Dream meaning of avocado

To dream of avocados makes this prediction as exotic as it is true. Dreams with avocados invite us to understand life a little more and to realize ourselves as productive people. However, the meaning of the dream will depend on the state of the avocado, how we consumed it or if we simply saw it.

Avocado is a fruit considered exotic and even scarce in many non-tropical countries. Those who own this fruit consider themselves blessed by its nutritional properties, in addition, by its flavor, color and the amount of blends that can result from the avocado.

As varied as its fruit is, is the meaning of the avocado dream. Therefore, I must warn you that the relationships or the situation you currently have, will improve whenever the dream is positive or worsen as a result of bad decisions, but to understand this, we will explain what does it mean to dream of avocados?

What does it mean to dream of avocados?

The meaning of dreaming of avocados transcends a little more to well-being and harmony. It predicts new changes, but it is not the same change for everyone, as it will depend on the amount of avocados you dreamed about, their state or perhaps if you observed a whole tree, growing or if you planted it.

Therefore, we separate most scenarios where we dream of avocado fruit. Note that you can include in this dream guacamole, avocado salads or if you prepared some meal where avocado was the main piece of the cuisine.

Dreaming of green avocados

If you dreamed of green avocados, it reflects positivism and a new reborn strength. It is the time to initiate stalled projects and start taking advantage of the energies that are in the environment. Don’t wait for things to come to you as a favor from life, on the contrary, this dream warns you to watch for signs of progress.

A growing enthusiasm surrounds us in the next few days. It is not about new religious or divine hopes, it is about selective enthusiasm for changes that you will make as a result of the solution or the end of your problems.

To dream of green avocado trees is one of the greatest signs of positivism and joy, therefore, it augurs excellent days for you and a business formation or the beginning of the projects that never came to be developed in conformity.

Dreams with an avocado tree

Trees predict growth and prosperity. To dream of an avocado tree foretells success in business and entrepreneurship. If you are in an unproductive phase, it is time to make a little more effort and initiate a substantial change in your life, that is, reinvest your time and effort in an activity that you thought was lost, since this dream foretells changes and the recovery of your economic conditions.

Now, if you are at a stage where you do not know whether or not to start your venture and you dreamed of a large and productive avocado tree, you will not receive a better sign to start your dream than this one. In addition, these dreams happen when our energies are properly aligned and seek a common goal, especially if we receive moral support from our friends and family.

Dreaming of many avocados

Like our previous two predictions, dreaming of many avocados portends a time of positive results. It is a time to stop living in dreams and make them come true, even if you do not find or is not clear the way, you must start with small steps and be positive.

But this positivism is not found alone, since new energies will come through third parties who will support your initiative and even extend their hand to give you financial support. If you are going through a stage in the field of love and negative relationships, this cycle will be broken with the arrival of new people looking for your company.

Dreams with rotten avocados

To dream of rotten avocados is not a good sign, but it prepares us for a time of social and labor conflicts. It is likely that you have this dream following news received at work or enmities with your colleagues, so that they absorb your energies and create a negative conflict in your life.

However, you should prepare yourself to eliminate these toxic relationships and change jobs, otherwise, you will end up absorbed by the situation in which you find yourself. To dream of bad avocados is a warning and should be taken as a sign of caution.

Dreaming of large avocados

It is time to make the most of the things around you. To dream of large avocados foretells that opportunities are about to be served for you, but you must stand to receive that plate of economic gains, positive energies, job opportunities and mixed feelings with new people in your life.

If you dreamed of large, ripe and perfectly ripe avocados, it is time to ask for a raise, ask your girlfriend to marry you or start a new life.

Dreams with a tree full of avocados

If you know an avocado tree you will understand the meaning of this dream. This predicts the arrival of prosperity and rewards in your life, that is, you will be valued for what you do and rewarded for your own results.

Surprises will come into your life as a reward, but not for charity, on the contrary, as a sign of prosperity and economic abundance. For people who are unemployed, soon this situation will change for a new salary opportunity.

Dreaming of big green avocados

This is a mixture of our previous predictions. If you dreamed of big green avocados, there is no better time to make your way in society and ask for a better job or perhaps apply for new job interviews. For single people, it is time to look for a new partner.

For those who are going through a bad period in their lives, it is the sign to leave everything in the past and change city and start from scratch. It is one of the dreams with the greatest meaning of positivism.

Dreams with giant avocados

Did you dream of giant avocados? You must take into account in what stage of your life you are, because new news will arrive. If you are expecting a call about your new job, bank credit or the arrival of a baby, the answers will come soon and they will be totally positive. But be warned that you will need to be prepared, because dreams with giant avocados predict new responsibilities, challenges and a major goal.

Dreaming of damaged avocados

To dream of damaged avocados suggests being attentive to your surroundings. Betrayal is about to cause a problem in your life and it will come through a person you know or is very close to you.

In this case, it is advisable not to be giving information to all the people you consider friends, because they can tell other people and thus leak information that will end up affecting your romantic, work and family relationships. It is a time to be attentive to those unresolved problems that are growing every day.

Dreams with very ripe avocados

To dream of very ripe avocados predicts the end of a cycle. This dream represents abundance and personal satisfaction. It is normal to dream of very ripe avocados when we are about to present a thesis, open a business, have a child or do something important, but remember to be attentive and not let your guard down, because avocados can rot or be damaged and the meaning of this dream is completely different. However, it is usually one of the signs that predict the arrival of pending successes.

Dreaming of avocados with worms

To dream of avocados with worms warns of the number of problems we have and we have not solved. That is, it represents you as a fruit that can be productive, but is full of problems and sentimental difficulties that block your free development and inspiration.

As much as possible, you should try to solve most uncomfortable situations, as you will end up consumed and discarded by society in general, since the internal worms will eat everything from you and you will start to give a bad smell to others, so that they will end up discarding you.

Dreams eating avocados

Did you dream of eating avocados? Then it portends a positive stage of your life. It is the time to develop all your talents and try to solve any problems or pay outstanding debts. New energies will come in two ways, in the first case, people with renewed feelings and energies will try to infect you and involve you in their activities to make you highly efficient.

In the second case, all the work you do will be rewarded and you will be seen as an important person for the company or family.

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