Dream meaning of ass

To see an ass in a dream, you will meet many annoyances, and delays will accrue in receiving news or goods.

To see donkeys carrying burdens, denotes that, after patience and toil, you will succeed in your undertakings, whether of travel or love.

If an ass pursues you, and you are afraid of it, you will be the victim of scandal or other displeasing reports.

If you unwillingly ride on one, or, as jockey, unnecessary quarrels may follow. (See also: Donkey)

This symbolic animal appears as an attribute of Saturn, in his capacity as the ‘second sun’. It is always on heat, and hated by Isis.

The significance of the mock crucifix, with an ass’s head, from the Palatine, must be related to the equation of Yahve with Saturn, although it may be that it is related to the jester-symbol. In connexion with the latter, the ass’s head, frequently found in mediaeval emblems, marks and signs, often stands for humility, patience and courage. Sometimes there is a wheel or a solar symbol between the ass’s ears. This symbol, also found on the heads of oxen, always denotes that the animal is a sacrificial victim.

But the symbolism of the ass involves still further complexities: Jung defines it as daemon triunus—a chthonian trinity which in Latin alchemy was depicted as a three-headed monster, one head representing mercury, the second salt and the third sulphur, or, in short, the three material principles of matter. In Chaldaea, the goddess of death is depicted kneeling on an ass which is being ferried across the River of Hell in a boat.

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The Dream Encyclopedia

An animal that signifies hard work and extreme stubbornness, the ass is also associated with stupidity.

The Complete Dream Book » Gillian Holloway
The Complete Dream Book » Gillian Holloway

This animal is a symbol of stupidity, and a dream about it is a warning to be careful to investigate thoroughly any proposition that may be made to you.

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