Dream meaning of baby food

To see or feed baby food in your dream indicates that nurturance and care is needed in a waking situation.

Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor to indicate that you need to eat smaller portions of food.

To eat or dream that you are being fed baby food indicates that you are being forced to re-learn something that you already know.


Physical Physical
You need a consistent diet of healthy foods, or less or more food. You are seeking gratification based on physical pleasures. Eating with others means harmonious cooperation, personal gain, and joyful undertakings. If someone is taking food away from you, you have trouble with jealous people.
Emotional Emotional
The food you’re eating shows a part of yourself you’ve been denying that needs to be integrated. You are worrying about something that’s “eating at you.” If you’re eating alone, you feel loss, loneliness, rejection, or depression. You crave companionship and the comfort of being loved.
Spiritual Spiritual
Eating represents taking in new ideas or trying to find spiritual fulfillment.
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