or has it gone rotten?

    All these attitudes reveal how you feel right now about masculinity in general, either your own or masculinity in someone else.

    If you are currently involved in a passionate relationship, your attitudes and actions toward the banana might affect your feelings toward that person. Or maybe you just need to eat more fruit.

  6. The Complete Dream Book » Gillian Holloway July 17, 2022 at 8:27 am

    Those who are in love should be warned by dreaming of eating this fruit, for it is an omen that they are in danger of picking the wrong mate.

    To see bananas growing in a dream, especially if the great leaves are waving in the wind, is an excellent sign for lovers.

    To dream of picking them from the tree and eating them should be regarded as a caution to gp slowly in any enterprise whatever.

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